Tuesday, December 29, 2009

where'd they go???

I was given 4 bags of liquorice allsorts for Christmas but I think we may have had burglars cos I can only find 1 left!!! ( that's a shocking admission isn't it?- how many days since Christmas??)
We're off to Wangaratta for New Year's - so Happy New Year to all bloggers who pass by here. Have a safe and exciting welcoming in the new year. I can't get used to writing 2010 no matter how hard I try!!
When I get back on here I shall have a list of resolutions- you watch!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Review

I've been reading a few blogs where the year has been reviewed. What a great idea- at least it highlights what you have done ( and it always looks a lot more than you think) and would make for interesting reading later on. So- here goes. If it's boring to anyone else then don't keep reading!!

New little granddaughter born in July. Just a lovely addition to the family. Both our children are doing well and I delight in seeing them independent and creating new families for themselves. I miss them both and have real 'pangs' at how they are now adults and their childhoods will never return. However I've had my delightful times with them and that's stored in my memory forever.

Loving my over 50's classes. Took up an added one this year at another gym- a mixed class. It's different but gives real pleasure too. I didn't know work could be so much fun!
Tafe work continued this year and with it new challenges. Teaching a class of ESL students which was new for me. I found it a bit daunting but from the first time I set foot in the class it has been nothing but delightful. So good to get to know a group of people from different cultures and the learning has definitely been two way.
Also completed certificate 4 in Training and Assessment- phew!!!

Loving keeping fit. Had some lulls over the year but not too many- managed to keep it going in some form or fashion. Haven't had any major injuries which has been terrrific.
Completed the Run for Kids for the 2nd time. A major major achievement as it has been the first big run after getting plantar faciitis- so a significant measure of it getting better!
I'm stronger, more muscled and weigh less than I ever have. Weight is stable ( unless I go on holiday!!) and I'm in a great routine.
Swimming is a bit hit and miss- but I aim to just enjoy what I can do.

Been twice up to Port Douglas and hope for more in 2010

That's enough for the moment- I'm getting bored just writing it!
I'm going to set some goals for 2010 which will keep me keeping on!
It's been a great year

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Pickkies

Hmmmmm. perhaps this was responsible for the 1.5kg gain???

I'm hard at work here

The traditonal horse pic!!

The tranquility of the Daintree River

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Typical Day!!

My playground

This just confirms what I really know! View from balcony

A Typical Day whilst on holiday

6.30am- wake up, stretch luxuriating in the big wide bed after a restful and 'no getting up' night

7am- get up - yep that's right- a beautiful hazy wake up where you meander between waking and sleeping

7.10am- have a cuppa on the balcony, overlooking the pool, sitting and soaking up the heat in shorts and t-shirt

7.30am- walk 2 mins to the gym and have a jolly good sweat!

9am- into 'town' for cuppa and croissant- yep that's where the extra 1.5kg came from!!

10am- wander the shops then back for shower and the rest of the day 'just happens'

at no time did I consult my watch - this pattern just happened! Times here are approximate and can vary

Typical Day TODAY ( first day back)

5.25am- alarm

6.15am- drive to gym

8am- have shower then off to shops for vital things

8.45am- visit health care place to organise a wheel chair for mother in law who's chair is fading fast

9.15- 9.30am- buy coffee and toast and throw it down eating part of it in car as I drive to my son's plac

10-11.30am- have fun with 2 granddaughters- making biscuits and solving world war 3!!

12noon- fly to gym to train client who didn't turn up- grrr

12.30-1.30- coffee and plan afternoon 50's class ( well I didn't have time when on holiday!!)

2pm-9pm- work at gym

9.45pm-11.30pm- home , sort out stuff for early rise tomorrow- grab chrissy pressies for tomorrow and write blog

so- what I do know is that holidays don't suck!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

almost over

2 more days and then we fly home. I'm about as ready as I ever will be to return. Just don't know how I'm going to get motivated to watch the clock again. Up here I haven't worn a watch and have o nly occasionally thought to see what the time is.
Been having some great workouts at the gym here. Combining weights and cardio for a super cardio workout! Good sweat being produced! lol. but then again you don't need to do too much to create sweat in this weather- I still love it. I also have only 2 more days of eating croissants for b'fast. oppps...that's right.....very naughty ...but very nice!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

still here

Less than a week to go then we return:( It's been so good up here and I can feel myself getting more and more benefit as the days roll by. However in some ways it will be good to return to some structure and normality- I guess. Our son is now in hospital after running over his foot with the lawn mower! Kept all his toes which is lucky for him but required a skin graft and time off his feet. This is when you feel a long way away. Good news for me is that I've got more TAFE work next year- yaaahhh. Monday like this year and also 2 hrs on Friday and maybe Wed morning. I've really enjoyed adult teaching and I'm ready to tackle more.

Monday, December 07, 2009

it's a miracle!

we've been here a week and miracle of all miracles- I haven't injured myself yet!! been gymming. walking/running and swimming most mornings but being ultra careful and conservative and so far so good! and loving it! I really wish I could push myself harder but it never works for me now- slow and steady and I will get there. Swimming has been good. Its an outdoor pool but l ovely and warm. Trying to practise all that I learnt at the total immersion intro session. as I said before- slow and steady! lol
today is our wedding anniversary and can't imagine a better place to celebrate than up here on holiday in this glorious weather. its humid a bit rainy between the sun and quite warm- i love it.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


well...we're here in far north queensland and i ask myself- why would I want to be anywhere else?????