Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year's challenges

My goals for 2012 are
1. A bike ride to raise awareness and money for cancer- in Sept. 200kms in 2 days. My initial reaction was- I'm not a bike rider!! However- I guess I wasn't a runner til I started running and ...... I've got a much better chance of doing this than swimming!!

2. Home renovations- the kitchen is under fire. I've enlisted a very good friend to help me get the ball rolling.

3 I think those biscuits have to go!

4. Yeah- socialisation is on the cards again! Make more of an effort with those work do's and general getting out and about.

At this stage I think this will do- may add more along the way

Last Year's

1. Do a 'Challenge'
I did sort of do one in Feb. However I got sick so the challenge seemed to dwindle a bit. I did improve my eating and lost a lot of weight- then people said how sick I looked!! Grrr
2. do a half marathon- walking and running
Sadly no to this one. Injuries stopped me:((((
3. become more sociable- this means not avoiding contacts if I have an opportunity! When a work 'do' comes up I look for ways to avoid them! I rarely make the first move to contact someone I'm not totally familiar with to arrange a coffee date. Just little things- but important to keep outward looking
Actually no to this one too. Discovere I hadn't had this in my focus when I realised that I only went to one Christmas party/lunch and avoided all the others! Bad bad bad!!
4. Give up coffee, biscuits and jellied snakes
I don't drink coffee any more at all ( and feel heaps better for it. Biscuits I eat like they're going out of fashion and I haven't bought any jellied snakes ( except for 2 when we were at the Daintree in October.
do something a bit different in the work area- not change jobs but maybe add 5.something different to what I already do
No - didn't really do anything different here
6.more home renovations
Not Yet- but it's coming into focus again!!

well.............. didn't do too well this year. I think some of those may be used again!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody! Can't quite believe we're seeing out 2011- it has just raced by. I am thinking about New Year Resolutions- I love setting goals and trying to achieve them. Some years I've done really well and others???........... Let's just say recycled resolutions have their place too! Tomorrow I will cut and paste last years goals and see how I fared. Then it will be more goal setting! Already have a couple but will post them when I've decided the whole package. Hehehehe- this is serious business here!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

War Horse???? Yes/No/Yes/No/Yes/No

We went to see the movie and I'm really not sure what I thought of it. The themes were incredibly corny and very predictable. The acting was wooden. The ending was like something out of War and Peace. All this seemed to clash with some very graphic and quite horrific war scenes. The one saving grace was the beautiful horse- lol- they always can save anything from ruin for me!
Did I enjoy it? Yes/No/Yes/ No- not really sure
would I recommend it? Yes/No/ Maybe
However- I didn't go to sleep in it. It wasn't boring and I am writing a blog about it which I never usually do!!
Has anyone else seen it?

Monday, December 19, 2011

next year

Just found out I've got two tafe classes next year! Yah!! They are much the same as this year except I don't have Friday morning ( 2 hours) I had the option of Friday afternoon for 2 hours but......... been there done that I didn't like that time at all!!!
So- my aim is to tidy this study before next year! I've made a great start and have two green garbage bags full of papers. Many more to come! I love chucking out! Very therapeutic!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RIP Annie

After 17 years we had to put Annie to sleep. I was given her on our wedding anniversary ( hence the name 'Annie') and now 17 years and one week later she's no longer with us. She's been part of our lives for so long it will be very strange without her. As I type this there is an empty cat bed at my feet where she used to sleep and occasionally rub her head against me. Whenever we watch tv she will be there- def a 'foot' cat.
Now she is buried peacefully in the paddock near the dam. And I feel sad and empty:(

Monday, December 12, 2011

One of my lovely PT clients came back from a holiday overseas and brought this back for me! It may look straightforward ( a running mag) but look more closely and you will see the difference!
I have read the bag in came in, have struggled through the cover and made sense of most of it. In process of reading all about Exercices tonnifier votre poitrine ie toning your chest/bust. Ummmm... read about 2 paragraphs. This is one pressie that will last a long time!
I was delighted to get it and determined to read my way through it!!!

long overdue visit

Off to meet with the vampires tomorrow! That's right- a visit to the blood bank. I always have very good intentions of going regularly but it seems to be months or years between visits. I must make more of an effort.
So- tomorrow is going to be a trip to the city, shopping, visit the foreign book store, lots of drinking and a moderate amount of eating.
Gotta love these visits!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

This is what I did today! In my defence- the bike ride did come first!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

la francais est finis!

Sadly my 6 weeks of french have come to a close. I've really enjoyed it and hope it will continue next year. I'm going to keep on increasing my vocab and bone up on those verbs! It's amazing how much of the school french comes back! I 've been trying to write a journal most days and that's a challenge. Thank goodness for Google translate!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy busy busy- but doing what???

I seem to be running around busy busy busy but I'm not really sure what I'm doing!!! TAFE is coming to a close so that always means more work. Gym is the same as ever so no extra there. Maybe it's a 'post holiday slump'!!!
On our holiday I went to the gym every day- had a jolly good sweat, ran or walked at least twice a day and felt fabulous.
Coming back home I've avoided the gym, I've run but with a struggle and generally seemed to have lost my mojo for exercise. I know it will come back but I wish it would hurry!!!!!
Just thought I'd better write on here just to let you know that I'm still in the land of the living!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Back in the land of the living again

Just got back from 10 glorious days in our favourite spot!! Can you guess where? The weather was perfect- apparently it had mega rain the week before we came and was raining the day we left- but inbetween- PERFECT!!! Had a thoroughly indulgent time with lots of gym, walking and spending inbetween the eating!! Now it's time to 'dry out' and get some sense back into my life.
I've had my first French lesson- just before we left for holiday. It's quite amazing how much comes back (after 40+ years inbetween lessons!). Did lots of study when away - the internet is awesome for learning!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Long ago dreams

On Friday we both realised those long past dreams and aspirations- that's right! A fancy dress party, dressing up as what you wanted to be when you were a child.
I am the fairy and hubby is a cowboy! Well.....guess we finally got to achieve our goals on this one!! hehehe

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Phew! It's only Tuesday but feels as though I've done a months work! Back at tafe after 2 weeks break. Monday and Tues are my busy days and much as I love it- it really does put the pressure on! I've got bags of work to correct and more to prepare. Gym hasn't been in my sights- I've strained my upper back and guess what I think did it???? Bloody swimming!!!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

My Saturday morning running track- Lilydale Lake. Looking particularly lovely this Saturday with a mist and softness- very reminiscent of English country side!

Back running my usual 6km with no ill effect on my foot. Shouldn't take too much effort to increase to the 21km should it???? lol

My clever girl did her first half marathon today! I'm so proud of her. I was more excited than if I'd done it myself. I spent the night dreaming of her and kept waking up. Grrrrr- that's what I do if I'm running!!! Well done Catherine

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holiday task 2

Took Kerryn's advice and decided to try a recipe from the multitude of cook books I haven't thrown out! Picture is not very good but the actual item I cooked was delicious!! It started life as 'Tuna Potato Roulade' and finished life with me as 'Salmon Potato Roulade' and with quite a few changes in ingredients-lol
Instead of mushrooms ( of which I had none) and spring onions ( likewise) and tuna ( likewise again and I don't really like tuna all that much!)- I put in salmon, grated carrot and corn kernels.
It was a matter of what was in the larder!!
Anyway- it's a recipe I will repeat !

Friday, September 23, 2011

holiday tasks!

School holidays have arrived which means 2 weeks off from TAFE. As much as I really love the teaching there I'm always relieved when holidays are here. As usual I have a PLAN. Wrote my list of 'To Do's" and set about Task 1- clean out the recipe books that take up a whole kitchen cupboard!
I'm a very basic cook and if I want something different I usually hit the internet. So..... no need for all those cookery books I have accumulated. On my hands I knees I sorted into piles and lo and the end of it- I had almost exactly the same number of piles as I started!
There's something about cook books that seem so appealing- I'm sure I'll make this some day- I'll make a recipe from here once a week etc etc
Sadly... that never happens and I still have a cupboard full of books that I really know I will NEVER use
Any suggestions??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

charging towards my goals

One of my goals for my er...ummmm....60th Year was to learn a language. Well finally found somewhere that wasn't too far away and wasn't too late into the night ( hahaha- it's heading towards Jarmies at 5 , dinner 5.30, bed 6pm!!!)
So.... in October I try to refresh my very basic and very school girlish French! I think it will be a good thing starting with a language that I am basically familiar with. I was never good at French so this will be my chance to redeem myself. I'm looking forward to it- although with a bit of school girlish trepidation!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where's it gone?

I seem to have lost any desire for a healthy diet at the moment! It's always a bit of a struggle but now I seem to be eating everything and anything in sight without a thought to the consequences. I bought a book about sugar addition and how poisonous sugar is- hoping that might jolt me into a bit of focus.
On the foot topic- foot seems to have settled a bit. Went for a short ( 3km) run today and I'm convincing myself that I can't feel it at all ( mostly I really really can't!) I've sold my half marathon entry cos I knew if I held onto it I would probably convince myself that I could still do it. If I just walked and ran I probably could- but I do know my limitations!! And one of those is doing what I should do and not what I want to do!
we're off to Echuca for the weekend- really looking forward to a weekend away and some R& R- ready to face the next week of early mornings!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Reluctantly and sadly

unfortunately I have made the decision not to go on with the half marathon:((. My foot doesn't like it and after having 4 years of getting it to a point where I can run ( if I don't overdo it) then I don't want to go back to hobbling, icing, walking and NO RUNNING!
I'm really disappointed as I would have loved to compete in it- on the other hand I'm relieved that the pressure to keep increasing distance is off me. Ho hum- the next challenge may be a 10k or something more manageable. I really enjoy the fun runs and they give me a purpose for the training.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hmmmmmm....... my little footsie is not very happy:((( Unfortunately all this running seems to be aggravating my foot! Hopefully a week rest ( just cycling and maybe swimming) might help. I joined a running forum and the advice from there is to do short runs more often to build up fitness base and that if I can do 14km - then the 21km on race day won't really be taxing. I think that's right. In the past I've trained for the run for kids ( 15) and haven't really gone past 12km. On the day it's always easier to do that bit more.
I really really really hope I can do this run!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Did you realise that , at 6.15am, it was actually quite light? At least there was more light than dark- yipppeeeee!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

on track- literally!

Ran 15kms today- so pretty well on track for October. This is the furthest I've run just about ever! I did 18km fun run a zillion years ago but I can hardly remember that!
Had babysitting duties after that- the girls were so good. I can hardly believe how good the 2 year old is. She never cries, never tantrums, is cute and endearing and a laugh a minute. The 2 older ones are very similar. However- I'm always glad to get back to my quieter life-lol.
The weather in Melb this weekend has been superb- and it looks as though the whole week will be much the same. Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and I can feel myself starting to unfurl like all the trees and flowers. lol- how poetic is that????? Must be feeling good!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One of those days!

Do you ever get one of those days when everything is an effort? Yesterday I dragged myself around. Went to gym and only did about half of workout, felt shaky and just not good! Fell asleep in the chair then went to bed only to wake 4 hours later and had trouble getting back to sleep! grrrrr.
Feel much better today! Maybe it was the way the moon sun and stars aligned!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

only 7.5 to go!

This is becoming a running blog! Going well with my training for the half marathon in October. Ran 12km straight and then 3km walk and run. Time wasn't brilliant but as I'm just trying to make the distance it's not really an issue ( well........ it sort of is...... don't want to be toooo slow!)
Turned on my ph app this time- it calculates how far, time etc. Not sure what happened but it seemed to have lost a few kms along the way and according to it my run speed varied quite considerable ( I think I just go slow or slower!!). but apart from that the ph was great! If people click on facebook that they like this- I get cheers or 'go go go'. That was fun!
My body felt fantastic while I was running- no pain, no discomfort no anything! I was tired towards the end and glad to stop- but I guess my fitness and running strength will gradually improve.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


A MUCH better run today - thank goodness. Did the 12km and pulled up just fine and dandy! It did seem like a long way - especially when I'm really just over half way to the distance I need to do! Yikes- and it wasn't easy!!! However I did have the energy left to sprint the last couple of hundred metres home. Hubby met me on the final lap and said 'race ya!'. Like a red rag to a bull I'm afraid- so I took off! I'd forgotten how much I love sprinting.
Next week it's 12km and 3 extra walk/run kms. I'm going to have to get up mega early to fit this all in.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inner Princess

Oh dear... my inner princess was fairly shouting at me on Saturday morning! First 3 kms- my foot hurts, my calf hurts. Second 3kms- these are my new shoes, perhaps I'd better not overdo it, it's still another 2 and half months til the run...plenty of time. Third 3 kms- maybe walking the next 3 would be a much better idea, no point injuring myself cos I was too stupid not to overdo it. At end of the 9km met up with my 'external princess' (aka hubby) me...whinging a bit- not sure if I should do the last lap.....tired foot etc. 'ET' comes to the rescue........ walk with me- lol how could I refuse!!!
I've just read Kek's latest blog................hmmmmm............... I think I could learn to develop a bit of 'backbone' by taking on board her mindset!!!!
We'll see how next Saturday goes- 12kms - here I come!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


hehehe- still sleeping soundly!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Bed

Bought a new bed on Sunday and had it delivered on Tuesday, put it altogether Wednesday and now we're longing for it to get late so we can justifiably go to bed!!!
We bought a king sized be several years ago and although it was a hard mattress it has sagged and is just not very comfortable. So- we've downsized to Queen , bought another hard mattress ( despite one shop assistant assuring me I needed a soft to mid range mattress- eugh!! why don't they listen- the customer is ALWAYS right!!)
The bed looks really small in the room after the other one, but now there is heaps more room around us. Looking forward to Christening it!

New Bed

New Bed

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

back to tafe after a 3 week break. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the students. However I did enjoy the extra time and a more leisurely pace of life!
Had a touch of gastro on Friday so since then exercise has been nil!!! I was looking forward to running on Saturday but there was no way I could have faced that. Now mother -in-law is in hospital so even if I felt so inclined there really isn't much time or opportunity to get stuck into anything ( even as I write that I'm aware this is just one big fat excuse!!)
Never mind- tomorrow's another day and I may even make the time to so something a bit more active.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I re read my last blog and it made it sound as though Kek and I do the same! However I do know- from many previous blogs- that Kerryn is far more dedicated and will push herself far harder than I ever do!


I was thinking about my training methods and reading Kerryn's blog Mind Power confirmed my basic philosophy! I sometimes have a program written out but mostly have in my mind what I'm going to do. The weights I use I remember, but if on any day I feel a bit weaker in that area, or feel the strain, I lower the weights and don't beat myself up about it. I really think that consistency is the most important part of long term fitness and no injury. I've had to had lay offs a few times and when I return I always lower my expectations and gradually build up again. I'm not in this to win weight lifting competitions! Also- if I really don't feel like going to the gym- I will go but do a lighter workout or something with more balance than weight. It's not hard to achieve and I've still maintained that contact with exercise ( too easy to say I won't go this time- and then never go again!!)
I won't ever do boot camps or anything competitive cos I know I'll injure myself. If in competition I'll just keep going even if I know it's not the best thing for me- duh!!
Anyway- it's my way and it seems to be working for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

working out is fun!

did my 'fun' workout today- the one where I get really sweaty - yes even in Melbourne winter!. Run and walk on treadmill between lighter weight exercises. Do this for about an hour and you really feel it. I know I could prob get the same benefits in a shorter more intense workout but hey- I am a princess you know!
Now, tonight, ny legs feel quite tired! I think it's the extra running I'm doing. A pleasant and relaxed tiredness with just a hint of the old DOMS-lol

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crash! Ouch!!

Went rollerskating and just as I was thinking I was doing so well.............. crash, down I came!! Got myself all tangled up in miss 5 year olds legs and a big bump on the bum and elbow! OUCH but luckily no lasting damage!
Miss 9 was all concerned for her sister- but they didn't give nana a second thought!!
oh well...maybe they think I'm indestructable!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Getting there

Another Saturday, another longer run. Did the base run of 9km and then ran and walked the last 3. I ran more than I walked so prob covered about 10.5 running. Doesn't sound all that impressive but it is a huge increase for me!
After this I went to the gym as per usual. There is a flight of stairs leading up to the gym and usually I run up these- fleet of foot today, more like I had a lead ball and chain holding me back!!! Even the upper body weights were a struggle. Guess this running is more of a challenge than I realised. However.... I feel mentally terrific!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

2 years!!!

The littleist girl will be 2 years old on Sunday!! Can't quite believe it's gone so quickly. Ariel is the best almost 2 year old I know! Just lovely and funny, funny, funny!

As you can see, from the pics, I still love dressing my dolls!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

hopefully a bit more interesting

Kek has been making murmurings about bloggers and fitness and perhaps sharing ideas or at least inspiration- a great idea!
At the moment I'm training for a half marathon in october. I've never run this distance before- the most has been 15k ( run for kids) and a lifetime ago - 18k- but that was when I was young and very foolish!
I'm not sure that going in a half marathon isn't also very foolish but I'm working around past injuries and hopefully not incurring any more.
I hit the gym most days- whether it's to train myself or run classes for the over 50's. I love the weights! Since working in a gym ( 5yrs) I;ve worked out far more consistently and consequently had far less injuries. I push myself but I never go to the limit- yeah- you could call me a 'princess' and you'd prob be right. I have learnt though - that training when you're older- is different . You can still get 'there' but you need to go slower, smaller increments, and don't compete!!!
I'm going to look for some of my favourite exercises and post them on here,

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Ran 9km on Saturday- only 12 more to go!!!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making progress

I'm one step closer to achieving all those goals I've set for my 60th year.
Ran 3 times this week- one longer ( 7km) one shorter ( 3kms) and one with weights interspersed!
Also- and this is a BIG ONE- I've entered for the half marathon in October!! Yikes- now I'm committed! Also entered my daughter ( whose idea this was in the first place!! Blame it on the kids I always say! lol)
Another goal- I've rung up about learning German- through U3A- hmmmmm not so sure how I'll go with that one but at least I've made a start
I love lists!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting there

In relation to one of my 'tasks' (see list in previous blog) I upped my running to 7km - that's a 1km increase! I figure that with 16 weeks to go before the half marathon , that if I increase I km per week then I;ll just about do it!! In actual fact- I prob won't increase by that each week but I will endeavour to at least get some more running under my belt. That, and a short run during the week, should get me in the right direction

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Add one more!!

One more to add to my 'List'- get naturalized! After 54 years it's probably time!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new list

Just had a birthday and now in my 6oth year!! Yikes! So- for the year leading up to the BIG ONE I'm planning a list of all things I want to achieve before I hit the big 60.
The list keeps growing so some of the stuff may need to be carried on to the next decade- lol

  1. Learn a language

  2. gardening- I have a goal of getting right around the house this year! I'll give photo evidence to keep me honest.

  3. Try a new recipe at least once a month- no- bread, jam and cream does not qualify!

  4. Renovate and paint- the house. We need to do carpets and curtains and something with all the woodwork and beams ( I'm loving the bathrooms so at least I've started on this one)

  5. Do the Melb half marathon this year-

  6. Maybe......maybe.... try a mini triathalon ( I think its Jan or Feb- run by National Breast Cancer foundation This would be a MAJOR challenge and would require a serious effort at swimming!! Yes- even for I whole 100m!!

Probably that's enough for the time being- but as I said- this list is still growing

Friday, June 17, 2011


We've been back from up North for almost a week and I think I've shivered my way through it! Those who live in Qld don't know how lucky they are with the weather!

So- for the first time in about 20 years- I've been shopping for slippers! Now we have tiles on the floor ( yeah yeah- we were warned they'd been COLD) my little tootsies are feeling a bit chilly. You would have thought I had the most gigantic of feet! I could barely get my foot into any of them! Aae they made for midgets???? Eventually found a rather ugly - but able to fit- pair in Kmart. I truly felt like the 'ugly stepsister' today!!!

This was how I spent EVERY day when we were away!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


When I was about 10 years old I developed a 'horse mania'! Not uncommon in girls that age. This lasted and lasted and has left me with a real interest and love of horses- although not with the 'passion of youth!'.
I had books and books of horses. For some I saved my hard earned pocket money- others were pressies. I still have a fair collection of them sitting in the book case.
My confession?? - well- sometimes I revisit my youth and enjoy the stories I read when I was 12! My most recent one- Show Jumping Secret. I still have all the 'Jill' series and one of the more interesting ones was 'Prince Among Ponies'! I enjoy them for the nostalgia they bring but really..... I truly enjoy the stories!
Anybody else got some 'confessions' from the past???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making an effort

I've decided I'm a very lazy blogger! I made a half hearted attempt to leave a post a few days ago- but lost it all when , for some reason, I lost the whole jolly lot!! grrrrrr
I regularly read other blogs but leave mine bare!
We're off up north in exactly 2 weeks time! yaaaahhhh. Can't wait! I hate the cold and Melb has been particularly cold the past couple of weeks
I've been really struggling with fitness too. Seem to have lost my mojo after being sick for so long. I did hit the gym the other night but it was a real work of 'determination' not of 'love'! I know you don't have to 'want' to do something to actually do it- but it sure helps. I usually really love the challenge of the weights so hopefully that will return.
ok- this was a start. I'll try to write about something more interesting next time.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A night well spent

I've just finished watching the wedding- and loved it. London just looks so British!! It brings back memories of my mum and the occasions we have been there. I think deep down I have very british bones!
What was so good about this event was the celebratory feeling of all involved- a feeling of comaraderie with such a happy occasion. A change from a world pulling in different directions most of the time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleep awaits

Tonight- at 8.09pm- I am exceeding grateful that in a couple of hours it will be a decent time for me to retire for the night after spending last night mostly AWAKE!!!! grrrrrrrr

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grateful for Peace

Babies are all tucked up for the night and there is silence. When has silence ever sounded so good. They were 3 very good little girls- and much quieter now they are sleeping. I'm grateful for the sandman

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

grateful for granddaughters

Today I took my oldest granddaughter (8) to the movies- we saw Rio. It is so very special and she warms my heart. Tomorrow ( or maybe next week) I will take her sister (5) rollerskating the 'Terrible almost Two year old'- hmmmmmmm not sure what I'll do there!!!!! hehehehehe They are 3 delightful girls- well behaved and lovely and all so different. Their dad ( our son is 33 tomorrow- 13th) The cycle of life keeps turning! I'm grateful for all these things

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Today I'm grateful that there are a myriad of antibiotics so I can keep trying to get rid of this chest infection and the nasty nasty nasty bladder infection that seems to have come out of nowhere!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Grateful Bandwagon

I'm hopping onto the grateful bandwagon too! All too often we forget how lucky we are. It goes without saying- I'm extremely grateful for my loving husband and son and daughter and their families/partners. Not many days go by when I don't realise how lucky we are to still have our son after a fairly horrific accident when he was 21 Other grateful bits

  1. My job at TAFE- or rather the students at TAFE. A lovelier bunch of people I've yet to meet. They make me smile just thinking of them. They are always so pleased to see me and a loving and interesting lot

  2. My Job at the gyms- I love the over 50's. They are enjoying life all over again

  3. My life and health- too many people I know are not so lucky

I think April's going to be a good month!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New dress

Here it is- tummy sucked in and all!! I'm sure I pulled it down so it wasn't quite as short as this when we went out!!!

Parties and new frocks!!

Just love this time of year- all those autumnal colours, the smokey woody smells in the hills and the general ambience of 'winding down' after summer. Much as I hate to see summer go- I think autumn is probably the most beautiful of seasons- and yes- this has NOTHING to do with the title of this blog!! Friday night we were invited to a 50th birthday party of a workmate of my husband. All the other girls were wearing dresses but that didn't really bother me- black pants work as well. HOWEVER- Thursday saw me at Chaddy and within 5 mins of being there I found just the little black number and 5 mins later it was a done deal! Phew! Now I own a black ( yes another black one!) frock that I need to be my current weight to wear. Quite fitting but with sort of ruching/ gathering along the seam so it covers the tummy and bum ( very useful when you are about to eat dinner). I really like it and hopefully will be able to wear it again sometime. I'll post a pic of it on here if hubby can be clever enough to download it from his camera to the computer. I don't often find dresses that I like- but I did like this one!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A new me!

Finally I feel much more like my old self!! This will be the last time I mention being sick!!! I didn't exercise at all last week and I really didn't miss it.
Long w/e here in Victorial this weekend- it seems to have snuck up on me somehow- I wasn't really expecting it. Got nothing really to say so I guess I won't witter on about nothing
have a great w/e everybody

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is taking toooooo long!!

I'm really tired of being not well!! I guess I'm feeling marginally better than I was on the weekend but now the coughing has started in earnest ( why always at night????) I've cancelled my whole week and longing for the morning I wake up and say 'Now how to amuse them today?'!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Bleurgh! I'm sick! My head hurts, my throat hurts, my ears hurt! I've got little voice! I hate being sick!!!!! The good news is: I've just booked us to go away in June - up north to our favourite place- that heals the hurt a bit!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Home alone again!

Phew- our relatives have just left to return to their homeland. It was lovely to have them but also lovely to have the house to ourselves again.. The first thing we did- have dinner on our knees in front of the tv!!! How slovenly is that???
The next couple of weeks are also a bit hectic with another relative and wedding celebrations etc. After all that we're going away for a weekend!!
The challenge I'm doing is interesting. Can't say I've made any real changes to my diet yet but I am far more aware of what I'm eating and where the problems lie. Lunch doesn't happen! I need to address that. Exercise is great- loving it. Training for Run for Kids in April is on track ( literally!!) Ran 9kms the other day so probably just need to up it a bit and I should make the 14.7 without too much drama. The best part of running that 9kms was that I didn't hurt anywhere afterwards!- no foot, no glutes and no hip- yaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 week challenge

Sort of finished week 1 (it actually officially started on thurs but I started Monday)
Had a consultation with the diet coach and yeah-I know breakfast of an apple or two is not really enough but it seems to suit me!
However, what this has done has made me cut out a lot of junk ( cakes etc and that constant nibbling)
Aim is to include more vegies and then I think I might be on a better road. Exercise is going well- I love it!
I managed 30lbs on the d/b pullover. This might not seem a great deal- but seeing that I have a back that is prone to injury around the scapular- this is GREAT!!!
I've lost about 1.5kg so far- which I think is just cutting out the junk!


Well we saw it and really enjoyed this movie ( hubby LOVED IT) that seems to be getting it in the neck from critics! After seeing it and then reading the Heraldsun critic ( with whom I NEVER agree) I not sure he really 'got ' it! It wasn't fast paced or overdone- I think it was sensitively directed and all parts of the story came together in a neat package at the end. Anyway- life would be boring if we all agreed with each other!!! It gets my vote!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All going well

I've had a week and half back at tafe and it's all settling down very nicely! Got some lovely students and the classes are all in the morning which means free afternoons! yaaaahhh!
The 12 week challenge at my gym starts Monday so that will be a challenge!! It will be interesting to see if I stick at it the whole 12 weeks. I'm really going to try but it will mean changing eating habits quite a lot. At the moment I don't eat a great deal earlier in the day but gradually gather pace as the day goes on! If I eat more in the morning I just seem to keep looking for food. So- to eat more earlier is going to be mentally challenging! I don't need to lose weight but I do need to eat more healthily. I'm also aware that it doesn't take a great deal of effort for the weight to creep up and suddenly WHAM - you've put on 5, 6, 7, kg or so. Def don't want to go there!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Good intentions

I had all good intentions of either going for a run or the gym after a morning at TAFE. When I had finished there- I really didn't feel like doing either! Being the princess I am- I let myself come home instead.
However- to my credit- I did a workout of sorts at home. Ran up and down our drive (220 m) then did leg exercises inbetween. 20 mins later and I'm a bit 'over it'! However I did raise a sweat and it was rather nice doing something outside at home for a change.

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I know I'm running a bit late but I do like to mull over the consequences of putting my resolutions 'out there'! heheheh- sounds so serious doesn't it?
However I do like to post them on here so I can see for myself what I've done during the year. So, even If you're not interested- I am!!!

  1. Do a 'Challenge'
  2. do a half marathon- walking and running
  3. become more sociable- this means not avoiding contacts if I have an opportunity! When a work 'do' comes up I look for ways to avoid them! I rarely make the first move to contact someone I'm not totally familiar with to arrange a coffee date. Just little things- but important to keep outward looking
  4. Give up coffee, biscuits and jellied snakes
  5. do something a bit different in the work area- not change jobs but maybe add something different to what I already do
  6. more home renovations

And that, I think ,is enough!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re: Promised Pics

Obviously I'm unable to put text and pictures together ! It looked okayish before posting. Is there a function that I'm not aware of???

Promised Pics from Utopia

My gym- at Cape Tribulation

Demonstrating our skills in using the 'Timer' option

Cape Trib again So tempting to give a big PUSH- at the Daintree

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starting to get that feeling

Days are drawing closer and soon we need to return to normality. But - oh- I have loved my three weeks away.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just loving it all up here! I've been getting to the gym each day and mixing up the weights and cardio so hopefully not overdoing any one body part! Hurt my big toe while doing a bit of running on treadmill- but new shoes ( isn't that what holidays are for- retail therapy!) and more bike and rower seemed to have let it settle down. I also run/ walk to the main drag each day ( about 3kms) before searching for the coffee and toast. I'm definitely feeling fitter! got one more week before we return- will post pickkies when I get back- IF I come back!! lol

Monday, January 03, 2011

The New Me!

No- this is not a pic of me! But is a pic of a new discovery bra- extreme cleavage. Iam very flat chested and over time have tried all sorts of push up bras which are ok- but this one is the best! For the first time I look much more balanced! I've actually got cleavage and it looks great. Cheating - yes Looking better- yes!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Here again!

Up here in Port Douglas again! This time for 3 weeks. yaaaaaahhhh. Weather is warm and humid but not as humid as I expected. A bit of lazy rain but just enough to cool you down a bit- just lovely
Started the day with gym swim , walk and run of the steps to the look out.
Then it was coffee and toast-ahhhhhhhhhhhh.