Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's New?

Goodness it's been a month since I wrote on here- however I have been 'lurking' just not feeling very inspired to write anything. Friday I did another Kettlebell workshop. Well run and lots of fun and now feeling the aftermath!! Bum and legs are really tired and a bit stiff. Should have gone for a bike ride this w/e but just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm- most unlike me. However- never mind- I'm sure the mojo will return soonish. Still planning and organising for our trip away. Things are starting to fall into place and now I'm writing lots of lists. One task is to clean the house! Most important when you're going away!!!! Just loving my little ( not so little anymore) kitten. He brings us such pleasure and lots of laughs. He has the biggest and noisiest purr I've ever heard and roars in my ear early every morning. He likes to lie his head across my neck and then start his rumble!! How can you get annoyed when he's so cute! lol