Thursday, June 29, 2006


Been a bit slack I feel. We went to Sydney on Sunday to Tuesday. Ran around Circular Quay and Botanical gardens. It was lovely but I was really stuffed after a short time! Went to gym Wed night and ran 6kms ( mostly ran) on treadmill- but it was hard! The half marathon is looking more like a marathon from this angle at the moment!!!
Saturday I plan to run 9km and walk/run 6km. That's 5 times around the lake. A bit boring but I think achievable. However after my form this week I'm not sure of anything!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It took me 1 hour and 11 mins to run and run/walk the 12k on Saturday. I think I'm going to be last in this event by the look of it! The walking and running part really did make the whole thing a lot easier. I really struggled with the first 6k. It's funny how some days the running is easy and it feels as though I could go on forever and then other days it's like I've never run before!! At least I did it and I'm on target. After that I did a fitball class- it was manic!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Went to the gym yesterday- in the morning for treadmill, rower and bike and then in the evening with my daughter for a run, weights and yoga ( just love yoga!!)
I'm on holidays so I do tend to overdo it a bit - all in one day!
Haven't gone to the gym today but went for about 1 1/2 hr walk with friends this morning. It was very slow though.
Eating has been disastrous- enough said on that.
Going to run/walk 12k on Saturday. I'll run the first 6k then run/walk the last 6. It's going to take me ages!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm on holidays for the next two weeks so full of good intentions! Didn't quite make it to the gym yesterday- I think I was just destined to run from one appointment to the other! Today I got up early and hit the gym. Did 30 mins cardio- MADE myself not do it all on the treadmill- did rowing and cycling as well. Then leg work with lots of squats and balances and of course stretching. My knee has been a bit sore so I do need to keep up with the leg exercises as they do seem to help. Went shopping today and bought lots of fresh veges and fruit. Unfortunately I do that quite a lot and then end up throwing them out!! Never mind- holiday time gives a bit more time top prepare. Might go to the gym for a class later- after afternoon tea with the girls!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006



I still haven't quite mastered this posting business. This is my third attempt!! Ran 10k on Saturday. Had all good intentions to run/walk but they flew out of the window once I got started!


Went running on Saturday morning and intended to run/walk 10kms. Did a 2 minute walk and then started running. Kept on running and running and in the end thought that I might as well run the whole 10km - which I did! Glad I could do it as it's been a while since I ran that distance. It gives me a good base to work up to 21kms. Not really sure the best way to approach this training. I need to increase my distance but I know if I do too much I'll just get my knee hurting again. I'll keep building and doing more walks with the running- although I do find that once I start I really don't want to stop and walk!!
Did a body balance class today which was good and tomorrow hoping to get to the gym early for a workout. I do need to look at my diet though- it's dismal:((

Monday, June 12, 2006

decision made!

I've made the decision to go in the half marathon at Shepparton in August! It's something I've been thinking about for some time but feel that now the time is right!. I don't think my knee would stand up to 21 kms of straight running so I've been looking at run/walk programs. Started today with 8km of 2:3 ( 2 mins walking 3 mins running) Didn't keep strictly to it as my husband rang me in the middle of the program to tell me he'd locked the keys in the car and did I have the RACV ph number. I ran like fury to him ( about 1km) so that sort of jiggered the program! lol
Felt good at the end of it though. Next week I need to do 10km the same way. Also went for a 24km bike ride after that. It was great!
This week I need to do another 5km run and an aerobic session of run/walk. Writing it on here might keep me honest!
Eating hasn't been too flash though:(((