Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Can't quite believe I am 58 today! Nor can I quite believe it's the first day of winter! How does all this happen????????

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally fully Certified!

whoooowooooo!! Finally got it! Only took me 18months!!! Such a slackass sometimes!
However I am now on the lookout for something else to get my teeth into.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

darn it!!

Lately my hip has been a bit sorer than usual. After my last run , a couple of weeks ago, I limped my way to the myotherapist for a bit of a tweak and stretch. It felt a lot better after that and with some long stretches it actually doesn't feel sore at all, So- now I'm in a dilemma! I didn't run last w/e cos I reckon it's the running that does it. It's still feeling good! I went to the gym last night and instead of running between exercises, I cycled ( ugh!! too hard!) My dilemma isn't really a dilemma- I know what to do but don't want to!! I'll see if I can hang out for another week before running again! lol

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the saddest day

Farewell to my old car. I've had the bubble for about 14 years- it was a car I coveted from the moment I laid my eyes on them. I used to make up stories about them when I saw them in a car park -eg maybe this really was my car, perhaps someone had bought it for me blah blah blah . I would park my car next to one if it was there and used to visualise it coming down the drive ( sad really!! lol)

Then, lo and behold, one of them really was MINE!. Met my son and hubby at maccas ( daughter with me listening to all my 'bubble stories') when it was time to go- surprise!! the car I had parked next to suddenly flashed it lights! lovely hubby had surprised me with it. And thus began my love affair with my 'bubble'!

well...time has slipped by and it's got tired and not as safe as the new cars. Last year I got another Mazda ( see earlier post- speeding ticket! bad car!!) Daughter had the bubble for nearly a year and now has a new car.

The bubble is now happily teaching a young 16 year old how to drive. It's happy, its new owner is happy and I'm nostalgically happy.

what a long boring post this is!! lol

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


My sister reads my blog and she was saying that I hadn't updated for a while. I think it's cos I don't have anything to say, she thought it was cos I was too busy- guess it's a bit of both!
I remember the days when I had time after work to meet with friends and walk or run and have coffee. Well,,,, those days seem well and truly over! Do you think the days are getting shorter or perhaps I'm just less efficient? Lately I seem to be over preparing for tafe lessons or going out for dinner. I think I need to reshuffle my priorities. I haven't been swimming for well over 6 months and I WAS beginning to enjoy it. I've also been forgoing any workouts for a coffee with solitude ( blissful!!) Nice but not a good habit. Perhaps I need a 6 months resolution.