Friday, August 28, 2009

Aren't we soft

Finally got the power back on after 2 nights without ( Melb had quite severe storms) The prob with our lack of power is that it also means lack of water as we're on tank water and therefore no pump!! Managed ok with dinner out and the gym nearby for a shower ( plus a workout- might as well as I was near!). Good to actually have light now when you switch on the light switch for the umpteenth time!! Had lots of trees and branches down. My sister and her partner ( with chainsaw) came to the rescue and we managed to get a lot of the debris chopped and burnt- it was lovely of them to give up there time.
Now- I need some help! Does anyone have any suggestions of getting around a reaction to chlorine from swimming pools. I don't really want to change pools but I am tired of feeling bunged up and having piggy little eyes for days after. Sudafed does seem to help- but I don't want to pump my body full of medication either. I'm actually enjoying the swimming and slowly slowly slowly (dare I say it ) improving !!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

half marathon- maybe???

I've been reading the good weekend section of The Age. There was an article of one man's experience with running a marathon. for thought! Maybe - If I ran/walked I could manage a half marathon without permanent damage. I'd love to give it a go. I did the run for kids ( 15km) without any permanent side effects so what's 6 more??

Friday, August 21, 2009

what a decadent day!

After 4 days of frenetic activity I had the most decadent of days today. Started with a swim- I did 20 laps today- whoowooo!!! ( I did have flippers for 18 and I did mix it up with backstroke) then off to TAFE to do some preparation- but then here comes the good bit- off to the MOVIES, in the MIDDLE of the day by MYSELF!! All of this is basically unheard of with me- but it was a good indulgent thing to do! Saw Coraline- an animated 3D PG but too scarey for most kids I would think. So me, and my 3 other 'friends' in the cinema , happily munched and lazed the 2 hours away!
After this came more decadence- a MASSAGE! a therapeutic one with lots of 'sore bits' being man handled, but a massage never the less!
I think I need to plan more Fridays like this one

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I would NEVER fit all my clothes in here- AND I used to share this with my middle sister!!

Not kicking and screaming now- but maybe I've matured a bit since then!

Old Haunts

Had a really interesting and emotional day on Saturday. The house I grew up in was up for auction so with my sisters and partners etc we all went to see it. Nothing much had been changed since we'd all lived there. I was the last to leave home ( when I got married 1973) and our parents would have moved in about '77. The place had been rented so it was fairly run down and as I said- nothing much had been changed. Going into my old bedroom brought such memories back and our parents room too. The old dugout ( room under the house) where my middle sister scalped my doll so she could put the hair on hers - with me kicking and screaming outside the door! ( she later presented her doll- 'Rosie' to me- but that was beside the point!) I felt as though I had been through an emotional wringer by the end. Bitter sweet and lovely but nostaligic memories. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to see through it once more.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More pickkies

When we were happy at the Botanical gardens in Cairns

At the Daintree - just before the croc nibbled my toes!

Doesn't this make you want to run, run, run????
An early morning
Not sure how the writing will be organised around thes pics- hopefully you can work out by captions!

Monday, August 10, 2009


This is the 'bad' me- and yes I ate ALL the turkish delight straight from the knife!!

This little piggy ( me) went to market (aka Port Douglas)

this little piggy stayed at home ( you)

this little piggy ( me) had roast beef ( translated as coffee, cake, icecream, chips - anything at all that resembled food!!)
this little piggy ( you ) had none ( translated as - eating clean and working out)

and this little piggy ( me) went "wee wee wee' ( translated as - waaaaahhhhh I must have put on about 5 kilos!!) all the way home ( to cold horrible melb - boohoo)

the moral of this nursery rhyme is to 'NOT 'let sensible eating have a holiday too!!!

ps- haven't got on the scales and this is the reason I always leave that part for a couple of weeks after a holiday- coward that I am!!!
This is the 'good me' at Cape Tribulation!