Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last night I got struck down with that dreaded gastro bug. Spent a lot of time gazing into the porcelein! I hate hate hate being sick like that!! I'm a real baby and whinge and groan a lot. Hubby asked if the groans were important ( as in....was I dying or in great distress) Well no I wasn't but they still play an important part of my 'recovery'! lol I am such a princess sometimes!!

Isn't this a beautiful time of year. This is the view I get everytime I go up and down our drive-now captured for eternity ( well almost). The first pic shows our rather run down chook shed that is currently having an overhaul. Maybe when we get back from our holiday we'll get some more chooks! Today is rainy, wild and windy so it's just as well I took these photos before cos I think after today there won't be much left!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday now and my delight at seeing the inside of my house for a change has quickly evaporated with this being the second day of viewing! I decided to tackle the pantry!. It's now 9pm and I've well and truly lost my motivation. Where am I going to put the 19 boxes of fancy tea? Yep- you're right! Back on the top shelves where I found them. And there they will stay for the next 6-12months until I decide a pantry cleanout is necessary. And....while I'm on the subject of pantrys- how come what comes out of them def doesn't fit back in them????? My kitchen bench full of 'stuff' is evidence of that!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What an afternoon of luxury! I'm actually back home for a few hours. I feel as though I hardly ever see the inside of my house! I've had time to put our washing, put more on, dust , vacuum, tidy and clean. If this is the most exciting day of my week- what a sad life I lead!! It's just lovely to veg out a bit and have some home time.
Had a great workout yesterday and now I'm paying for it! Every part of me hurts!! Yeah- even that damned foot!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Because I'm feeling particularly devoid of interesting things to write about I thought I'd just be more boring and use Kerryns' tag.
Jobs I’ve Held: Personal trainer, teacher, fruit picker, factory worker, car washer
.Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: Pretty Woman, Somewhere in Time, Love Actually, Dirty Dancing
My Guilty Pleasures: Drinking coffee , eating choc chip muffin and reading in a shopping centre, drinking coffee, eating cookies and reading at McDonalds, sitting and eating ( while reading) Darrell Lea liquorice allsorts- and so the list goes on!!! oops...forgot the smarties!!
Places I have lived: Wales, Melbourne
Shows I enjoy: House, Boston Legal, (very softly.....Idol) and (very very softly...Model - or something like that- the creepy American show with whatshername choosing a top model
.Places I Have Been on Holiday: All states, Port Douglas, Apollo Bay (Vic) New Zealand, Britain, Austria, Prague, USA and Canada
Favorite Foods: Chocolate and liquorice
Websites I Visit Daily: I don't daily
Body Parts I Have Injured: all those running bits- knees, feet, etc. Nothing else of major proportions
.Awards I’ve Won: Under 17 athletics, ummmm...don't think anything else
Nicknames You’ve Been Called: lindy, linna and linny ( by my mum)
People to tag- come on-- take up the challenge!!!!
I'm going public here- I am determined to clean up my eating and try to get some discipline into it!!! My days seem to consist of going to gym to train clients, then wasting time drinking coffee and eating muffins and generally waiting until it's time to start my shift several hours later. It's too far to go home so I really do need to do something constructive during that time. Any suggestions?????

Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is what happens when I go grocery shopping! Just pop into the small fairly trendy clothes shop- just in case- and come out with pants and t-shirt!! Obviously when we go on our trip in October we may just have to take a side trip to gay pareeeeeeeeee!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been re reading some of my earlier posts on here and I don't think anything has changed at all!! I'm still battling food ( too much of it!) coping with injuries and whinging about them and enjoying exercise! You would have thought I could have developed a little more discipline over the year!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007 foot has felt really good the past couple of days!!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I really wanted was an apple but instead I was forced to eat this horrid horrid turkish delight!! PROOF!!!

Whoopsies!!! Hadn't realised it had been so long since I blogged on here. Really good reasons for not though.....ummmm..err.....well....we did go away to Sydney this past w/e which really only accounts for the past 3 days! I've obviously been gardening hard ( see pic....if I've managed to get it posted on here) and other than that... I've just been really busy at the gym! I know I went for a walk/ run along a rail trail the w/e before this one- it was glorious and I felt really good actually running bits and pieces for a change. I said I wouldn't mention my foot again so I w on't tell anyone that it has been really SORE this week :((((((((( I read on a site that sometimes it can take up to 4 YEARS for this to fix itself! that time I'll be nearly 60 and therefore far to old to be contemplating running!!!! ( heheheheh.... can't imagine being nearly 60 nor can I ever imagine feeling as though I'm too old to run!!)
ps- please note that the pot now has THREE flowers where previous pic showed only one!! How good am I at gardening??????