Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not this time!

I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to the run and all organised for it. I guess I caught out by the daylight saving mess up with optus! I set my alarm to go off at 5.30am and we needed to leave by 6.45am. About to walk out the door and hubby said- what is the time??? Yes you guessed it- phone had automatically undated to turn the clock back and the actual time was 7.45am!! Too late to drive the hour into the city and the probable 15mins walk to the start. I was really cross but there was nothing to be done about it- grrrrr. We took ourselves to Warby ( I got dropped at Yarra Junction- about 9kms from Warby) and ran and walked the distance. It was a fantastic morning- all low clouds, the smell of woodsmoke, horpees ( horses in granddaughter speak) in the paddocks. Really beautiful!! So for the rest of the day I drank coffee and basically ate rubbish! lol- oh well- tomorrow is another day! And there's always next year.
I've just noticed the date on the pic of my new shoes! They are new ! They are!!! I just didn't set the date on the camera- honest!!

These are my new shoes and somewhere in that melee are my old ones! Going in the 14.14km run tomorrow but unfortunately I didn't get my new shoes until Thurs! I think I would be pushing it to wear them- a shame cos they are such a pretty pink colour!
You're right deb- I needed to return to purple! My hat is now sitting beside the computer enjoying the purpleness and knowing it has returned home! lol- I am bored aren't I??

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yes- I had nothing better to do than fiddle around on here!!! No doubt I will change it again very soon!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon after WORKING ( how on earth did that happen???) Husband and I went to Maroondah dam and walked for about 4 kms ( uphill and down dale) it was lovely lovely lovely!. The view from the bridge is spectacular. I thought the pic of the dam would make a great jigsaw.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a warning to other bloggers out there- although you all may be a bit more savvy than me- there are some strange msgs being left in the comments and yesterday I clicked on one from another blogger and all of a sudden microsoft updates flashed up with warnings about spyware and virus's and making sure I had all the updates. I did a virus scan and sure enough had bits and pieces of undesirable stuff on here. I think I've got rid of it all but who knows. That's the last time I click on anything that I don't know or that looks a bit out of the ordinary. Usually I'm really careful.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day in Brissy with Debstar

Had a great day meeting up with Deb again- this time in Brisbane. My husband had to go to a conference so I got to go and just play!! Deb came up from the Gold Coast by train and we had a day of walking, walking and more walking and talking, talking and more talking!! Lots of fun and definitely great to meet up with Deb again. The picture above is all my fault!! I bought the brownie and I made sure Deb was my 'partner in crime' in demolishing it.
Deb was keen to see the Andy Warhol exhibition and I was keen to improve my 'cultural awareness'!! I can't say I would ever like to see his stuff on my walls but I did like the silver clouds ( which were like enlarged wine bladders filled with helium) and also the silver balls in the water outside the gallery ( not part of the AW exhibition) hmmmmmm.....perhaps I'd better go back to school and join all the other kids who were obviously playing and enjoying these too!
I loved Brisbane- but then perhaps I just love what I know of Queensland. I think I'm really a QLD girl underneath this cold Melbourne exterior! I'LL BE BACK!!!
Thanks Deb for making the effort to come and see me- don't forget I'd love to show you around Melbourne if you ever come south.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well.....Golly Miss Molly.......I'm off the Queensland tomorrow!!!! Yehaw!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've got to a point with my workouts where it's so hard I'm losing motivation!! I used to love the assisted pullup machine but now I look at it with a feeling almost of horror!! I think I'll have to rethink what I'm doing and add stability to increase the difficulty rather than just go up and up in weights. My walk/running is going well though. It's little baby steps for me but at least it's progress. Went for an awesome walk/run on Thurs night. Along the Warby Trail ( disused rail track and now a walking trail) I walked 30 paces and ran 20 for about 30 mins and then just walked back. My foot didn't hurt at all while doing it but the next day was a different story! However a Nurofen seemed to help and I've done other bits and pieces on it since then. Had a 10k walk today and that was awesomely hot and sweaty!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Start waving those leeks! Smell the daffodils!!! Yah........St David's Day is here!! I only realised it was St David's Day when my sister messaged me to tell me. However I did make Welsh Cakes and jolly yummy they were too. And yes.. filled with butter and sugar and all those banned substances. I've hopefully attached some pictures here to remind you all of my Welsh connections- Caerphilly Castle, Llanishen and Cefyn Onn Parc
I did the second part of my work out on Friday- upper body. I don't know why but it was really hard hard!! I didn't increase the weights much- just the lat pulldown, and the only other difference were the pushups- using the bosu. However- I think I really worked to the limit and now I'm sooooooo stiff!!! Other weeks I haven't been as sore so it's a bit of a mystery why this one was so hard. The day before I did my legs- and they are also complaining!!