Saturday, February 28, 2009

who wants a computer? Going free!!!

Damn computers!!! I'm so sick of the jolly thing! Having major problems with the internet and still not fixed. I alternate between thinking- I can do without the internet and just not bother pursuing it ( in my lesser rational times!) and then I get bloody minded and think its not going to beat me! It's a long story and started with my ungrading my monthly limit- well since then I haven't had any connection so I guess that really did fix my monthly limit!
Other than that all is well. Had the first class at tafe and that went well apart from first time apprehension. All gym work is progressing and my working out and exercising is also into a nice steady pattern. Consistency certainly does make a difference. I'm the lightest I've been since I was growing up ( 56kg) and feel really fit and toned ( well apart from my derriere- but it is a lot better than it has been and my perhaps I'd better just look at my arms!) So all in all- life is pretty sweet. We're at our son's place babysitting tonight and the two girls are sleeping soundly- just beautiful!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the busy life

For a while now life has been pretty cruisey on the work front. I still have one shift at the gym plus personal training clients dotted through the week. Next week I start teaching at tafe again! Just for Monday morning which fits in beautifully with the gym shift. It does make Monday a looonnnng day though- 8.30am til 9pm. However that is my busiest day so it's not all bad! I've also picked a bit more work at another gym which will be a bit spasmodic but should fill in some gaps. So- all that and the course I'm trying to do for fitness for the older adult will mean that life has busied up quite a lot! I like being busy I seem to get far more done in my life when I jump from one thing to another!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The bad, the good and the ugly

it's smelling very smokey here tonight- apparently from the Bunyip fire but no threat to us. Don't know about other victorians but I feel a bit jumpy when faced with this. Pictures and stories in newspapers during this week have been both tragic and uplifting and all extremely emotional. You can feel the 'flatness' of people. Everyone seems affected by the fires- I just hope that we don't forget too easily and think that it won't happen again. It's now that issues need to be addressed ie communications, clearing, firebreaks etc. Fires are just a part of the nature of Australia and nothing is going to stop that - we need to be more realistically prepared.
The good is...... we are going to be grandparents of 3 little girls in July! Not that all three are coming then just that the number 3 grandchild to be is also a girl~!!! Yahhhhhh....... how cute will that be??? No name yet but I'm sure that will come.
The ugly??? when I get up in the morning!!! I feel so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

a weekend in hell

I cannot begin to imagine what it has been like for all those towns that have been so badly affected by the bushfires down here. It truly has been the weekend in hell. We were close but not so close that we had to do anything about it. However stories emerge that others were of the same belief then 5 mins later the fire was upon them. It's so scarey how fast things can happen. Saturday night we had a drive around the block just to check out that we were ok. There were roadblocks not far away and lots of activity from SES and police. Somehow the fact that we were ok doesn't seem to make it any better. A very sad weekend.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

eat my shorts!

With all this wonderful hot hot weather lately I've been wearing shorts- at least shorts to the gym, running and around the house. Now.......does anyone have some favourite whiz bang exercises for the inner thighs that work??? I don't normally scrutinize my legs but with shorts it's a bit hard to ignore them! I do heaps of leg exercise and mostly they are ok but I've noticed the inner thigh part is to say...I'd probably be best not to wear shorts! lol
On a brighter note- I went to the myotherapist ( stevie) for a bit of a tune up and told him of my entering the 'run for kids" (I'm already having doubts) But now I know why I love going to see my friend stevie!! lol. He told me to go for it! Hmmmm......perhaps he's thinking of the extra business he will get? Anyway I really like it when people are positive and enthusiastic about challenges and working with injuries instead of suggesting the rocking chair and knitting.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Looks like the next few weeks in my life are taken care of! Just signed up to do a certificate in Fitness for older adults. It's a dvd and workbook which needs to be read, watched and assessment completed- I've read pages 1-2!!! At this rate I'll be finished when I'm about 60!! Which isn't really all that far away- yikes!!!
Haven't really got anything else to say- life chugs on as normal. Up early, in bed late, continually tired, eat too much and love my exercise!!