Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Talking with friends tonight about New Year's Resolutions had me thinking about last years. Know I had achieved one or two but couldn't remember the others. Thankfully I documented them on here so dug around and now will answer the challenge!!!

This is my list of new year resolutions! To be documented and me held accountable!!
Not sure what order the pics will be so you'll have to work it out- out of 2 pics it won't be hard!
1. Years and years ago before my eldest granddaughter was but a twinkle in her daddy's eye (like 8 years) I bought a book which had instructions on making an interactive felt book for kids. As you can see- I've made it to D ( c is behind B and shares the holes). With my youngest granddaughter prob being the last grandchild I'm likely to have perhaps this had better be No 1 resolution!
Well........ this book no longer exists! I solved the problem by chucking it!!
2.- I want to get a 6 pack or at least a 4 pack or something vaguely resembling muscle type things on my tummy
Well...........I can use this one again for 2011!!!
3- I'm planning to do run for the kids again- providing I'm not crippled by then
YES!!!!!!! did it and still running- yaaaaahhhhh
4. house improvements- any house improvements will satisfy this resolution
Need I answer this one- evidence on here is clear!
5 I'd like to study again this year- maybe literacy or ESL or something along those lines
No- didn't have time to scratch myself this year
and that will be all for now!

So- got a few more to work on this year. I'll post new ones when I've figured out what I want to achieve.
How did anyone else go with their past resolutions?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ta-Da!!!! The completed project with new towels and all!!!
We are really happy with the results even though I had minor panic attacks throughout the process!! lol.
Pink towels in ensuite and purply eggplanty colour in main bathroom.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Turkey's cooked, entree partly prepared, trifle perfected, table laid! Just waiting for all to arrive tomorrow ( today!! Yikes!)
Merry Christmas everyone- have a great day celebrating and keep safe

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Our wedding anniversary tomorrow- 37years! Such a lot has happened in that time. I look back at the time we met and think....we had no idea then that 37 years later we would be here together with 2 children and 3 grandchildren and all the other stuff in between! I feel very lucky to have had such a good life. ( that sounds a bit final doesn't it???? lol- I'm not planning on going anywhere for some time yet!)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Mulling it over

The gym, where I work, is having a 'challenge' in the new year. An 8 or 12 week challenge ( not sure which at this stage) and I'm wondering if I might join in and give it a go. I don't seem to have very good staying power with these sort of things ( mostly the eating) so it might just assist me to keep on! It involves a personal training session and a 'weigh in' and advice and look at what's been happening in the eating department for the week.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Getting there

Not completed yet but well on the way!
We've christened the shower ( minus screens) and it's so nice to shower at home again!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

can you spot the differences from the previous pic????? It's starting to hang together! Obviously we can't get into our kitchen anymore so I suppose it's ok that we haven't got a floor anyway!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Update- getting there!

At least we've got some walls back- and a BATH!!!!! Whoooooooweeeee!!!
Alas- no kitchen floor:(((((

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Bathroom

It is now!

It was
It will be..........................!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

passports and circumcision

Tomorrow we renew our British Passports- hopefully got all the necessary docs for it. While I was getting all the stuff downloaded it made me think again about becoming naturalised ( yep- only been here53 years- probably time to make a 'decision'!). It's actually something I've been meaning to do for ages........but you know how it it................. and time just gets away with you!
Many years ago my parents decided it was time for them to "do it". Off they trotted and later my mother proudly announced to her friends ( whilst out at dinner) 'Charles and I have been circumcised'!!! hmmmmmmmmmmm...................not sure I can better that one!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

rather than 'nailin' it!'- I think I'm 'screwed'!!!


I think I need to have a good hard look at what I'm doing! The past few days I haven't even thought about planning what I'm eating during the day ( therefore- read into that- 'bad, bad, bad, food!) I don't think I can factor a swim in next week and the earliest I've got to bed is 10.45pm. !!! Not a good start- HOWEVER- there is always the next day and what has happened in the past need not determine what is going to happen in the future.
A New Week= New Resolve!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 2

I promise I'm not going to give a day by day account of November, but the first few days might keep me on the straight and narrow!
I 'blew' the last goal for November- early to bed! lol. last night I was later than ever- but then it was a holiday the next day!
Day 2- okayish sort of. Went for run and gym ( but that's the easy part) Diet not all that terrifice cos I really didn't prepare. Tonight- hopefully , earlier than 12- got to get up at just before 5am.
It's going to be a LOOOOOOONG Month!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 started off well! Hit the gym at 6.30am- then off to SWIM! haven't swum in months and it was really nice to get back to it- as well as feeling mighty 'noble'!
Took food with me today, said 'NO' to cake or biscuit with coffee with hubby. Haven't gone to bed yet but then it's only 7pm!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Nail it' November

Kek's idea - Nail it November is catching on! I think I'll jump on board too.
Things to 'Nail' in November are

  1. NO more just hoping to 'wing it' for lunch! Preparation is the name of this game!
  2. NO more avoidance of swimming- going to plan it into my fitness regime
  3. NO more ultra late nights- try to get to bed a bit earlier so my alarm doesn't tell me I've only go 5 hrs 36 mins until the alarm sounds!

And I think that will be enough to start with!

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend away

Quietly snuck away to Echuca for the weekend. I love these mini escapes- a real retreat from 'real life'! Didn't do a lot up there but enjoyed every minute of it! Went for a walk Sat. morning- just around the streets, checking out all the gardens. Always gets me inspired for about 2 mins!!!

Tafe is getting to the final stages for the year. It's this time you realise all the stuff you haven't done! I just love these students I've been teaching. I think of them and I smile! They have enriched my life and taught me lots- about their culture and an appreciation of what it must be like to try and learn a language that isn't your own. There is just a 'niceness' about many of them that simply fills me up and makes me smile:)))))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suddenly 30

From this
to this...................took 30 years! Happy birthday Catherine!

Monday, October 11, 2010

We made it!!!! Couldn't go in the half marathon as it was fully booked, so we settled for the 10k instead. And jolly glad I was too!! lol. Had a great run, did it easy and pulled up well. Next goals- 'Run for kids' in March (15k) and hopefully next year- Half marathon in October! Catherine ( daughter) turns 30 on Wed- where did all that time go???? It was so special running with her- just delights me:)))

Thursday, October 07, 2010


You keep coming across a book that you don't need at that particular time- but you know it will come in useful eventually. That time has come- can you find it???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Back to chaos!

The end of two weeks holiday ( from tafe) . I have really enjoyed a lessening of the pressure of preparation and teaching (it's actually been 4 weeks- 2 of them in PD) but now it's time to face it all over again! I love the teaching but always get that'school feeling' after having a break from it. You would think I'd get used to it- but no!! lol
We babysat the three girls on Thurs- it was lovely. I'm in the bathroom issuing toothbrushes to all and sundry. 13thmonth old is in my arms and holding her stubby brush- I'm brushing no. 2's teeth and no 1 is waiting. All very clean teeth here- with me singing my 'tooth cleaning ' song! Then it's off to bed for stories. Me in bed reading to no 2, Hubby listening to no 1 reading him a story and no 3 quietly 'reading' her story unpside down while sitting on the floor. She just tags along after the other girls- it was a lovely night. It still amazes me, thinking these beautiful girls are part of my son, part of us.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Half of my 5o's class was dedicated to a beginners Zumba class today- as part of the gym's open day. So- it was also the first time I've tried Zumba! My hips don't wiggle, my back doesn't bend and I certainly don't shimmy!!! I just hope my ladies don't get the idea that they want me to put in Zumba moves- I have enough trouble not getting tangled up with a very gentle warm up!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emerging again!

Thought I'd better come out of my funk and start living again!! lol. Added some pics just to show you other Melbournites that while this part of Aus was shivering and freezing- other parts were not! For a short wonderful time I was a lizard on a rock. Now I'm hibernating again! lol

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not talking yet!

I'm back but sulking for a while:(((

Thursday, September 09, 2010

eat my shorts!

heheheh- sitting here in shorts and t-shirt again! Yep- not in Melb at the moment. Hubby had a brainwave- he asked if I could put aside a few days so we could follow the sun- I thought if it for about a nanosecond- and here we are- in sunny Port Douglas. This place is starting to feel like another home.

Friday, September 03, 2010

weekend!! Yaaahhhhh

I'm so glad the weekend is here! It's been a busy week- like always and now I'm looking forward to doing my own thing! lol-not sure what that is exactly- but it involves doing what I want to do when I want to do it!
Haven't done much on the exercise front this week. On Wed I lifted some heavy containers and was duly impressed that I bent my knees ( squat) and kept my back straight ( deadlift) even so they were heavy. The later that morning I lifted a 20kg barbell from the bottom rack in an awkward position and then moved one of the gym benches. Felt my back with both of those manoevres- and had a few aches later in the day. Nursed myself like the good princess that I am and now am much better! Consequently- no exercise!!! Tomorrow though is a different matter! Got to get some kms under my belt for the half marathon in October. Still planning to walk and run it!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A glimmer- albeit a small one- of a coming summer! Wasn't the weather, here in Melb, just lovely on Sunday! We had to go the beach of course, and although it wasn't shorts and t-shirt weather- it was lovely to see the sun. Didn't stay too long as it was very windy. However- this is a sign of things to come!!! YAAAAAHHHH

Friday, August 20, 2010

It doesn't get much better

After a long day- early start at the gym and tafe this arvo- we were then asked if we could babysit tonight. Haven't seen the grandchildren for about 10 days so I was really looking forward to it. Well.........we were greeted with a poster , lovingly made by the two elder girls. Nana and Pocky up a tree! And also greeted with a walking one year old. Had the best night. The girls are really well behaved and delightful. I got to play 'horpees' with the 5 year old ( i gave her a horse activity building sort of thing) and listen to the 8 year old read and just generally admire the 1 year olds new tricks. I looked at them all climbing over their 'Pocky' and it just amazes me at what we have helped to create. It truly is an amazing feeling. A very, very good way to start the weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling so good!

I'm feeling terrific! Partly, possibly, due to my now 'pain free foot' but also because of going back to do the 84 Day Body Challenge. I've followed this plan once before ( but not for the full time!) and lost a few kilos and felt much better. This time I've added in the supplements they suggest. I'm sure it's the ginseng and maybe the spirulina that is helping. I'm much fuller of energy and just feel better. Even getting only 2 hours sleep (grrrrr) last night hasn't flattened me!
Has anybody got any suggestions for sleeping? I get to sleep ok ( like- head hits the pillow and I'm gone) but wake 2-3hrs later and often have trouble getting back to sleep ( like last night- not at all!!) Prob menopausel stuff, but I'm thinking it's about time this sort of nonsense stopped!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm being so happy- hap, hap, hap, hap, HAPPY!

well....after 2 and half years it finally happened! My 'glass foot' is now no longer! After all that time of soreness and being sure something was in it- despite ultra sounds and digging by drs- and after the past couple of months having it 'shaved cos it was a corn ( dr no. 1) and burnt cos it was a wart ( dr no. 2) - at last I finally found it! Thinking it was a piece of skin I pulled and out came a shard of glass! About 1 cm long and reasonably wide. no wonder it had been hurting!!! It's onward and upward from no on. I'm just so happy- hap-hap-hap-hap happy!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My belated birthday pressie

Had the nicest day today- collected on my daughter's birthday pressie to me- time spent with her at whatever I wanted to do!! How good was that???
My choice- to walk along the boardwalk from Brighton ( near the sea) to the St Kilda Baths. This was about 7 kms I guess and the boardwalk follows the beach until you get to St Kilda ( close to Melb).
The weather was warm and sunny (????- it is WINTER here!!) the chat was warm and sunny ( always is with Catherine) and the Baths were HOT. We sat in the spa and bubbled with our chat as the bubbles pounded us- the spa is at the end of the Baths and looks out over the beach and sea. When we were bright red we decided it was time to leave. The it was lunch with hubby as well.
It was a lovely day- Catherine always leaves me with a smile on my dial!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I've now got a total of 6 posts from indecipherable blogs!!! Where are they coming from and how do I stop it???
Is anyone else getting sick of the way all these politicians whitter away about how good they are, how poor the opposition is and very neatly avoid answering any incriminating questions that are being asked???? I feel like giving some of them a good shake and telling them to 'answer the bloody question!!" grrrrrr

Thursday, July 22, 2010

at last!

Had the bestest sleep last night. Didn't have to get to work til 9am, so decided to have a sleep in for a change til 7am. Went to be relatively early - 10.30ish, so had a good 5 hours straight sleep before waking and then sleeping again on and off. Did me the 'power of good!'

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Made It!!

Made it through the first week of tafe! lol. It all turned out well and I had prepared enough work to not have to prepare too much for the coming week! Students were lovely and it was good to be back.
I've had a really sore glute for some time now and last weekend, while running, it felt very sore and a bit odd. I went to the myotherapist and she performed very painful 'magic' which ulitmately made it feel much better. Running this morning it was sore again so I only did a short run/walk. I find these injuries a real pain in the neck!!! However, on a better note, my hip is much improved and I think it's because of a fairly awkward, uncomfortable but effective stretch!
I'm tired of winter- I want the warmth back again! Maybe if I whinge loudly something will happen lol

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It would have been my mum's 90th birthday this week. I know I won't keep thinking of her being a different age than she was, but for the moment its nice to remember her day.
We took tea and biscuits up to the place where she and my dad are scattered. ( in a park overlooking Silvan Dam- in the Dandenong Mountains) It was beautiful and very cold! In some ways the passing of time makes it all the sadder- it's longer she hasn't been with us, but on the other hand it is lovely to have all those memories and that makes her seem not so far away.
I still feel as though she is just on a holiday or it was one of those times I hadn't rung her for a little while.
There is this part of life and then there is the birthday of my now 1 year old youngest granddaughter! The cycle of life- isn't it amazing.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ramblings- this and that!

Finally got courage to step on the scales after the holiday. A 1.7kg increase!! Hopefully that will come down with a few days of being more sensible. I do have the fear that one day my weight will just get out of control. I look at overweight people and know that it didn't happen overnight. It's just a creep, creep, creep- then one day you realise that it's all out of control. I always seem to put on weight on holiday ( do you think it could be the croissants?????) But it always comes down after a few days if I watch my diet a bit more carefully.
School holidays are almost over and I've had some great times with the two granddaughters. Saw Shrek- which was okayish- and then took oldest granddaughter rollerskating. That was fun. Then today my gym had a kid's program- which they both enjoyed. It looked like such fun I wouldn't have minded participating!!
On Tues I did a Body Attack class with my daughter. I had severe misgivings about doing it- but it went really well and I came out in one piece. The instructor kept giving low impact alternatives and didn't stay on one exercise for too long.
This weekend we are off to Wangaratta ( north Vic- country) to do precisely NOTHING!!
Saturday is our 3rd granddaughters 1st birthday so we're going to arvo tea on Sunday to celebrate.
The Monday- all the chaos starts again!! lol

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Week 1

It's almost the end of the first week back after our holiday- I think the weather has turned so cold just to teach me a lesson!!! A bit easier this week re: work- as tafe is on holiday so that takes a bit of pressure off. Had the bestest day on Tuesday- nothing planned- zilch, nix, no, nothing! I wrote a very sensible modest list and got through most of it. Gym work has been good but these 4.50am wake ups are very hard!!! Tomorrow I take no. 2 granddaughter out to see Shrek at the movies and next Wed it's granddaughter No. 1 who has chosen Marmaduke. Looking forward to that immensely.
Nothing much else is happening of any note in my world. I need to start working out when to start training for the half marathon in Oct ( or is it Nov?- that might be the first thing I need to sort out for my training!!!) I'm planning to walk/run it. Hmmmmmm..... I might need to improve my brakes! lol

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Home now and rather crabby- brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Friday, June 25, 2010


I think i might need to consider coming back home but ONLY cos if I don't I think I might have trouble sitting within a plane seat!!! I've been eating like it's going out of fashion here! I must have saved quite a few calories by sticking to my - no chocolate, no ice-cream, no chips, no biscuits and no lollies rules but on the other hand i didn't have in place a ' no eating 800gm fruitcake' policy nor did I have a ' no eating a savoury and sweet pizza in the same sitting' rule either! See what I mean- I need strict rules or I just go overboard!! lol

Monday, June 21, 2010


Just in case you were wondering- weather is still lovely, awesome, warm, constant etc etc etc up here.
An update on what we are doing- hubby has had a root canal filling after a few days of painful tooth, I have a throaty cold- which I rarely get nowadays, but despite all these complaints and ailments- we are having a great time!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

this is bliss

It's 11.30am on Friday and I've gymmed and run on the beach, had coffee up the street and showered back at the apartment- and I feel fabulous! Wearing shorts and vest with sandals!!!!!! Get that all you Melbournites!!!!! I can feel myself emerging!! lol

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hey ho hey ho

No- haven't dipped my 'pinkies' in the pool yet but I have much more exciting things to blog about!!!
My tooties are painted, I'm waxed and polished and on Thurs at (gulp) 6.10am we fly to sunny Port Douglas for 10 days!!!!! Yaaaaaahhhhhh

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Doesn't get much better than this!

Before I say anything......No! I haven't swum yet- but almost!!

I couldn't resist sharing this- from granddaughter no.1. It truly doesn't get much better than this does it?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I think I'm avoiding swimming!

Finally got on the scales and believe it or not - they said exactly what they said the previous time! ( about 3 weeks ago!) So- all good on that front.
Gym has been consistent but not all that startling. Swimming has been NIL NIX NOTHING etc etc etc! I really want to get back to it but I seem to be full of excuses. I could put it between gym and tafe but I rationalise it away by the thought that I'll feel messy or unprepared for the rest of the day.hmmph!- it's just an excuse. So- I'm making a pledge here- the next time I blog it will be to report I have finally dipped my dainty tootsies in the murky depths of the pool! I promise!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

eat eat eat

When my middle sister and I were kids we had a building set called Bayko (very English) On one of my 'eating sprees' this week I had dinner with her. She brought out the Bayko and we had a wonderful time reminiscing and remembering

We also started our own magazine. It lasted through edition 1 ( Premier edition) and 2 ( and final!!) I think we're going to work on 'Edition 3' I'm dying to see how the serial by Mildred Spiggins (aka - me!) turns out. With a lapse of 45 years she should have had some thoughts about how it should finish!!
Anyway this has been a week of celebrating and eating! Now I'm too scared to get on the scales. I think I'll let myself dry out for a few days before I face that task!
Less than 2 weeks before we head north for 10 days- counting down and can hardly wait.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Can't quite believe I am 58 today! Nor can I quite believe it's the first day of winter! How does all this happen????????

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally fully Certified!

whoooowooooo!! Finally got it! Only took me 18months!!! Such a slackass sometimes!
However I am now on the lookout for something else to get my teeth into.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

darn it!!

Lately my hip has been a bit sorer than usual. After my last run , a couple of weeks ago, I limped my way to the myotherapist for a bit of a tweak and stretch. It felt a lot better after that and with some long stretches it actually doesn't feel sore at all, So- now I'm in a dilemma! I didn't run last w/e cos I reckon it's the running that does it. It's still feeling good! I went to the gym last night and instead of running between exercises, I cycled ( ugh!! too hard!) My dilemma isn't really a dilemma- I know what to do but don't want to!! I'll see if I can hang out for another week before running again! lol

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the saddest day

Farewell to my old car. I've had the bubble for about 14 years- it was a car I coveted from the moment I laid my eyes on them. I used to make up stories about them when I saw them in a car park -eg maybe this really was my car, perhaps someone had bought it for me blah blah blah . I would park my car next to one if it was there and used to visualise it coming down the drive ( sad really!! lol)

Then, lo and behold, one of them really was MINE!. Met my son and hubby at maccas ( daughter with me listening to all my 'bubble stories') when it was time to go- surprise!! the car I had parked next to suddenly flashed it lights! lovely hubby had surprised me with it. And thus began my love affair with my 'bubble'!

well...time has slipped by and it's got tired and not as safe as the new cars. Last year I got another Mazda ( see earlier post- speeding ticket! bad car!!) Daughter had the bubble for nearly a year and now has a new car.

The bubble is now happily teaching a young 16 year old how to drive. It's happy, its new owner is happy and I'm nostalgically happy.

what a long boring post this is!! lol

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


My sister reads my blog and she was saying that I hadn't updated for a while. I think it's cos I don't have anything to say, she thought it was cos I was too busy- guess it's a bit of both!
I remember the days when I had time after work to meet with friends and walk or run and have coffee. Well,,,, those days seem well and truly over! Do you think the days are getting shorter or perhaps I'm just less efficient? Lately I seem to be over preparing for tafe lessons or going out for dinner. I think I need to reshuffle my priorities. I haven't been swimming for well over 6 months and I WAS beginning to enjoy it. I've also been forgoing any workouts for a coffee with solitude ( blissful!!) Nice but not a good habit. Perhaps I need a 6 months resolution.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm such a good girl!!!!! Stuart, Carol and Rital have all been planned and programmed to within an inch of their lives and it's all printed and organised and ready for send off on Tuesday! With 3 days to spare!! lol. Of course I'm talking about this 'Fitness for older Adult' course that I have FINALLY completed! If they send it back and say 'redo' then that's ok . For the moment I'm just delighted to have finished!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

finally did it!!

I've had this course- Exercise Fitness for the older population - for about 15months. All I needed to do was read the book, prescribe programs for 3 individuals and provide a dvd of me training someone who was one of these 3 people. Well....after the end of April I would have been out of date and would have needed to enrol ( and pay) again. So- today I bit the bullet and trained 'Stuart' (aka hubby) . 'Stuart' is 55 and has high blood pressure and is overweight and sedentary. Hubby is not 55, def not overweight, def not sedentary and does not have high blood pressure- so a fair degree of poetic licence was required! 'Stuart' did well but the horror of seeing oneself training someone is another thing!!! aggghhhh. Do I really look like that???? Do I really have such a scrawny neck????? Do I really look THAT old?????? yep yep and yep! Guess it's good to finally be honest with yourself- but majorly depressing! However I did get the video done!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

oh horror!!!

Horror of horrors!!! I've got a speeding fine!

Bad bad bad car!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Oh.....the temptation!!

for the first time in about 18months I actually felt the temptation of chocolate!! I've been surrounded by it and that combined with an insatiable eating spree has meant I've had to exercise will power! I wouldn't have eaten any- but I really haven't been tempted before now. The hardest part is all the WHITE chocolate that I absolutely love! However they are all going to work with hubby tomorrow- so - out of sight out of mind ( almost!) lol
I've loved having time off over Easter. Loved the not having to get up early ( even though I'm still getting up fairly early) I really enjoy work but I think I enjoy holidays more!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter

This past week has been a bit up and down. I was sick at the weekend and so been feeling a bit fragile this week ( lol- this is the princess in me coming out!) Had a bit of a workout on Tuesday and my Thursday was busy with the two classes so I got a bit of a sweat up this time. However have counteracted it well and truly with plenty of eating!
No chocolate for me this easter- still off the chocolate although I did have a choc chip easter bun- yum! I don't really count that- it's the chocolate bars etc that I'm avoiding.
Tomorrow I'm back to the running and will go to gym and do a more weighty workout than I've been doing the past two weeks or so. Sometimes I think it's not a bad thing lightening up for a while- mentally if not physically. Anyway- Happy Easter everyone- happy eating!

Monday, March 29, 2010

what a great day!

Had a lovely lovely day today. Started by not having any work- tafe on holiday and I asked someone else to do the 50's class- ALL DAY! This was a minor miracle for me- I work everyday even when I'm on holidays! Anyhow- was intending to spend the day with a friend looking for bathroom renovation thingys ( re my post- new year resolutions and home improvements). Started by putting some old towels away in the laundry which meant I had to clean and tidy the entire cupboard! A trip to the op shop meant I was 2 bags freer on junk ( always a great feeling) . then it was off to maccas for a coffee and some tafe work. well- just as i was getting my books out- a thump came on the table and I looked up and saw my son! He was also at maccas to do some work ( hehehe- can you see a family trait appearing here??) It was so nice to see him unexpectedly. We had a good hour chewing the fat and not doing a scrap of work!. After that it was bathroom stuff. Had a lovely and productive day making decisions and bringing back tiles inbetween coffee, lunch and lots of chat with my friend. A good day on all accounts! I've included a pic of the tiles for the bathroom which I think might also lead to new floor tiles which will go through to the kitchen which will ultimately lead to a renovated kitchen and then we will head to the lounge and the bedrooms not far away and then......... and then......... curtains............ painting........ lol - I guess you won't see me much soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disappointing weekend

We headed off to Echuca for the weekend- the first w/e away for a while. Was so looking forward to it! Don't know what I ate or if it was just a 'bug' but woke up on Sat morning feeling def 'off'. The day was spent feeling 'offer and offer'. Finally got some stuff from the chemist for nausea and the aches I had all over my body- had a sleep and felt somewhat more human afterwards. However we decided to return Saturday later that day- there really wasn't much point in just lazing around the motel ( although that can be the most delightful thing to do if you're not aching and feeling BLAH) Today ( Sunday) feeling much more like myself except that I'm still aching everywhere!! and my skin is sore. What a disappointment when I was really really looking forward to going away!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

wimp gym-wimp weights

When I used to run the roads I renamed a road- it went from Hull rd to Wimp hill! Halfway up I just stopped! I still call it that even though I did master it in the end! it seems I need to call my gym- 'Wimp Gym'. On Saturday , about to do the d/b chest press and hubby asks if I want to try the 35lbs weights. 'nah' I say, 'I'll keep to the 30lbs'. 'just try' says he. so I do! I get to 8 reps and squeak- just doing 2 more. his reply- one more after that- which I do. It wasn't really hard and truth to tell - I could have done more! Then I move to the seated row. Put it on my usual 60lbs but the weights are stuck so I'm doing 70. It won't move or drop down so I finish the set at 70lbs. See what I mean??? I need to up the weights but I'm stuck in wimpsville. Any suggestions or tricks for getting ones head past the 'it;s heavy enough- I can't do anymore' stage????? I really don't want a personal trainer- too expensive and I don't want to be injured

Friday, March 19, 2010

A new goal

I'm all for setting goals- I love 'em! Next one is the half marathon in Oct. Part of the Melbourne Marathon. After 'run for kids' I WAS thinking that I would LOVE to try a half marathon (running and WALKING of course!) I covered the distance of one on Sunday with the 3km walk to the start and the 3km back again. Just when I'm contemplating it - my daughter rings and announces that she and her friend are going to go in it- and why don't I as well. I need no second sign! So- I will need to be wise , train carefully and MAKE myself walk as well as run. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I did it!

Yesssss!!! another good day of running!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The week in summary

I think I've taken the notion of 'tapering' to a new level! How about a 'FULL STOP'! I feel as though I've done nothing this week ( I've done bits and pieces) but not like I usually do. However we shall see how it all turns out. Sunday is run day- I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Work has been full on but fun. Enjoying tafe and all the students. Gym also good- clients working and achieving well.

I've found a new way to reduce weight- just give up all the 'baddies' in my diet. I have a plan! First it was chocolate, then liquorice allsorts, then chips, then ice cream and next week it will be biscuits. ( yes . ... I am that bad!). Since doing this I've lost about 3kg and at last weigh in was 54.6kg. I've never been that light before!! ( well, not since growing up). I feel great and it's no big deal not having all that rubbish. I've also increased my exercise since before Christmas and I think that's helped- and also the running I've been doing lately.

Last Sunday went to a keyboard concert!! It was great! Our oldest granddaughter rang and arranged it. We were greeted at the door with 'tickets' and a written menu of what there was to eat. The presentation was short and sweet- very sweet. She sang and played and did really well. Miss 4 year old danced ( a bit shyly) and miss 7mth old sat in her high chair and just smiled at all and sundry. A beautiful moment in time. It just warms me up to see all this and know that our 'head banging, dreadlocked, heavy metal ' son is now in domestic bliss!! lol

In all.... a great week!

Friday, March 05, 2010


STREWTH!! I thought 6km was going to be EASY!!! Perhaps if you set out to run 6kms you can ONLY run 6kms! There's a mental attitude here that needs to refocus for next Sunday!!

Are all weeks the same length??

This week has seemed really long to me. Lots of things happening- mostly all good- but now it's Friday and I'm glad to just sit down! Exercise hasn't been too flash this week nor has the eating. One seems to go with the other. Had the extra tafe class this afternoon- and they were lovely. Another mostly ESL class doing literacy. I get such pleasure meeting and helping all these students. A lot of early mornings for me with gym and a lovely day with my daughter on Wednesday ( went to lunch and a bit of retail therapy). Tomorrow is a 'taper' run of 6km which should feel easy. I think tonight I will be very glad to just crawl into my bed!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Right on Track!

Yaaah... right on track ( on the track-lol) for the 'Run for Kids'. Ran 12k today and managed- well not easily, but easily enough to know that the 14.7 is achievable. Pulled up okayish- hip and glutes not loving all that pounding, but I am, so that counteracts that!! On the work front- just when I'm feeling vaguely out of control what happens , but I get an offer of more tafe work! I just can't say no- so now I've got another class on Friday. I thought about it for about an hour, but the decision wasn't all that hard to make. It's the same level literacy class that I take on Monday so the work load ( prep) SHOULDN'T be much more. lol. It's funny- but the two work things that I do which cause the most stress beforehand ( tafe and group class) are the two things that I really enjoy. I like the personal training and it doesn't cause me the same concern as the others, but nor does it give me the same 'buzz'. Maybe I just love a life of stress!

Monday, February 22, 2010

All going well

Isn't it easy for the weeks to fly by and then realise that you haven't blog for some time!
Life is busy but going well. Training for the 'run for kids' is great. I ran 11km on Saturday without any ill effect so I'm mightily pleased with myself!! I love running!!!
Tafe is good- students lovely but I need to get smarter with preparation- don't want to spend ALL my time on it.
Gym ( work) is busy but clients all doing well and my classes are ACE!! Lots of fun with a bit of sweat in there too.
Took our two granddaughters swimming the other day. Spent about hour and half in the pool. I was an 'extra wrinkled Nana' when I got out! The smaller of the two - once she was dressed- looked sorrowfully and said- 'I need food'!! I know that feeling all too well.
Husband and I are doing an 84 day challenge ( Matt Thomm and Monica Wright) Their book is really well set out and easy to follow. There's a checklist for each week which I'm finding really useful- shows the areas I need to improve ( yeah..... there are lots of them) Anyway- my aim is to eat more healthily and that's about it. Weight is ok- I seem to be losing or stabilising so I don't bother too much about it.
Life is good

Saturday, February 13, 2010

still here

Not sure where all the weeks are going- nor the weekends! They seem to scurry by at a great rate!! Tafe is going well but I seem to make a HUGE meal out of the preparation. I need to work wiser I think! Students are great and I'm really enjoying them. Work at gym is a bit manic at the moment. We have a 12 week challenge hence more pt clients. I live in fear that I've forgotten to book someone in and they'll arrive and I won't be expecting them or- heaven forbid- I won't actually be there! I woke up in the middle of the night during the week and realised that I need to reappoint someone- oooohhhh- poor little brain- keeps on working even when it's supposed to be at rest!
Husband and I are going to do our own 12 week challenge. I'm looking forward to starting ( tomorrow) one of my goals is to reduce some of the bad things in my diet. I've given up chocolate ( 18mth) and liquorice allsorts ( 2 months) and hot chips ( hmmm- about 2 weeks) got to give up biscuits and ice cream now.
I'll keep you posted on how we're going. Took some pics of my 'belly' as I want to get that 6 pack. lol- some were a bit rude- can't put those on here. I need to get more control of the camera!

Monday, February 01, 2010

You Are Noon
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a great day!

Had the best of days today! TAFE was great! Students lovely and we got through heaps of work- well actually not all that much but they did work industriously. So like I said in my previous post- I'll have enough to last me til June!
Then it was off to gym to do the over 50's class, followed by afternoon tea for one of the ladies- mmmmmmm...... food everywhere.
The very very best part of the day was going to gym and knowing that in an hour and half I could leave and be home for the night. I've managed to pass my gym floor shift onto someone else so instead of not getting home til 9.45pm I now get home around 4pm. How good is that????
Tomorrow is another day at TAFE- hope it goes as well as today.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

this is it!

Tomorrow's the 'day'! up and out early with my best clothes, bag in hand and my bestest 'teacher' voice! lol. I have done so much preparation that I have enough work to last me til about June. It's not concientiousness that drives me, it's fear of not having enough to do and having all these faces looking at me saying 'what now/" lol
Training for the run for kids (14.7km- I think) is going well. Running a bit more each week and still able to use my legs afterwards. I ran on Saturday- 6km straight- and my hammy was mega sore. Stretched afterwards ( ooooooohhhhhh the bliss and pain of it!) and amazingly I was fine for the rest of the day and the day after- phew! I'm not having any problems making the distances lung-wise, it's just the aches and strains that I'm carrying, but maybe I've now turned the corner!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we go again!

TAFE starts next week and I'm starting to get that 'school feeling'. You know the one where you wake up at night planning in your head what you need to do, the one where your tummy turns over at the very thought of it all, the one where your head is full of what needs to be done! lol
Even I can't stand myself when I'm like this!! I love the teaching and it will be fine- but no matter how long I teach for I still get that old 'school feeling' just before term starts! grrrrrrr!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cardio circuit

I've been doing a cardio circuit for a few weeks now, really enjoying it and last night I could actually feel it being easier.

It goes like this

treadmill- 3 mins ( 30 secs walk, 30 secs run)

lower body- squats and shoulder raise

treadmill ( gradually increasing speed and incline)- I do the treadmill between each of the following exercises

upper body- pushups

lower body- lunges

upper body- lat pulldown

lower body-sumo squats

upper body- d/b chest press

lowerbody- squats

upper body- row

then I repeat the whole lot- if time is running out or I'm feeling a bit shattered I group two exercises together and this means less treadmill for the second time around

By the end of this - bout 1hr 15mins I'm dripping!!! it's a fun way to get some cardio and the time goes quickly. It is also helping me get more running into my workouts without stressing anything for too long.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recap on resoultions

I was at my middle sister's place to day and she asked how my resolutions were going!! Well.... I struggled to remember them actually! Had another look and I can say I am working on 'run for the kids'. Gradually extending my running and my leg is holding up ok. It gets stiff and sore the rest of the day but by the following one- it's not as bad. I remember last year- deciding how to 'taper' when I hadn't really done any training! Again - injury was jumping up at me. However- managed to get through that one so hopefully this will be the same.

This same sister sent me some old pics of my horse- thought I'd put it on here just to brighten up this post! Get a look at the high waised jeans and tucked in sweater!!!! what were we thinking of!!!! And selina- now THAT is truly a 'lard ass!! lol

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the sensitive folk

These are for you deb and all the other sensitive folk out there!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year

With a new year comes a new blog colour and template. What do you think of it? At least it's a bit brighter

a productive day!

I've basically had a whole day at home ( I work at 5.30 tonight) and as at 1pm I have cleaned, tidied and thrown out the study/computer/junk room. It's still a long way from perfect but I have disposed of 3 green bags of rubbish! I need to add to my new years resolutions
1. DON'T buy any more fitness magazines
2. DON'T buy any more fitness books
3. DON'T eat popcorn while on computer
4.DON'T let the cat sit on the ironing board ( and that ones going to be the hardest!)

I think I'll go out now- half a day at home is about enough for me today!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

new year reso's

This is my list of new year resolutions! To be documented and me held accountable!!
Not sure what order the pics will be so you'll have to work it out- out of 2 pics it won't be hard!
1. Years and years ago before my eldest granddaughter was but a twinkle in her daddy's eye (like 8 years) I bought a book which had instructions on making an interactive felt book for kids. As you can see- I've made it to D ( c is behind B and shares the holes). With my youngest granddaughter prob being the last grandchild I'm likely to have perhaps this had better be No 1 resolution!
2.- I want to get a 6 pack or at least a 4 pack or something vaguely resembling muscle type things on my tummy
3- I'm planning to do run for the kids again- providing I'm not crippled by then
4. house improvements- any house improvements will satisfy this resolution
5 I'd like to study again this year- maybe literacy or ESL or something along those lines
and that will be all for now!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the best day!

I've had the best day today! Just after Christmas I had a phone call from my oldest granddaughter (7) asking if I would take her to see 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'. was the day and I loved it! lol. It was a feel good movie ( as you would expect)- you know- baddie gets his just deserts and the goody gets the girl and lots of morals along the way. I don't think you really need an excuse of a child to see this one!

7 random facts

I've taken up Selina's challenge and here are 7 random facts you may not know about me

1. The one career I DIDN'T want when growing up was teaching! I would hear teachers out of control of their classroom and shudder

2. I only went into teaching because I wanted to have tertiary education and get paid for it ( yeah- this was in the old days when we had teaching bursaries!) and also because my sister was a teacher

3. I have loved teaching and have been really proud to have been a teacher, It doesn't define who I am anymore ( thank goodness) but at one time it did

4. I am a little paranoid that I will lose control of my waist line- wake up one day and find the dreaded 'middle age spread'! I know it doesn't happen overnight- but it can creep up!

5. I am shy in crowds and often have to force myself into large gatherings.

6. I love taking my over 50's class especially as I have a microphone and then everyone HAS to listen to me

7. I've had eye surgery for short sightedness- but again- in the old days when they used to cut the cornea instead of laser. It has been one of the best things I've ever done- threw away the glasses and contacts and haven't looked back.

hope that wasn't too boring!