Thursday, July 22, 2010

at last!

Had the bestest sleep last night. Didn't have to get to work til 9am, so decided to have a sleep in for a change til 7am. Went to be relatively early - 10.30ish, so had a good 5 hours straight sleep before waking and then sleeping again on and off. Did me the 'power of good!'

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Made It!!

Made it through the first week of tafe! lol. It all turned out well and I had prepared enough work to not have to prepare too much for the coming week! Students were lovely and it was good to be back.
I've had a really sore glute for some time now and last weekend, while running, it felt very sore and a bit odd. I went to the myotherapist and she performed very painful 'magic' which ulitmately made it feel much better. Running this morning it was sore again so I only did a short run/walk. I find these injuries a real pain in the neck!!! However, on a better note, my hip is much improved and I think it's because of a fairly awkward, uncomfortable but effective stretch!
I'm tired of winter- I want the warmth back again! Maybe if I whinge loudly something will happen lol

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It would have been my mum's 90th birthday this week. I know I won't keep thinking of her being a different age than she was, but for the moment its nice to remember her day.
We took tea and biscuits up to the place where she and my dad are scattered. ( in a park overlooking Silvan Dam- in the Dandenong Mountains) It was beautiful and very cold! In some ways the passing of time makes it all the sadder- it's longer she hasn't been with us, but on the other hand it is lovely to have all those memories and that makes her seem not so far away.
I still feel as though she is just on a holiday or it was one of those times I hadn't rung her for a little while.
There is this part of life and then there is the birthday of my now 1 year old youngest granddaughter! The cycle of life- isn't it amazing.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ramblings- this and that!

Finally got courage to step on the scales after the holiday. A 1.7kg increase!! Hopefully that will come down with a few days of being more sensible. I do have the fear that one day my weight will just get out of control. I look at overweight people and know that it didn't happen overnight. It's just a creep, creep, creep- then one day you realise that it's all out of control. I always seem to put on weight on holiday ( do you think it could be the croissants?????) But it always comes down after a few days if I watch my diet a bit more carefully.
School holidays are almost over and I've had some great times with the two granddaughters. Saw Shrek- which was okayish- and then took oldest granddaughter rollerskating. That was fun. Then today my gym had a kid's program- which they both enjoyed. It looked like such fun I wouldn't have minded participating!!
On Tues I did a Body Attack class with my daughter. I had severe misgivings about doing it- but it went really well and I came out in one piece. The instructor kept giving low impact alternatives and didn't stay on one exercise for too long.
This weekend we are off to Wangaratta ( north Vic- country) to do precisely NOTHING!!
Saturday is our 3rd granddaughters 1st birthday so we're going to arvo tea on Sunday to celebrate.
The Monday- all the chaos starts again!! lol

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Week 1

It's almost the end of the first week back after our holiday- I think the weather has turned so cold just to teach me a lesson!!! A bit easier this week re: work- as tafe is on holiday so that takes a bit of pressure off. Had the bestest day on Tuesday- nothing planned- zilch, nix, no, nothing! I wrote a very sensible modest list and got through most of it. Gym work has been good but these 4.50am wake ups are very hard!!! Tomorrow I take no. 2 granddaughter out to see Shrek at the movies and next Wed it's granddaughter No. 1 who has chosen Marmaduke. Looking forward to that immensely.
Nothing much else is happening of any note in my world. I need to start working out when to start training for the half marathon in Oct ( or is it Nov?- that might be the first thing I need to sort out for my training!!!) I'm planning to walk/run it. Hmmmmmm..... I might need to improve my brakes! lol