Monday, May 23, 2011


When I was about 10 years old I developed a 'horse mania'! Not uncommon in girls that age. This lasted and lasted and has left me with a real interest and love of horses- although not with the 'passion of youth!'.
I had books and books of horses. For some I saved my hard earned pocket money- others were pressies. I still have a fair collection of them sitting in the book case.
My confession?? - well- sometimes I revisit my youth and enjoy the stories I read when I was 12! My most recent one- Show Jumping Secret. I still have all the 'Jill' series and one of the more interesting ones was 'Prince Among Ponies'! I enjoy them for the nostalgia they bring but really..... I truly enjoy the stories!
Anybody else got some 'confessions' from the past???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making an effort

I've decided I'm a very lazy blogger! I made a half hearted attempt to leave a post a few days ago- but lost it all when , for some reason, I lost the whole jolly lot!! grrrrrr
I regularly read other blogs but leave mine bare!
We're off up north in exactly 2 weeks time! yaaaahhhh. Can't wait! I hate the cold and Melb has been particularly cold the past couple of weeks
I've been really struggling with fitness too. Seem to have lost my mojo after being sick for so long. I did hit the gym the other night but it was a real work of 'determination' not of 'love'! I know you don't have to 'want' to do something to actually do it- but it sure helps. I usually really love the challenge of the weights so hopefully that will return.
ok- this was a start. I'll try to write about something more interesting next time.