Saturday, October 22, 2011

Long ago dreams

On Friday we both realised those long past dreams and aspirations- that's right! A fancy dress party, dressing up as what you wanted to be when you were a child.
I am the fairy and hubby is a cowboy! Well.....guess we finally got to achieve our goals on this one!! hehehe

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Phew! It's only Tuesday but feels as though I've done a months work! Back at tafe after 2 weeks break. Monday and Tues are my busy days and much as I love it- it really does put the pressure on! I've got bags of work to correct and more to prepare. Gym hasn't been in my sights- I've strained my upper back and guess what I think did it???? Bloody swimming!!!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

My Saturday morning running track- Lilydale Lake. Looking particularly lovely this Saturday with a mist and softness- very reminiscent of English country side!

Back running my usual 6km with no ill effect on my foot. Shouldn't take too much effort to increase to the 21km should it???? lol

My clever girl did her first half marathon today! I'm so proud of her. I was more excited than if I'd done it myself. I spent the night dreaming of her and kept waking up. Grrrrr- that's what I do if I'm running!!! Well done Catherine