Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holiday task 2

Took Kerryn's advice and decided to try a recipe from the multitude of cook books I haven't thrown out! Picture is not very good but the actual item I cooked was delicious!! It started life as 'Tuna Potato Roulade' and finished life with me as 'Salmon Potato Roulade' and with quite a few changes in ingredients-lol
Instead of mushrooms ( of which I had none) and spring onions ( likewise) and tuna ( likewise again and I don't really like tuna all that much!)- I put in salmon, grated carrot and corn kernels.
It was a matter of what was in the larder!!
Anyway- it's a recipe I will repeat !

Friday, September 23, 2011

holiday tasks!

School holidays have arrived which means 2 weeks off from TAFE. As much as I really love the teaching there I'm always relieved when holidays are here. As usual I have a PLAN. Wrote my list of 'To Do's" and set about Task 1- clean out the recipe books that take up a whole kitchen cupboard!
I'm a very basic cook and if I want something different I usually hit the internet. So..... no need for all those cookery books I have accumulated. On my hands I knees I sorted into piles and lo and the end of it- I had almost exactly the same number of piles as I started!
There's something about cook books that seem so appealing- I'm sure I'll make this some day- I'll make a recipe from here once a week etc etc
Sadly... that never happens and I still have a cupboard full of books that I really know I will NEVER use
Any suggestions??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

charging towards my goals

One of my goals for my er...ummmm....60th Year was to learn a language. Well finally found somewhere that wasn't too far away and wasn't too late into the night ( hahaha- it's heading towards Jarmies at 5 , dinner 5.30, bed 6pm!!!)
So.... in October I try to refresh my very basic and very school girlish French! I think it will be a good thing starting with a language that I am basically familiar with. I was never good at French so this will be my chance to redeem myself. I'm looking forward to it- although with a bit of school girlish trepidation!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where's it gone?

I seem to have lost any desire for a healthy diet at the moment! It's always a bit of a struggle but now I seem to be eating everything and anything in sight without a thought to the consequences. I bought a book about sugar addition and how poisonous sugar is- hoping that might jolt me into a bit of focus.
On the foot topic- foot seems to have settled a bit. Went for a short ( 3km) run today and I'm convincing myself that I can't feel it at all ( mostly I really really can't!) I've sold my half marathon entry cos I knew if I held onto it I would probably convince myself that I could still do it. If I just walked and ran I probably could- but I do know my limitations!! And one of those is doing what I should do and not what I want to do!
we're off to Echuca for the weekend- really looking forward to a weekend away and some R& R- ready to face the next week of early mornings!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Reluctantly and sadly

unfortunately I have made the decision not to go on with the half marathon:((. My foot doesn't like it and after having 4 years of getting it to a point where I can run ( if I don't overdo it) then I don't want to go back to hobbling, icing, walking and NO RUNNING!
I'm really disappointed as I would have loved to compete in it- on the other hand I'm relieved that the pressure to keep increasing distance is off me. Ho hum- the next challenge may be a 10k or something more manageable. I really enjoy the fun runs and they give me a purpose for the training.