Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ran the staff fitness class again tonight. It's been a while what with meetings and Perth and everything. I really love doing it. Leaving work has had me feeling just a bit sad at stopping what has been a really significant part of my life, but the thought of hopefully getting into fitness work really gives me a boost. School concert tomorrow night and that's a real panic thought! We're not nearly practised enough- but then we will NEVER be practised enough!!. Hopefully we have a captive audience with parents, grannys etc and after all it is only about 10 mins of either fame or disaster and we can all move on after that!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ran 6km tonight with catherine ( daughter) and did a much better job than on Saturday- yah!! Perhaps we went a bit slower or maybe I felt I had to be the fitter, stronger, less whingy one of the pair! lol. It's much nicer running and talking- so easy to feel like crap when you're by yourself. She has learnt a trick of two from me though- at the bottom of the hill it's - 'tell me ALL about Perth- a blow by blow account' hmmmmmmm I do remember telling her the secret of hills is to ask the other person a question when you're at the bottom!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Went for a run Saturday morning and was a dismal failure!! Yikes! I really struggled to do 6kms! And it's the Sussan 10k next Sunday!! Hopefully it was just a bad day. A bit like a 'bad hair day'.
Had a good night on Saturday - went to the staff night out. I sometimes go but not always but as this will be my last thought I'd better make an effort. Do you ever find that the things you really are not looking forward to often turn out the best? Why is this???

Friday, November 24, 2006

Got through one major hurdle this week- in information night for parents. Just got the school concert and graduation and of course- the reports- then it's all over for me. Starting to wonder about next year though. I don't do change very easily and all of a sudden it seems like a big step to stop this sort of work anyway. To go back next year seems like an even bigger step though! Got the Sussan Classic run on Sunday 3rd Dec. Hope I make the 10kms. My training has been really hit and miss lately- more like miss/miss. My daughter and I are doing it together so that should be fun.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ahh- I'm getting good at this now! I think this blog is very temperamental and does what it want just when it wants to!

Anyway- this is me in Kings Park- a truly lovely park with heaps of running and cycling tracks and so close to the city.

Last night had my first 'race walk' lesson. Just a short one with homework to get my' technique '( such as it is!) perfected!!! Lots of fun but my co ordination is really crap!

Finally got this one published!!! I'll try for the next one too. This is Jacobs ladder- all of 274 steps ( about that anyway). It's amazingly steep too. Half way up my fingers started to tingle!!!!! I stopped running for a flight or two then started up again. Ran more than walked but puffed like mad for a while when I got to the top!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'v had the most wonderful 4 days in Perth! Escaped the dreaded 'winter return' that Melbourne seemed to go through ( Yes- I live fairly close to the Dandenongs and the SNOW!) Perth was magnificent- really warm, clean, easy to get around and of course- I was on holiday too.
I've tried to download some pics to put on here but blogger doesn't seem to want to play at the moment so will try a bit later. Kerryn- we need to lobby for our own Jacob's Ladder here in Melb! If you don't know what it is the pic will explain all- it's pure torture!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh happy days! The sun is shining and I'm smiling again!! Full of confidence and motivation! lol Ran 7 km this morning with NO STITCH!! yahooooooo. I'm on the road to the 10km!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well- the thought of 'tired and washed up' did occur to me this morning as I struggled to do 6kms! As soon as I started I got a stitch! That didn't leave me the whole way around but another one did develop in the last couple of kms. My legs ached, I puffed and my upper body felt like it was about to drop off! Went to gym after that ( after a coffee and some toast) just did leg work and then a shower and felt fabulous and very very noble!! hahahah. My aches and pains from injury are lessening which is good so maybe the 10km fun run is possible. I'm very excited at an email I received. I've been enquiring into race walking and got an answer from a trainer fairly close to me. I'll go on Tuesday week. I walk really fast so thought it might be a natural progression to race walking. lol- we'll see!
It's over a week and I'm STILL sore from that powerbar class!!! Holiday tomorrow ( Melbourne Cup) so I'll get up and have a run-that's a good start to the day. I need to start upping the training cos I'm going in the Sussan Classic 10k in December. My daughter wants to go in it ( a little gentle persuasion from me- but how come she wants 10K???) I haven't run that far for a while and have been beset with injury anyway! I'm really tired of work at the moment- it's ridiculous all the stuff that needs to be done this time of year. Only 5 weeks to go ( or so I've been told) but that only makes me more panicky!! hahahah- this has been a real ramble- c overed about 3 different topics- none of which are terribly interesting.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's been a few days since I posted a message on here but that's cos I got sucked into going to a powerbar class and only NOW can I actually MOVE MY ARMS!!!!. Why hasn't anyone ever told me that I do have tricep muscles and biceps and glutes etc etc! ouch ouch ouch! Scratching my back is now a monumental task- did you know that that action is pure triceps???