Tuesday, December 29, 2009

where'd they go???

I was given 4 bags of liquorice allsorts for Christmas but I think we may have had burglars cos I can only find 1 left!!! ( that's a shocking admission isn't it?- how many days since Christmas??)
We're off to Wangaratta for New Year's - so Happy New Year to all bloggers who pass by here. Have a safe and exciting welcoming in the new year. I can't get used to writing 2010 no matter how hard I try!!
When I get back on here I shall have a list of resolutions- you watch!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Review

I've been reading a few blogs where the year has been reviewed. What a great idea- at least it highlights what you have done ( and it always looks a lot more than you think) and would make for interesting reading later on. So- here goes. If it's boring to anyone else then don't keep reading!!

New little granddaughter born in July. Just a lovely addition to the family. Both our children are doing well and I delight in seeing them independent and creating new families for themselves. I miss them both and have real 'pangs' at how they are now adults and their childhoods will never return. However I've had my delightful times with them and that's stored in my memory forever.

Loving my over 50's classes. Took up an added one this year at another gym- a mixed class. It's different but gives real pleasure too. I didn't know work could be so much fun!
Tafe work continued this year and with it new challenges. Teaching a class of ESL students which was new for me. I found it a bit daunting but from the first time I set foot in the class it has been nothing but delightful. So good to get to know a group of people from different cultures and the learning has definitely been two way.
Also completed certificate 4 in Training and Assessment- phew!!!

Loving keeping fit. Had some lulls over the year but not too many- managed to keep it going in some form or fashion. Haven't had any major injuries which has been terrrific.
Completed the Run for Kids for the 2nd time. A major major achievement as it has been the first big run after getting plantar faciitis- so a significant measure of it getting better!
I'm stronger, more muscled and weigh less than I ever have. Weight is stable ( unless I go on holiday!!) and I'm in a great routine.
Swimming is a bit hit and miss- but I aim to just enjoy what I can do.

Been twice up to Port Douglas and hope for more in 2010

That's enough for the moment- I'm getting bored just writing it!
I'm going to set some goals for 2010 which will keep me keeping on!
It's been a great year

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Pickkies

Hmmmmm. perhaps this was responsible for the 1.5kg gain???

I'm hard at work here

The traditonal horse pic!!

The tranquility of the Daintree River

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Typical Day!!

My playground

This just confirms what I really know! View from balcony

A Typical Day whilst on holiday

6.30am- wake up, stretch luxuriating in the big wide bed after a restful and 'no getting up' night

7am- get up - yep that's right- a beautiful hazy wake up where you meander between waking and sleeping

7.10am- have a cuppa on the balcony, overlooking the pool, sitting and soaking up the heat in shorts and t-shirt

7.30am- walk 2 mins to the gym and have a jolly good sweat!

9am- into 'town' for cuppa and croissant- yep that's where the extra 1.5kg came from!!

10am- wander the shops then back for shower and the rest of the day 'just happens'

at no time did I consult my watch - this pattern just happened! Times here are approximate and can vary

Typical Day TODAY ( first day back)

5.25am- alarm

6.15am- drive to gym

8am- have shower then off to shops for vital things

8.45am- visit health care place to organise a wheel chair for mother in law who's chair is fading fast

9.15- 9.30am- buy coffee and toast and throw it down eating part of it in car as I drive to my son's plac

10-11.30am- have fun with 2 granddaughters- making biscuits and solving world war 3!!

12noon- fly to gym to train client who didn't turn up- grrr

12.30-1.30- coffee and plan afternoon 50's class ( well I didn't have time when on holiday!!)

2pm-9pm- work at gym

9.45pm-11.30pm- home , sort out stuff for early rise tomorrow- grab chrissy pressies for tomorrow and write blog

so- what I do know is that holidays don't suck!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

almost over

2 more days and then we fly home. I'm about as ready as I ever will be to return. Just don't know how I'm going to get motivated to watch the clock again. Up here I haven't worn a watch and have o nly occasionally thought to see what the time is.
Been having some great workouts at the gym here. Combining weights and cardio for a super cardio workout! Good sweat being produced! lol. but then again you don't need to do too much to create sweat in this weather- I still love it. I also have only 2 more days of eating croissants for b'fast. oppps...that's right.....very naughty ...but very nice!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

still here

Less than a week to go then we return:( It's been so good up here and I can feel myself getting more and more benefit as the days roll by. However in some ways it will be good to return to some structure and normality- I guess. Our son is now in hospital after running over his foot with the lawn mower! Kept all his toes which is lucky for him but required a skin graft and time off his feet. This is when you feel a long way away. Good news for me is that I've got more TAFE work next year- yaaahhh. Monday like this year and also 2 hrs on Friday and maybe Wed morning. I've really enjoyed adult teaching and I'm ready to tackle more.

Monday, December 07, 2009

it's a miracle!

we've been here a week and miracle of all miracles- I haven't injured myself yet!! been gymming. walking/running and swimming most mornings but being ultra careful and conservative and so far so good! and loving it! I really wish I could push myself harder but it never works for me now- slow and steady and I will get there. Swimming has been good. Its an outdoor pool but l ovely and warm. Trying to practise all that I learnt at the total immersion intro session. as I said before- slow and steady! lol
today is our wedding anniversary and can't imagine a better place to celebrate than up here on holiday in this glorious weather. its humid a bit rainy between the sun and quite warm- i love it.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


well...we're here in far north queensland and i ask myself- why would I want to be anywhere else?????

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and here we are now!

Here we are- 36 years ago!

best foot forward!

Now I feel as though I'm going on holiday! Got the 'holiday toes' (aka pedicure) and had the waxing ( and threading- great stuff) now just have to pack my bags and wait til Tuesday. Got a wedding to go through first ( no- not mine!!!!) actually talking of weddings- while we're away we'll celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary! I'll see if I can dig out a pic and put it on here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All done!

All finished on the certificate 4 in training and assessment! Now I am fully certified! It was a good course but glad the pressure is off- the only thing is - now I'm all revved up and looking for more study- lol that will wear off soon enough! Tafe is just about finished for me as we're off to Port Douglas on Dec 1st for 3 weeks- yaaaahhhhh. I'm hoping there's more work at tafe next year- I;ve really enjoyed it and loved the people I'm teaching. Adults are fun and they actually want to be there!!!
Went back to cycle class this morning ( after about 4 weeks break) thought my legs would drop off in the first 5 mins ( they didn't) I'm trying to be much better on my diet/eating. It's a struggle though! Weighed myself on day 3 and had lost 400g.lol- one bag of liquorice allsorts and it'll be back ( nononononono- mustn't mustn't mustn't!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feel the burn!

Did a great workout session with my daughter at her gym tonight. Not sure what the class was called but it was a circuity sort of thing. Mega crowded with heaps of testosterone and all the accompanying sweat and grunts that go with it! Great for motivation. Didn;t know what quite to expect from the class but within minutes of being there we were pounding the 'red road' for our 1.5km warm up! Then back for kettlebell swings and d/bell punches x 3. Then it was pushups and burpees with hand clapping on between ( I cheated on the burpees after one 30 sec stunt! which almost killed me!) then it was punching bags and the 'triangle run' a mere 500 metres which we ended up doing 3 times. Then lots of pushups and crunches. And after that?????? chicken satay and rice with a big ice cream sundae for afters!! lol ooohhhhh..... I'm already feeling my legs!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's over- almost!

basically had the final session at the course- it went well. Questionnaire and talk! now what? Got a demo swim training on Friday 20th, then we're off to port douglas on 1st- for 3weeks- can't wait! Training has been all over the place since I started this course and then this last week it's been non existent! Time to get back into it! Triathalon training here I come

Monday, November 09, 2009

The end is in sight!

Tomorrow is my big presentation for this course I've been doing then basically I'm finished!! It's gone so quickly and has mostly been very interesting and enjoyable. Once tomorrow is over I can relax.
Took dinner out tonight and had it by the river at Warburton- 30 mins away. Truly beautiful! I'll take the camera next time and just show you how beautiful it is. Don't you just love this weather? Melbourne has been awesome the past couple of days with more to come. I'm sure I was a lizard in a former life.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning to say no!

Does anyone else on here have trouble saying 'no'? I have all this course work to do and not a great deal of spare time- but when I'm asked to go somewhere or do something- before I know it that little word just slips out- 'yes'!! 'Yes' I'd love to meet for coffee" "Yes, I'm happy to cover that shift for you", "Yes, of course we can do dinner". Yes yes yes!!! and I am wanting to do all these things but I need to prioritise ( and perhaps learn how to spell that word- it doesn't look quite right) I guess all the work will get done- it usually does
anyway- today I had lunch and film with my sisters- and a lovely time it was! It is my middle sisters b'day next week so she got to choose the film- Julie and Julia. I had heard it was slow and boring- but I really enjoyed it. We had lots of giggles before it started (hmmmm....some of us never grow up) and each confessed to almost having a mini 'nana nap' sometime during the movie. As I said- lots of fun and I'm glad I said yes!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Ash

Farewell old friend. You were with us for more than 13 years. It feels so very empty here without you

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gulp......this is it!!

Well I think I've now committed myself! Yikes! A clent of mine has just achieved her goal of cycling through France. On the way home she thought about what I said about setting a new goal and came up with the idea that she would like to try a triathalon- just a mini one. She told me about an event in Jan run by Ramsay Health Care re Breast cancer. Now that sparked my interest enough to throw caution to the winds and let my fellow runner/cycler/swimmer know about it too. Now it looks as though I've committed myself to this too!! The real baby event only has a 100m swim ( in a pool!!) the next level- a 200m swim and the next a 300m swim. Hmmmmm.....I did ask my client if flippers were allowed. She had the cheek to say 'no' but this could become a goal for you!!! ( who's the client and who's the 'master' here??????) lol.
so now I need to hit the pool and try and wean myself off the flippers. If you don't see me on here anymore it's cos I've drowned on the way!! guess it's good to have a goal

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mao's last Dancer

Went to see Mao's Last Dancer on Friday. Has anyone else seen it? I really loved it! Such an interesting story and what a fabulous dancer! ( at least the guy who played him was!) I'm now off to read the book and see what really happened! Saw it with my two sisters. My middle sister and I had a bit of a 'sob' while my oldest sister was fairly stoic! it's always good to get together with them. Had a bit of a laugh in the 'pre' film bit. lol- a bit like naughty schoolgirls sitting in the back row!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great feeling!

Just finished organising the next two 15min presentations for Tuesday. I'm really enjoying the planning and the delivery.....well....just say it's not as bad when you do it as when you stew about it beforehand! These two presentations are about using office equipment ( laminator in my case) and customer service. I'm really hot onto customer service. Nothing gets me more riled than the rude ignorant people who SHOULDN'T be anywhere near a customer!!!! I'm SOOOOOO tempted to say something at times but as yet have just bitten my lip! I'm amazed at how some people can complete a whole transaction ( whatever it is) without once giving eye contact- pretty amazing that! They must have sensors on their head so they know where your hand is!!! Anyway- it's laminators and customer service for me on Tuesday. A little more out of my comfort zone- but I guess it's good for you!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This is the way to do it

The correct way to weigh yourself:
Sent via email from a very good friend!
thought you all might get a laugh from this. What a great solution!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

no real news

I'm getting so slack at writing on here without any real reason or excuse. Life is busy but then it's always busy! Tafe starts back on Monday after a 2 week break so will be good to see students again but it does mean more work! The course I'm doing on training and assessment has me sweating a bit. Got to do 15 min presentation this week and, as always, I tend to get a bit stewed up about it. Not really sure why- I face adults and train and teach all week!!! I guess it's just my way of making sure I actually do the preparation. If I didn't feel 'fear' then I'd prob just leave everything to the last minute.
Workouts have been consistent and great. I feel so indulgent when I can spend a good amount of time just moving weights. Trying to vary what I do a bit but there is a limit to the different types of exercises you can do. I tried the d/b chest press with 30lbs ( 13.6kg) and found I could do it! lol I regularly do 25lb (11.3kg- and yes- I do have an online converter!!) but wasn't sure how I would go with the next weight up- didn't want to collapse in the middle of all those tough guys that preen their way around the gym! Got hubby to stand close to spot me in case I failed!
Tried the new leg workout in the latest Oxygen Mag- 7 sets of squats with varying leg positions. It was ok - but in the 60 sec rest inbetween did upright rows and bent over rows- so at least that made good use of my time.
I'm just rambling now- have a good weekend everybody!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

kettle bells!

Had the kettle bell workshop the previous week at the gym and what a great one it was. Looking at the guy swinging this weight around it seemed like a great way to do yourself an injury! However, after a good warm up and learning techniques I felt fantastic. I started out with an aching back ( having just been on a 7 hr shift which started at 5.45AM and meant I had to getup at 4.30AM!) and at the end I felt energised, flexible and strong! We ended up with a small circuit we had to do 5 times- 10 swings with each arm, 10 squats, 10 pushups and 10 crunches. When we got to the last round he said to do 30 of each. I beat my manager by about 5 secs! Yaaahhhh. The competitive spirit NEVER diminishes just the execution fades a bit as you get older-lol. I bought one of these kettle bells but haven't used it yet. Hubby is swinging it around in gay abandon and loving it! lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yaaahhhh- I've finished! Not sure my waistline is enjoying the study but at least I've finished the first round! we're going away for the w/e so I really needed to get all this finished before we went. Assignments are due on Tues and then we will have more set for the next week. However it can't possibly as heavy a work load as this has been. We ultimately end up giving an hour training session to the group- half hour training and half hour assessment. I'm sure I can think of something to yap on about!! Off to work now and good to get some movement back in this body!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I've eaten 2 small cakes, half a pkt liquorice allsorts, numerous cups of tea and I'm still floundering under piles of paper, computers and folders! I'm getting desperate here- a bit like paddling upstream with only one paddle- going around in circles and getting nowhere fast! So what am I doing here leaving a blog???? Do any ostriches need company???

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It feels so good when you stop!

Just started a course that already I'm thinking will be great when it's over- if I survive it!! The amount of work is amazing- have to have a 14 page work book of short answer questions, 4 2 page assignments and a 5 min presentation- all due by Tues week! yikes!!! I'm finding it hard just understanding what I'm reading never mind actually using the info. I hate to be beaten by things though so that spurs me on!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A good time had by all

Had a great time at Clover Cottage- a lovely old house but hardly a cottage! The group ( ladies from my over 50's group at the gym) are such a nice lot of people I love spending time with them. I even ditched my jeans and trackky daks for them!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Princess for the morning

Well.....I've spent the past hour primping, preening, plucking and dyeing, washing and polishing until I've scrubbed myself to within an inch of my life! Now I'm ready to have "lunch with girls" - at Clover Cottage! Apparently a lovely cottagy thing- as a fund raiser for breast cancer. I'm really not a sit down at lunch time and natter for hours type of person ( especially the 'dressing up' part) but I suspect it will be fun and it's good to do something different. I was instructed by my ladies that jeans were not on and nor were trackky daks! doesn't leave much left in the cupboard- but at least I'm clean and plucked and polished and buffed!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


kettleBELLS not KettleBALLS!!!!!

Friday, September 04, 2009


The 'ouch' on the previous post refers to my back and arm muscles!!!!

Boxercise- OUCH!

Did a boxercise class with Catherine ( daughter) on Thurs night- and good fun it was too! We shared a bag and took turns in doing the combo's. It was funny to see her foot appear left and right and then it was my turn! I took it easy with the hardness of punching cos I know I'll just end up hurting something. It was a good class actually- only small amounts of time on one combination, followed by a minute or so or cardio and stretching and then back to the boxing. Meant not too much consistent stress. I was pleased to see, that although I'm slow., I could out 'pushup' the two young girls near me! We were all doing 'girlie' pushups so it was pretty easy- and they were struggling!! Yahhhhh for 'nana power'!!!
\Next time I go to see catherine ( an hour away) we're going to do an army style circuit- with kettle balls etc. Looked a bit manic but lots of sweaty fun! I could so with having a good sweat-I'm a bit of a princess and don't really push myself all that hard- lol

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aren't we soft

Finally got the power back on after 2 nights without ( Melb had quite severe storms) The prob with our lack of power is that it also means lack of water as we're on tank water and therefore no pump!! Managed ok with dinner out and the gym nearby for a shower ( plus a workout- might as well as I was near!). Good to actually have light now when you switch on the light switch for the umpteenth time!! Had lots of trees and branches down. My sister and her partner ( with chainsaw) came to the rescue and we managed to get a lot of the debris chopped and burnt- it was lovely of them to give up there time.
Now- I need some help! Does anyone have any suggestions of getting around a reaction to chlorine from swimming pools. I don't really want to change pools but I am tired of feeling bunged up and having piggy little eyes for days after. Sudafed does seem to help- but I don't want to pump my body full of medication either. I'm actually enjoying the swimming and slowly slowly slowly (dare I say it ) improving !!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

half marathon- maybe???

I've been reading the good weekend section of The Age. There was an article of one man's experience with running a marathon. Hmmmmm........food for thought! Maybe - If I ran/walked I could manage a half marathon without permanent damage. I'd love to give it a go. I did the run for kids ( 15km) without any permanent side effects so what's 6 more??

Friday, August 21, 2009

what a decadent day!

After 4 days of frenetic activity I had the most decadent of days today. Started with a swim- I did 20 laps today- whoowooo!!! ( I did have flippers for 18 and I did mix it up with backstroke) then off to TAFE to do some preparation- but then here comes the good bit- off to the MOVIES, in the MIDDLE of the day by MYSELF!! All of this is basically unheard of with me- but it was a good indulgent thing to do! Saw Coraline- an animated 3D PG but too scarey for most kids I would think. So me, and my 3 other 'friends' in the cinema , happily munched and lazed the 2 hours away!
After this came more decadence- a MASSAGE! a therapeutic one with lots of 'sore bits' being man handled, but a massage never the less!
I think I need to plan more Fridays like this one

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I would NEVER fit all my clothes in here- AND I used to share this with my middle sister!!

Not kicking and screaming now- but maybe I've matured a bit since then!

Old Haunts

Had a really interesting and emotional day on Saturday. The house I grew up in was up for auction so with my sisters and partners etc we all went to see it. Nothing much had been changed since we'd all lived there. I was the last to leave home ( when I got married 1973) and our parents would have moved in about '77. The place had been rented so it was fairly run down and as I said- nothing much had been changed. Going into my old bedroom brought such memories back and our parents room too. The old dugout ( room under the house) where my middle sister scalped my doll so she could put the hair on hers - with me kicking and screaming outside the door! ( she later presented her doll- 'Rosie' to me- but that was beside the point!) I felt as though I had been through an emotional wringer by the end. Bitter sweet and lovely but nostaligic memories. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to see through it once more.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More pickkies

When we were happy at the Botanical gardens in Cairns

At the Daintree - just before the croc nibbled my toes!

Doesn't this make you want to run, run, run????
An early morning
Not sure how the writing will be organised around thes pics- hopefully you can work out by captions!

Monday, August 10, 2009


This is the 'bad' me- and yes I ate ALL the turkish delight straight from the knife!!

This little piggy ( me) went to market (aka Port Douglas)

this little piggy stayed at home ( you)

this little piggy ( me) had roast beef ( translated as coffee, cake, icecream, chips - anything at all that resembled food!!)
this little piggy ( you ) had none ( translated as - eating clean and working out)

and this little piggy ( me) went "wee wee wee' ( translated as - waaaaahhhhh I must have put on about 5 kilos!!) all the way home ( to cold horrible melb - boohoo)

the moral of this nursery rhyme is to 'NOT 'let sensible eating have a holiday too!!!

ps- haven't got on the scales and this is the reason I always leave that part for a couple of weeks after a holiday- coward that I am!!!
This is the 'good me' at Cape Tribulation!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bye bye!

I'm off tomorrow- catch ya in 11 sleeps!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Went bowling with some of the '50's ' ladies from the class I take. Had a great time- especially as I won!! Lol- I've never won before at bowling and usually only manage I strike if that- this time I think I had 3! They are a great bunch of women- I always feel a really warm feeling when I take the class or we doing other more social stuff.

This is my great bowling action!!!

5 more sleeps!

5 more sleeps til we head up north again!! YAAAAAHHH! I can hear the waves rolling in and feel the sun beating down on me! ( well ...actually the sea is fairly calm and it could be raining- but I really don't care!)
Had a few body issues this week- elbow has been funny for a while now. It hurts when I wake up in the night but I can reproduce any action that actually hurts it! Went to a sports manipulation person who said it was a pinched nerve and twisted tendons. Anyway I usually have good results from them whatever they say it is. It hasn't been sore at night- but while I was doing a dumbell chest press- second set- it suddenly decided that it had had enough and I couldn't hold the weight up! It was really strange. Then when I was at the gym today I could feel that the right arm wasn't as strong as the other. Maybe the nerve isn't firing up the muscle like it should or something. Anyway I'm taking care not to lift weights over my face!
The right side of my bum has been sore too! Right in the middle of the glutes. Going bowling with my '50's ladies' didn't help- but lots of stretching has.
Tomorrow - off to mini blaster conference in city. I've done this a few times before and always picked up some new idea plus some CEC points!
that's all folks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Printer ran out of black cartridge so tried to get another one! No luck! I thought this might happen as last time it was hard to track them down. Printer is less than year old! So- bought another printer- not a bad idea as it comes with two cartridges and at the price I got it the actual printer doesn't cost too much. So- setting itup. First- check that it comes with what it's supposed to- power cord -tick - telephone connection for fax- tick - manuals- tick - disks-tick. not problems there! So- following directions- attach USB cord- no tick!!! How come, when something as essential as a connection to the computer is needed THEY DON'T INCLUDE ONE!!!!! Bloody computers! Luckily I had one that fitted from the previous printer. But what if I hadn't had a previous printer????? GRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the saddle again!

I dragged myself off to the gym this morning and jolly glad I did too! Sometimes that first step is the hardest but once done- then zoom..... back to normal! The class was a circuit which means fairly low key but lots of fun. It was taken by the gym instructor who mostly climbs the walls with his enthusiasm so the time went quickly and I didn't have time to sook much at all! lol
This afternoon I've been on the computer doing planning for TAFE. I'm glad I'm not at home too much - I would just get to be like the side of a house- munch munch munch the WHOLE time! lol
Off to work tomorrow ( evening) so it will be good to get back there too

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleaning up

I didn't go to work today as I'm still not 100%. lol- I'm such a sook when I don't feel well! In my tidying I came across a couple of training diaries I briefly kept back in 2002 and 2004. Well.... my diet hasn't improved but I was amazed at my lack of exercise!! Not that I was idle ( guess that goes without saying seeing these were 'training' diaries'!!!) However compared with now I was hardly doing anything! maybe working out ( like walking/running or doing a class) 2 x a week! This past week I haven't done anything cos I'm not well ( sob sob- see I told you I was a sook!) but normally I do something everyday and love it. The diaries were a reminder though- at how easy it is to think you're doing so much and training hard when in actual fact you are being soft. A timely reminder not to slip back into that mindset again. I'm fitter , more toned and lighter than I've ever been and less injured- probably because I'm training systematically and regularly and doing a range of different activities- anyway- for me it's working!


These are the flowers hubby bought to celebrate Ariel's birth. The orangey carnations are part of the bunch he bought so we could take some up to where my mum and dad were scattered. Mum would have loved to have seen her 6th great grandchild- she loved babies. I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful partner.

Friday, July 10, 2009

oooooohhhhh- perfection!

At last the call came at 5am this morning! I was down there , albeit a bit blurry eyed and unwashed, by 5.45am. Only to be told by mum to be that she thought it could be a 'false alarm'!! ahem........at 5 days over and pains coming every 5 mins or so.....I don't think so!! Ariel was born at 10.10 this morning- all 9lb 1oz of her!! She is just gorgeous- so perfect! I wasn't going to see her today as I'm sick ( bronchitis) but her mum rang and urged me to come in- not that i needed any urging. Had a quick cuddle- did I say before that she is gorgeous and just perfect???? lol
I wish I could put pics on here but I don't think mum and dad would want that- however it might be worth asking!
that's all folks- I'm going off to cough and blow my nose yet again!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

baby news- no 2!

Still no baby news! Now 4 days overdue. It's hard to settle at anything not knowing if we're about to be called for grandparenting duties or not. We're basically on call for night time and her mum will do the days. I'd forgotten how everyday 'over' seems like an eternity!
Wow- it was cold this morning!! At Lilydale ( 10 mins from us) it was -3 degrees. Probably we were colder. Everything was white and pretty but oh so cooooolllllddddd!!! Come on 3 weeks- then I'll be heading for the warmth- and may never come back!!

Baby News!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Expanding families!!

Granddaughter no. 3 is due this Saturday- 4th of July!! Prob won't arrive on the day but won't be too long after. I can't quite believe that my headbanging, dreadlocked heavy metal follower son is such a family man now. I'm waiting till all the girls reach teenagehood then revenge will be sweet!! lol
No swimming tomorrow again but I will hit the gym and hopefully with a bit more enthusiasm than this week. I'm into quite a good routine of classes, cardio and weights but sometimes the mojo is a bit low- however!!!_- I rarely miss a session mostly cos I know the second time it will be far easier to miss as well.

Friday, June 26, 2009

no swimming this week

Decided to give swimming a miss this week as I'm progressively getting more and more reaction to the chlorine! Damn! I've been really enjoying the experience lately! Instead I did a manic aerobic class this morning. It was so fast and even the warm up was way over the top. Everybody was going left right and centre and although the choreography wasn't all that difficult to follow some of the ladies took up half the room as they whizzed back and forward and to the sides! Surely there must be some sort of 'cardio ettiquette'?? if there is they certainly didn;t show it! With only about 10 mins to go we had to do shuttle runs (which were ok) then step ups on the stage ( hasn't she ever heard about dodgy knees?) and burpees ( no- my head def does not like to be upsidedown after I've been running and dodging every one else!) at that stage I gave up and cooled down and stretched in the very serene weights room. Phew- at least I survived- I did have my doubts!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

6 weeks to go

6 weeks until we go up north on holiday. 6 weeks to shed some of that winter covering and 6 weeks to grow some shape and muscle. Yep!! I can do it! watch me!!! lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This was part of a present my exercise buddy gave me today. It took while but now I get it. If I eat all the Liquorice Allsorts then I'll get a body like that!!! Simple! Don't know why it took me so long to figure out what it all meant!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!!

Had a fantastic time at gym this morning. Did Kerryn's 'Crazy Assed Cardio Session' and then hubby was showing me how he could use the chin up bar to stretch...well I couldn't resist it!!! I know I can do at least 2 chin ups with a great struggle but it's been a while since I tried. I got out 3 really good ones with more left in the tank had I been inclined!! lol I'm a great one for making sure I don't over do it! I felt so strong and able- it was great!!! Now I know that effort will seem very minor to many people out there- but I was mega pleased with what I did and knowing I could have done more! ummm........I'm now going to ignore my rather stiff neck and look onward and upward! lol

Monday, June 15, 2009

A whole glorious afternoon

Does anyone else ever come to the end of a very rare and glorious 'Free' afternoon and realise that they have majorly procrastinated the whole time and have achieved nothing????? Grrrrrrr!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My past few days

Well....referring back to my previous post I reckon I've put that saying to the test and proved it absolutely correct. I've failed to plan and have most definitely and delighfully 'failed'. After reading Kek's blog and reviewing my past few days I think I have the ammunition to drag myself out of the gutter and start the slow climb upwards! lol- it's not actually as bad as all that- but improvement is definitely needed. When I next write on here I'm going to report a much better few days!

Monday, June 08, 2009

My mantra

A saying has been popping into my head lately- I think Kerryn quoted it recently and I've seen it else where- 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail'. I think there's a major message in there for me- I know I keep getting caught out foodwise and the only thing to do is to plan ahead. I'm way out of control at the moment although today has been a much better day. Last night I had the munchies and made a slice- fatal!!! Today I sliced it up for hubby to take to the girls at work- I need to get it out of the house! So- I aim to plan for the next few days at least. Exercise is fine- I love that part- it's just the eating that needs reining in. I'm not overweight but I don't think my diet is at all healthy. I'll see how much improvement I can make!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Long weekend bliss

Don't you just love long weekends? Thankyou Lizzie and happy birthday! Haven't done a lot today but then I've still got two more days! Yaaahhh!!. Went out for a run this morning but a headache sidelined me and I ended up only walking. Didn't go to gym for the same reason. 2 panadol and 2 sinutabs later and I'm floating with no headache! lol. Going dancing tonight and then hopefully bikeriding, gym, run and walking on the rest of the weekend. I'm getting back into it after having a sore back for a couple of weeks. My foot isn't an issue anymore. It's still there but in the whole scheme of things it doesn't bother me much. If it gets sore after a run it seems to settle down in a day or so. Now looking forward to going away at the end of July. That should be my motivation. Hope everyone else who is in a 'long weekend ' state has a great 3 days break

Thursday, June 04, 2009

birthday Week!

This is the way to celebrate those milestones- celebrate ALL week!! Monday was a lovely day. During my 50's class one of the members leapt up on stage and rammed a 'birthday hat' ( felt with felt b'day candles on it!) on my head. Thus I did the whole class with candles flopping around me- hard to take someone seriously like that! Then the class and staff sang happy birthday when we had finished and about to enjoy our coffee. That evening was dinner out with our son, daughter-in-law and 2 granddaughters. Tues- dinner out with other family, Thurs- afternoon tea with friends, tomorrow- morning tea with sisters! lol- now I feel ancient!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

R & R

This is about as strenuous as the weekend got! First I took out time to 'smell the roses' and then had to sit down to recover!! lol. We had a lovely weekend and as you can see- the weather was perfect. I did run and walk but compensated with lots of coffees and snoozes in the car. What more could you want??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So good- I'm doing it twice!

I'm actually away again this weekend- but this time it has been planned for a little while. My birthday on Monday so we're celebrating by going away Thurs, Friday and Sat nights. This time to Wangaratta- which is still Vic. Basically there isn't much to do up there which is why it's one of my more favourite places!
I can't quite get my head around the fact that I'm going to be 57 on Monday. It just seems unreal and sounds so old- and yet I don't think I feel any different to 20 years ago! 60 is staring me in the face! lol. I really don't mind and anyway there's not much I can do about it anyway. I'm fitter and stronger than I was 20 years ago. I've got more wrinkles and some grey hair- but I guess it aint going to get any better so I'd better be thankful for what I've got now!
I'll make sure I have some pics of our weekend- lol- of us doing 'nothing'!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just what the doctors ordered!

I took drs Kerryn and Selina's advice and took a day holiday to north vic ( Echuca) Sat night. Did me the power of good, girls! Feel terrific now. It could be because Monday was a much better day than the previous Monday, but I like to think it was because of the good advice I got- and took!
I chose swimming over a gym/weights workout today - cos of my sore back. Had a massage this afternoon and now feel like a million bucks! However I MUCH prefer the weights to water- I can actually breathe when doing weights, unlike when I'm trying to swim. I look at other people swimming and they seem to do it so easily. I gasp and struggle, feel like my legs are about to drop off and as though my chest is about to cave in. ( no- I'm actually NOT exagerating!) Any body got any useful tips to make this any easier? I use flippers - so already I cheat. I'm not trying to break any records I just would like to swim without the struggle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

keep trying

does this look better? No imagination needed- just choose a template!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Onward and upward!

Just wrote a post and deleted it- what a moaner I sounded! lol. Got an aching back ( maybe from yoga??) and I think that, combined with thinking 'I'm 'over' work has made the past two weeks not as enjoyable as ususal. However!! the weekend is nearly here, next week is another challenge and adventure and I'm not going to moan any more! Exercise this week has been somewhat spasmodic but with a sore back it's probably not a bad idea not to go too hard at it. Getting a massage tomorrow- can't wait! I'm loving my 50's groups at the gyms - they are such a nice group of people- very appreciative and enthusiastic. Lots of good stuff going on here!

Got told and obeyed!

well- I got told and so I did as I was told and changed the colour of this blog! Is this any better deb???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Got bored and decided a colour change was in order!

Where does the time go?

It's almost been a whole week since I blogged. Where does the time go? I'm finding the weeks are just flying by- does anyone else feel that or is it just me? I've had some good but splintered workouts this week- just trying to fit it in when I can hence I get bits and pieces done in rapid time. I might go swimming tomorrow but at the moment I'm so tired the thought of a bit longer in bed is very attractive! Taking my mother in law to hosp. appointments tomorrow and that is always a big day. Last week it was going to the eye specialist!. She was 90 last week and doing really well. The weekend is almost here and I think what I would like most to do is SLEEP! I think somewhere this week I must have missed out! lol

Friday, May 08, 2009

At the gym this morning trying out Kerryn's 'crazy assed cardio session' and LOVIN' it!! I did actually survive but not only that I really enjoyed the challenge. I adapted bits but not too much. I'll definitely do it again. I have written similar programs ( prob not quite so tough) for a few clients but haven't used them as part of my own workout. It made a great change as a cardio workout as I get really bored with the bike or treadmill.
After this I went for a swim which I haven't done for a few weeks. It was really awesome. I swam well ( well- it was good for me!) and after felt very relaxed and fit. I love this feeling! So thanks Kerryn for the program and setting up a challenge that I just needed!.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A makeover needed

Has anyone been watching-'ten years younger in ten days' on telly? I've seen 2 episodes and now I think I'm in need of a makeover! A new hairstyle and outlook would be wonderful. I'm actually being partly serious here- I'm like the couple tonight- haven't changed my hairstyle in 30 years-lol. There's only so much you can do with hair like mine!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A good Week

Had a great week! Started at a new over 50's class at another gym. This is a class that has been going for some time with the same trainer and getting good numbers. I was rather apprehensive because I'd hate to take something that worked and mess it up! However the class was lovely and seemed to enjoy doing some different things. I guess the next time will be 'crunch' time! What if nobody turns up???? lol

Got my mojo back a bit- did a bit more exercise this week although nothing like I had been doing. Time seems to be the issue but I know that is really just an excuse. Found these in my travels through priceline- lol- and somehow they found their way into my bag and then into my tummy! I need to repeat over and over again- "I will NEVER buy these again'!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ho Hum....

I think I've got a case of 'bloggers block'! Don't seem to get around to writing on here much lately. That's not to say not much is going on- cos it is!. We've helped our son and his family move house- phew!!! A couple of days later I noticed that I was covered in bruises at the tops of my legs- can only put that down to bumping away with carrying in all the stuff they had! I think I've done my years worth of cleaning too!
We were away at the weekend- went to country victoria - Wangarrata. It poured and poured and was incredibly cold. Can't complain though- the rain is so welcome- it's very dry up there.
My working out and exercise has been a real struggle these past two weeks. I've had no incentive or motivation to do anything!! I MADE myself do the cycle class on Wednesday but wimped out of any workout for the rest of the week. On the weekend I did run and walk and had a makeshift sort of workout with those resistance bands ( which I think are next to useless! lol) However- this week is a new one- and hopefully I'll face it with renewed vigour! I did tentatively get on the scales on Thurs and they were very kind although I'm not sure why- after no exercise and plenty of bad choices- my weight and body fat were both less than the previous time. No rhyme or reason for that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've just been looking over my older posts and realised that when I started blogging I was whinging mightily about all the injuries I had. After working at the gym for 2 years and working out far more consistently I am far less injury prone. The only real problem ( and that is rapidly diminishing) is my foot. Other than that I feel fit and strong in my body- so if that isn't an incentive to keep it up and an advertisment for regular working out - then I don't know what is!

No Voice!

No Voice = No work but it does mean I got to finish my tax return!! And I found time to go to TAFE and do some photocopying without the rush of the class about to begine, and it meant I could actually do some more 'in depth' cleaning and tidying yesterday, and it means I had a decent lunch instead of cake and coffee at a shopping centre! lol- in lots of ways this 'no voice' has some major benefits! On the other hand - it's not much fun coughing one's lungs out or squeaking to people who then find this a bit of a chuckle!! It's also not much fun feeling tired and headachy. I'm having a bit of a 'princess whinge'- I hate feeling NQR!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a good Easter. Went to church this morning , followed by a bike ride up to Warburton which was absolutely beautiful. I need to extend my kms on my bike as I always feel as though I can do more. The ride we go on is only about 19km so there is plenty more I can ride!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go for a run and then to the gym to pump some iron. I've been feeling quite restless as I haven't run or walked at all this week. No excuses, no reasons- I just haven't!! lol

Our son's birthday tomorrow- he'll be 31. Wow- can't quite get over the fact that he's that old!

These are a couple of my most favourite pics. I love the one of them sitting up in bed 'eating shoast'!! They look so devilish!! ahhhh- them's were the days!

Friday, April 10, 2009

feeling good!

I'm still on a high after the run on Sunday! I feel just great. I've recovered nicely and my foot has been really good. I took 2 neurofen plus the 2 days before and 1 on the day after the run. They work well with me, but now, 5 days later, my foot still feels good. Not perfect , but good! Hoping to do some bike riding this weekend. It feels ages since I had a ride and I just love my 'magic bike' ( named that by a friend cos now I've mastered going through those narrow spaces without falling off!! lol. Good to have a few days off although I am working tomorrow- but only til 1pm. Life is going well- I'm happy!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More ouchy bits

OUCH- now my upper body has got into the act!!! lol

Ouchy bits

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! My poor little leggy weggies are having a major protest! Especially when I get up from sitting! Good to know I've put them under some effort!! I nearly wimped out of a workout today it was only cos I know how easy it will be to wimp out on the one after that which drove me to do it! I have a plan! For the past couple of months I;ve worked out 2-3 times a week. Generally an all over workout on two days and more shoulders, abs and balance on the other. I'm planning on doing upper body kill on one day, lower body kill on another and an all over, balancy sort of thing on the 3rd. Today was upper body thrash. lol- more of an upper body whimper! I felt thrashed but it was a weak effort! Still I did as much as I could at that time and can only improve. I like to do several exercises for one body part so today I did dumbell chest press, followed by pushups, followed by dips- then repeat the circuit. I did a light first round as a warm up followed by 2 more punishing one- lol. I struggled! Then it was lat pulldown, one arm row machine, lat pulldown, one arm row machine. Followed all this with abs. I thought I'd be able to do more but at least I did something. Thurs I will deal with the lower half!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

We made it!

YAAAHHH - we made it!! I had the best run I think I've ever done. Finished with plenty more to go. Body held together well and now feeling better than ever! It was lovely running with Catherine- made the time go much faster. I felt so happy just being able to run I'm sure I ran with a silly grin on my face! A real high and still up there! YAAAAAHHH

Friday, April 03, 2009

All going well

Have just booked our flights for the end of July to have our soujourn up to Port Douglas again! Feel so much better having done that- nothing like having something to look forward to! We just need to book accommodation- but who cares? I'll sleep on the beach if I have to! lol
Tomorrow is run for kids. On one hand I'm looking forward to it- on the other- I feel woefully underprepared! I'll let you know what happens. Hopefully I will actually make it to the start this year. Last year there was a real mix up with mobile phones and daylight saving. I've got a battery operated clock so that shouldn't get confused!
Lots and lots of rain down here at the moment- I am glad but I still just love the heat and sun MORE!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomorrows the day!!

Well- tomorrow I actually get off my backside and do some exercise for a change! Feeling heaps better today ( finally!) so I can put it off no longer. I'm deciding that I am deep down a lazy sod who would be a real couch potato given half a chance. I seem to slide into inactivity easily- but then again I slide into activity just as quickly! lol. Tomorrow brings the cycle class and then ahhhhhhhhhh- yoga!! Bliss!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been thinking and deciding that I need some goals in my life- fitness goals. Once this run is over and I'm feeling back to my normal self I'm going to try and do some mini triathalons. Not competetive ones but something that I can organise myself. I'm too poor a swimmer and have too many injuries to ever do this competitively but there's no reason why I can't set myself to do them by myself- lol- then at least I'll always get over the finish line first! My first challenge will be - 500m swim- 10km bike - 4km run. That is definitely achievable separately so the challenge will be one after the other.
I'm not working tonight- decided I needed another day to recover from my 'op'. I'm beginning to enjoy these workless nights!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting back on track

I ran/walked 3 km this morning- rather reluctantly- so at least ventured forward instead of standing still like I have all week! I'm hoping that the more consistent training I've done in the weeks leading up to this will hold me in good stead next Sun when I do the run for the kids. Heard from my daughter ( Catherine) that she ran 10k today so she will most probably run out of sight from me! Atleast it will be good to be at the starting line together. It always amazes me how much you can do when the pressure is on- I'm thinking ( and hoping) that I will be able to run much more when I'm surrounded by people and distracted from thinking of all the sore and puffy bits I'm lugging around! lol- I sound like I'm about to put one foot in the grave!!! I'll keep you posted !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lazy week again!

Having a lazy sort of week again- had a 'procedure' on Tues which meant an anaesthetic and that has left me feeling rather achey and whoozie- not really enough to forgo ALL training- but I guess a week off here or there isn't the end of the world as long as I get back into it next week! Run for the Kids is on the weekend after this one- 5th April. Yikes! perhaps I should have been a bit more vigilant with exercise. It's prob time to 'taper' - lol - how can you 'taper' from 'nothing'!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All this stuff!

Just added a new 'gadget' which has appeared at the end of my blog. Not sure if I have to do anything else or if it just records people who leave msgs! Maybe one of those useless gadgets I seem to collect! Had a day at home today and got stuck into the 'jobs'- named all my shoe boxes so when I next need a particular pair of shoes I DON'T have to ransack the whole cupboard! lol. And that job led me to the next and the next and then next- are you getting the picture???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


ohms! OHMS! I just loved the yoga this morning! Haven't done a class for ages so it was great to get back to it. I'm not an avid yoga person and have only done it for several months a few years ago- but I felt so good after it. I realise how 'unbendy' I am when I see all the others bent over near the floor and I'm stiffly half bent over! Never mind- I will improve!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Got home tonight at 6.30pm and needed to leave to go out to tea with friends by 6.45. Home again by 9.30pm and then it was a rush to get stuff together for tomorrow. 6.30am- bike class, 10.45am- Yoga 12.20pm- bible study, 4.45pm- clients for personal training. Inbetween I need to go to tafe to do some preparation. So- it was a case of packing enough changes of clothes so that when I step out the door in the morning at 6.15 I have everything with me. AHA! the penny dropped!!! Why don't I come HOME after cycle and shower at home etc etc etc and then go on my way to the rest of the stuff. So now I'm lazing around without the pressure of preparation- ahhhhhh bliss! lol
Had a great workout this morning- run on treaddy, a bit later all over body work out and now with very tired triceps! Yaaaahh- I love this feeling. Didn't weigh myself today though- not sure what they would say!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some days are diamonds- some days are NOT!!

Dragged myself around the lake this morning! last week was far easier. Started the morning with a pounding head which translated itself to a stitch on the second lap. Had to stop a couple of time which I never usually do ( cos I figure if I do that once it will get easier and easier to stop when it gets hard!!- gotta flog yourself sometimes!). However I did stop but that didn't actually help the stitch so I thought better to keep running and get it over and done with. The third lap I ran and walked which was much easier and the last lap I connected up with my friend and we walked. So- I covered 12k- running 6 more or less straight through and covering the rest with about2kms of run and the rest of walk. The 14.7k by April is looking okayish I guess. I'll get through even if I have to crawl! Gym after that which was also hard- perhaps I should have just stayed in bed today! lol. I just cannot do anymore than 4kg for front raised and lat raises- at least not without losing form. grrrrrrrr. On a good note- managed to leg press 110 kg on thurs which is big for me- and left me with a good amount of DOMS!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just like the old days!

Did my cycle class this morning and sweated quite a bit! I think I'm pushing myself harder- at least I'm trying to. Then off to the gym I work at to do another class- 50/50. half aerobics and half step. Thought I'd try it as I haven't done an aerobics or step class for AGES! It was great fun! Not sure that these classes do an awful lot of good but they make up for that by the fun factor. I now have immense admiration for aerobic teachers- I'm finding it so hard with my 50's class! I think the memory grey matter is suffering- lol. I guess it's just practice, practice practice!

Monday, March 09, 2009

The good , the bad and the Ugly!

Felt really off this week- must have had a sort of virussy buggy thingy. Headaches, a bit of nausea and those flickering eyes that are associated with migranes. Anyway because of this I didn't work out on Tues and thought I'd give my early wed cycle class a miss. The thurs came and I felt a bit better but thought I'd prob better not do my usual second workout of the week and by the time friday morning came- well- after a week of not feeling good I wasn't about to plunge into the pool for my friday swim! Hmmmmm..... it's made me realise how easy it is to get out of routine and justify not doing stuff. I generally love exercise but the excuses were really easy to find!
The good of this is- on Saturday I took myself in hand and ran 6k then 3 k walk. Followed by a harder than usual workout, Sun morning my usual hour walk and Monday a beautiful lovely magnificent 37k bike ride up the warby trail. Every man and his dog ( literally!!) were there too.
So- I feel I've made some amends for my slackarse week and it was a good reminder of how easy it is to slip back into slothdom!!
Have a great week every one!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm Baaaack! I'm back in the saddle again........I'm Baaaaack........back in the saddle again ( Aerosmith)
Anyhow- I'm back on line at home again! Sorted out computer problems it seems - that doesn't mean I've solved printer problems, but that's another story!!
I still hate computers though:(((
I'm looking at doing a certificate 4 in training and assessment. It's something I need to do if I teach adults. I can do it through the tafe I'm working at and it's a lot cheaper but it does involve 17 SATURDAYS!!!! I love my Saturdays and am VERY reluctant to give them up. At present I'm looking at doing it elsewhere (at a mighty cost!) the best I can see so far is a correspondence course- I just need to make sure I have the discipline to do it. I sent away for the 'older adults fitness' course and haven't really done much of that yet.
We had a drive through Yarra Glen today to look at the fire damage. They didn't get hit as hard as Kinglake or Marysville but it certainly was sobering and extensive. Just horrible:(

Saturday, February 28, 2009

who wants a computer? Going free!!!

Damn computers!!! I'm so sick of the jolly thing! Having major problems with the internet and still not fixed. I alternate between thinking- I can do without the internet and just not bother pursuing it ( in my lesser rational times!) and then I get bloody minded and think its not going to beat me! It's a long story and started with my ungrading my monthly limit- well since then I haven't had any connection so I guess that really did fix my monthly limit!
Other than that all is well. Had the first class at tafe and that went well apart from first time apprehension. All gym work is progressing and my working out and exercising is also into a nice steady pattern. Consistency certainly does make a difference. I'm the lightest I've been since I was growing up ( 56kg) and feel really fit and toned ( well apart from my derriere- but it is a lot better than it has been and my stomach.......lol perhaps I'd better just look at my arms!) So all in all- life is pretty sweet. We're at our son's place babysitting tonight and the two girls are sleeping soundly- just beautiful!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the busy life

For a while now life has been pretty cruisey on the work front. I still have one shift at the gym plus personal training clients dotted through the week. Next week I start teaching at tafe again! Just for Monday morning which fits in beautifully with the gym shift. It does make Monday a looonnnng day though- 8.30am til 9pm. However that is my busiest day so it's not all bad! I've also picked a bit more work at another gym which will be a bit spasmodic but should fill in some gaps. So- all that and the course I'm trying to do for fitness for the older adult will mean that life has busied up quite a lot! I like being busy I seem to get far more done in my life when I jump from one thing to another!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The bad, the good and the ugly

it's smelling very smokey here tonight- apparently from the Bunyip fire but no threat to us. Don't know about other victorians but I feel a bit jumpy when faced with this. Pictures and stories in newspapers during this week have been both tragic and uplifting and all extremely emotional. You can feel the 'flatness' of people. Everyone seems affected by the fires- I just hope that we don't forget too easily and think that it won't happen again. It's now that issues need to be addressed ie communications, clearing, firebreaks etc. Fires are just a part of the nature of Australia and nothing is going to stop that - we need to be more realistically prepared.
The good is...... we are going to be grandparents of 3 little girls in July! Not that all three are coming then just that the number 3 grandchild to be is also a girl~!!! Yahhhhhh....... how cute will that be??? No name yet but I'm sure that will come.
The ugly???......me when I get up in the morning!!! I feel so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

a weekend in hell

I cannot begin to imagine what it has been like for all those towns that have been so badly affected by the bushfires down here. It truly has been the weekend in hell. We were close but not so close that we had to do anything about it. However stories emerge that others were of the same belief then 5 mins later the fire was upon them. It's so scarey how fast things can happen. Saturday night we had a drive around the block just to check out that we were ok. There were roadblocks not far away and lots of activity from SES and police. Somehow the fact that we were ok doesn't seem to make it any better. A very sad weekend.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

eat my shorts!

With all this wonderful hot hot weather lately I've been wearing shorts- at least shorts to the gym, running and around the house. Now.......does anyone have some favourite whiz bang exercises for the inner thighs that work??? I don't normally scrutinize my legs but with shorts it's a bit hard to ignore them! I do heaps of leg exercise and mostly they are ok but I've noticed the inner thigh part is well.....best to say...I'd probably be best not to wear shorts! lol
On a brighter note- I went to the myotherapist ( stevie) for a bit of a tune up and told him of my entering the 'run for kids" (I'm already having doubts) But now I know why I love going to see my friend stevie!! lol. He told me to go for it! Hmmmm......perhaps he's thinking of the extra business he will get? Anyway I really like it when people are positive and enthusiastic about challenges and working with injuries instead of suggesting the rocking chair and knitting.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Looks like the next few weeks in my life are taken care of! Just signed up to do a certificate in Fitness for older adults. It's a dvd and workbook which needs to be read, watched and assessment completed- I've read pages 1-2!!! At this rate I'll be finished when I'm about 60!! Which isn't really all that far away- yikes!!!
Haven't really got anything else to say- life chugs on as normal. Up early, in bed late, continually tired, eat too much and love my exercise!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hot hot hot!!

Hey what great weather we're having although I do feel a tad sorry for the oldies. It's become seriously hot and more hot to come. I got into my car and even the webbing part of the seat belt was almost too hot to hold and as for the steering wheel..... well... just as well my car knew where to go! I'm just slipping and sliding through life with drips all over me. I really enjoy this weather and I'm determined to keep enjoying it cos I know what's just around the corner!
Sent off an application to do a correspondence course about training the older population. It will be good to get a certificate behind me! I just love my over 50's class. They are the most positive of people I know at the gym and they seem to get so much from the social side of it. I can't help smiling just thinking of them all

Monday, January 26, 2009

cats always have the upper paw!!

Has anyone out there had the delightful experience of giving a cat a worm tablet???
Meet miss tabby who spat it out several times, showed her claws and gave me filthy looks before finally sucumbing to the indignity of swallowing.

Then there is the more experienced 'annie' who decided quite definitely there was 'no way' she was going to have it! In desperation I mashed the mangled pill with butter and was about to rub it on her fur so she would clean it off- when she took one look at the spoon and started to lick from there! Bloody cats!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't know how to do it!!

I was reading Michelle's blog and so did the rainbow quiz. I got all the info on here but don't know what happened to the rainbow! lol
Your Rainbow
Your rainbow is intensely shaded yellow, green, and orange.

What is says about you: You are a joyful person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. Others are amazed at how you don't give up.Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Visitors gone

Our visitors from Britain ( sister-in-law and partner) have gone on to NZ this morning. It took me a good 4 days to recover from the late/early arrival last thurs ( 2.30am 5am bed!) and now I'm feeling the 4am start this morning. lol- age is creeping up on me!! I'm getting more consistent with my workouts ever since I decided to follow a PLAN ! lol- that's a novel idea! What I do need to do now is get this eating into some semblance of order. I have a feeling I might have mentioned that in previous blogs too! When I'm in control again I'll let you know. Writing my diet and exercise blog has really shown me how bad I am and I guess that's a good start.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hotel for dogs

had a lovely 'nana day' today- took Tahlia ( 6 year old) to the pics and saw 'hotel for dogs'. She DIDN;T talk the WHOLE way through it and she was beginning to get the idea of whispering!!! lol Had fun as she is quite grown up with her chatter. This did mean a stop at maccas on the way home and now I wish I hadn't!
I seem to have lots of time on my hands lately- usually inbetween clients or just after an early morning. I'm actually missing tafe- I really enjoy being part of that scene. For all my enjoying the gym and fitness work I think that deep down- I'm still a teacher. We'll see what transpires this year- and that is fun too, the not yet knowing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

hot hot hot!!

What a glorious hot hot day it's been today- it reached about 40 around midday- w onderful!!
I spent the day ( after an early but brief stint at work) cleaning and tidying and writing programs. Sweat dripping off me making me feel as though I had just had the best workout! It's cooler now with a mild breeze which is also nice. I hate it when summer fades- I think Imust have been a lizard in a former life!

Friday, January 16, 2009

exercise and diet blog

I've started an exercise and diet blog just to try and keep me honest. Writing it certainly does make me cringe! If anyone is interested go into my profile and find the link there. Tell me how bad my diet is and that will create more pressure for me to be gooder!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wibble Wobble!

I had a gift voucher at borders for christmas and so have been having a GREAT time mulling over what I could get! Finally chose two books and still have some more to get. The first one was about exercises on the bosu- the other a book about all possible exercises on gym equipment. I thought I will try to do a couple of these exercises each day just to try them out. Well...... day I and I've done some, Day 2....... not yet!! lol . One very simple exercise on the bosu has turned out to be much much harder! Knee in middle on one knee, the other you lift to the side. kneeling leg has foot lifted as well. Hence the title of this page- wibble wobble wibble wobble! I will keep trying and I will SUCCEED!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back envigorated and ready to go.....!

I'm back and ready to fly! Had the best new year- saw the fireworks at the local park and I thought as I stood there, eating my overpriced ice cream, 'here I am at a place I really love, with a man I really love, eating one of my favourite foods and being entertained with this stunning display" It really doesn't get much better!
I've mulled over the new year resolutions and talked about them endlessly and thought I need two pages to write these down! I'll narrow it down soon enough- there's no realy hurry.
I started cleaning out the cupboards and to my amazement found 14 - yes FOURTEEN pots/tubes/tubs of hand and body cream!!! How on earth did I get so many??? And did I turf all but a couple of favourites??? NOPE- there might come a time in this harsh economic climate, when I'm jolly glad of all 14 pots! So...back they went! Lol- this might be why there were 14 there in the first place.