Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning to say no!

Does anyone else on here have trouble saying 'no'? I have all this course work to do and not a great deal of spare time- but when I'm asked to go somewhere or do something- before I know it that little word just slips out- 'yes'!! 'Yes' I'd love to meet for coffee" "Yes, I'm happy to cover that shift for you", "Yes, of course we can do dinner". Yes yes yes!!! and I am wanting to do all these things but I need to prioritise ( and perhaps learn how to spell that word- it doesn't look quite right) I guess all the work will get done- it usually does
anyway- today I had lunch and film with my sisters- and a lovely time it was! It is my middle sisters b'day next week so she got to choose the film- Julie and Julia. I had heard it was slow and boring- but I really enjoyed it. We had lots of giggles before it started (hmmmm....some of us never grow up) and each confessed to almost having a mini 'nana nap' sometime during the movie. As I said- lots of fun and I'm glad I said yes!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Ash

Farewell old friend. You were with us for more than 13 years. It feels so very empty here without you

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gulp......this is it!!

Well I think I've now committed myself! Yikes! A clent of mine has just achieved her goal of cycling through France. On the way home she thought about what I said about setting a new goal and came up with the idea that she would like to try a triathalon- just a mini one. She told me about an event in Jan run by Ramsay Health Care re Breast cancer. Now that sparked my interest enough to throw caution to the winds and let my fellow runner/cycler/swimmer know about it too. Now it looks as though I've committed myself to this too!! The real baby event only has a 100m swim ( in a pool!!) the next level- a 200m swim and the next a 300m swim. Hmmmmm.....I did ask my client if flippers were allowed. She had the cheek to say 'no' but this could become a goal for you!!! ( who's the client and who's the 'master' here??????) lol.
so now I need to hit the pool and try and wean myself off the flippers. If you don't see me on here anymore it's cos I've drowned on the way!! guess it's good to have a goal

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mao's last Dancer

Went to see Mao's Last Dancer on Friday. Has anyone else seen it? I really loved it! Such an interesting story and what a fabulous dancer! ( at least the guy who played him was!) I'm now off to read the book and see what really happened! Saw it with my two sisters. My middle sister and I had a bit of a 'sob' while my oldest sister was fairly stoic! it's always good to get together with them. Had a bit of a laugh in the 'pre' film bit. lol- a bit like naughty schoolgirls sitting in the back row!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great feeling!

Just finished organising the next two 15min presentations for Tuesday. I'm really enjoying the planning and the delivery.....well....just say it's not as bad when you do it as when you stew about it beforehand! These two presentations are about using office equipment ( laminator in my case) and customer service. I'm really hot onto customer service. Nothing gets me more riled than the rude ignorant people who SHOULDN'T be anywhere near a customer!!!! I'm SOOOOOO tempted to say something at times but as yet have just bitten my lip! I'm amazed at how some people can complete a whole transaction ( whatever it is) without once giving eye contact- pretty amazing that! They must have sensors on their head so they know where your hand is!!! Anyway- it's laminators and customer service for me on Tuesday. A little more out of my comfort zone- but I guess it's good for you!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This is the way to do it

The correct way to weigh yourself:
Sent via email from a very good friend!
thought you all might get a laugh from this. What a great solution!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

no real news

I'm getting so slack at writing on here without any real reason or excuse. Life is busy but then it's always busy! Tafe starts back on Monday after a 2 week break so will be good to see students again but it does mean more work! The course I'm doing on training and assessment has me sweating a bit. Got to do 15 min presentation this week and, as always, I tend to get a bit stewed up about it. Not really sure why- I face adults and train and teach all week!!! I guess it's just my way of making sure I actually do the preparation. If I didn't feel 'fear' then I'd prob just leave everything to the last minute.
Workouts have been consistent and great. I feel so indulgent when I can spend a good amount of time just moving weights. Trying to vary what I do a bit but there is a limit to the different types of exercises you can do. I tried the d/b chest press with 30lbs ( 13.6kg) and found I could do it! lol I regularly do 25lb (11.3kg- and yes- I do have an online converter!!) but wasn't sure how I would go with the next weight up- didn't want to collapse in the middle of all those tough guys that preen their way around the gym! Got hubby to stand close to spot me in case I failed!
Tried the new leg workout in the latest Oxygen Mag- 7 sets of squats with varying leg positions. It was ok - but in the 60 sec rest inbetween did upright rows and bent over rows- so at least that made good use of my time.
I'm just rambling now- have a good weekend everybody!