Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inner Princess

Oh dear... my inner princess was fairly shouting at me on Saturday morning! First 3 kms- my foot hurts, my calf hurts. Second 3kms- these are my new shoes, perhaps I'd better not overdo it, it's still another 2 and half months til the run...plenty of time. Third 3 kms- maybe walking the next 3 would be a much better idea, no point injuring myself cos I was too stupid not to overdo it. At end of the 9km met up with my 'external princess' (aka hubby) me...whinging a bit- not sure if I should do the last lap.....tired foot etc. 'ET' comes to the rescue........ walk with me- lol how could I refuse!!!
I've just read Kek's latest blog................hmmmmm............... I think I could learn to develop a bit of 'backbone' by taking on board her mindset!!!!
We'll see how next Saturday goes- 12kms - here I come!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


hehehe- still sleeping soundly!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Bed

Bought a new bed on Sunday and had it delivered on Tuesday, put it altogether Wednesday and now we're longing for it to get late so we can justifiably go to bed!!!
We bought a king sized be several years ago and although it was a hard mattress it has sagged and is just not very comfortable. So- we've downsized to Queen , bought another hard mattress ( despite one shop assistant assuring me I needed a soft to mid range mattress- eugh!! why don't they listen- the customer is ALWAYS right!!)
The bed looks really small in the room after the other one, but now there is heaps more room around us. Looking forward to Christening it!

New Bed

New Bed

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

back to tafe after a 3 week break. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the students. However I did enjoy the extra time and a more leisurely pace of life!
Had a touch of gastro on Friday so since then exercise has been nil!!! I was looking forward to running on Saturday but there was no way I could have faced that. Now mother -in-law is in hospital so even if I felt so inclined there really isn't much time or opportunity to get stuck into anything ( even as I write that I'm aware this is just one big fat excuse!!)
Never mind- tomorrow's another day and I may even make the time to so something a bit more active.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I re read my last blog and it made it sound as though Kek and I do the same! However I do know- from many previous blogs- that Kerryn is far more dedicated and will push herself far harder than I ever do!


I was thinking about my training methods and reading Kerryn's blog Mind Power confirmed my basic philosophy! I sometimes have a program written out but mostly have in my mind what I'm going to do. The weights I use I remember, but if on any day I feel a bit weaker in that area, or feel the strain, I lower the weights and don't beat myself up about it. I really think that consistency is the most important part of long term fitness and no injury. I've had to had lay offs a few times and when I return I always lower my expectations and gradually build up again. I'm not in this to win weight lifting competitions! Also- if I really don't feel like going to the gym- I will go but do a lighter workout or something with more balance than weight. It's not hard to achieve and I've still maintained that contact with exercise ( too easy to say I won't go this time- and then never go again!!)
I won't ever do boot camps or anything competitive cos I know I'll injure myself. If in competition I'll just keep going even if I know it's not the best thing for me- duh!!
Anyway- it's my way and it seems to be working for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

working out is fun!

did my 'fun' workout today- the one where I get really sweaty - yes even in Melbourne winter!. Run and walk on treadmill between lighter weight exercises. Do this for about an hour and you really feel it. I know I could prob get the same benefits in a shorter more intense workout but hey- I am a princess you know!
Now, tonight, ny legs feel quite tired! I think it's the extra running I'm doing. A pleasant and relaxed tiredness with just a hint of the old DOMS-lol

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crash! Ouch!!

Went rollerskating and just as I was thinking I was doing so well.............. crash, down I came!! Got myself all tangled up in miss 5 year olds legs and a big bump on the bum and elbow! OUCH but luckily no lasting damage!
Miss 9 was all concerned for her sister- but they didn't give nana a second thought!!
oh well...maybe they think I'm indestructable!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Getting there

Another Saturday, another longer run. Did the base run of 9km and then ran and walked the last 3. I ran more than I walked so prob covered about 10.5 running. Doesn't sound all that impressive but it is a huge increase for me!
After this I went to the gym as per usual. There is a flight of stairs leading up to the gym and usually I run up these- fleet of foot today, more like I had a lead ball and chain holding me back!!! Even the upper body weights were a struggle. Guess this running is more of a challenge than I realised. However.... I feel mentally terrific!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

2 years!!!

The littleist girl will be 2 years old on Sunday!! Can't quite believe it's gone so quickly. Ariel is the best almost 2 year old I know! Just lovely and funny, funny, funny!

As you can see, from the pics, I still love dressing my dolls!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

hopefully a bit more interesting

Kek has been making murmurings about bloggers and fitness and perhaps sharing ideas or at least inspiration- a great idea!
At the moment I'm training for a half marathon in october. I've never run this distance before- the most has been 15k ( run for kids) and a lifetime ago - 18k- but that was when I was young and very foolish!
I'm not sure that going in a half marathon isn't also very foolish but I'm working around past injuries and hopefully not incurring any more.
I hit the gym most days- whether it's to train myself or run classes for the over 50's. I love the weights! Since working in a gym ( 5yrs) I;ve worked out far more consistently and consequently had far less injuries. I push myself but I never go to the limit- yeah- you could call me a 'princess' and you'd prob be right. I have learnt though - that training when you're older- is different . You can still get 'there' but you need to go slower, smaller increments, and don't compete!!!
I'm going to look for some of my favourite exercises and post them on here,

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Ran 9km on Saturday- only 12 more to go!!!!!