Sunday, August 22, 2010


A glimmer- albeit a small one- of a coming summer! Wasn't the weather, here in Melb, just lovely on Sunday! We had to go the beach of course, and although it wasn't shorts and t-shirt weather- it was lovely to see the sun. Didn't stay too long as it was very windy. However- this is a sign of things to come!!! YAAAAAHHHH

Friday, August 20, 2010

It doesn't get much better

After a long day- early start at the gym and tafe this arvo- we were then asked if we could babysit tonight. Haven't seen the grandchildren for about 10 days so I was really looking forward to it. Well.........we were greeted with a poster , lovingly made by the two elder girls. Nana and Pocky up a tree! And also greeted with a walking one year old. Had the best night. The girls are really well behaved and delightful. I got to play 'horpees' with the 5 year old ( i gave her a horse activity building sort of thing) and listen to the 8 year old read and just generally admire the 1 year olds new tricks. I looked at them all climbing over their 'Pocky' and it just amazes me at what we have helped to create. It truly is an amazing feeling. A very, very good way to start the weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling so good!

I'm feeling terrific! Partly, possibly, due to my now 'pain free foot' but also because of going back to do the 84 Day Body Challenge. I've followed this plan once before ( but not for the full time!) and lost a few kilos and felt much better. This time I've added in the supplements they suggest. I'm sure it's the ginseng and maybe the spirulina that is helping. I'm much fuller of energy and just feel better. Even getting only 2 hours sleep (grrrrr) last night hasn't flattened me!
Has anybody got any suggestions for sleeping? I get to sleep ok ( like- head hits the pillow and I'm gone) but wake 2-3hrs later and often have trouble getting back to sleep ( like last night- not at all!!) Prob menopausel stuff, but I'm thinking it's about time this sort of nonsense stopped!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm being so happy- hap, hap, hap, hap, HAPPY!

well....after 2 and half years it finally happened! My 'glass foot' is now no longer! After all that time of soreness and being sure something was in it- despite ultra sounds and digging by drs- and after the past couple of months having it 'shaved cos it was a corn ( dr no. 1) and burnt cos it was a wart ( dr no. 2) - at last I finally found it! Thinking it was a piece of skin I pulled and out came a shard of glass! About 1 cm long and reasonably wide. no wonder it had been hurting!!! It's onward and upward from no on. I'm just so happy- hap-hap-hap-hap happy!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My belated birthday pressie

Had the nicest day today- collected on my daughter's birthday pressie to me- time spent with her at whatever I wanted to do!! How good was that???
My choice- to walk along the boardwalk from Brighton ( near the sea) to the St Kilda Baths. This was about 7 kms I guess and the boardwalk follows the beach until you get to St Kilda ( close to Melb).
The weather was warm and sunny (????- it is WINTER here!!) the chat was warm and sunny ( always is with Catherine) and the Baths were HOT. We sat in the spa and bubbled with our chat as the bubbles pounded us- the spa is at the end of the Baths and looks out over the beach and sea. When we were bright red we decided it was time to leave. The it was lunch with hubby as well.
It was a lovely day- Catherine always leaves me with a smile on my dial!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I've now got a total of 6 posts from indecipherable blogs!!! Where are they coming from and how do I stop it???
Is anyone else getting sick of the way all these politicians whitter away about how good they are, how poor the opposition is and very neatly avoid answering any incriminating questions that are being asked???? I feel like giving some of them a good shake and telling them to 'answer the bloody question!!" grrrrrr