Saturday, February 27, 2010

Right on Track!

Yaaah... right on track ( on the track-lol) for the 'Run for Kids'. Ran 12k today and managed- well not easily, but easily enough to know that the 14.7 is achievable. Pulled up okayish- hip and glutes not loving all that pounding, but I am, so that counteracts that!! On the work front- just when I'm feeling vaguely out of control what happens , but I get an offer of more tafe work! I just can't say no- so now I've got another class on Friday. I thought about it for about an hour, but the decision wasn't all that hard to make. It's the same level literacy class that I take on Monday so the work load ( prep) SHOULDN'T be much more. lol. It's funny- but the two work things that I do which cause the most stress beforehand ( tafe and group class) are the two things that I really enjoy. I like the personal training and it doesn't cause me the same concern as the others, but nor does it give me the same 'buzz'. Maybe I just love a life of stress!

Monday, February 22, 2010

All going well

Isn't it easy for the weeks to fly by and then realise that you haven't blog for some time!
Life is busy but going well. Training for the 'run for kids' is great. I ran 11km on Saturday without any ill effect so I'm mightily pleased with myself!! I love running!!!
Tafe is good- students lovely but I need to get smarter with preparation- don't want to spend ALL my time on it.
Gym ( work) is busy but clients all doing well and my classes are ACE!! Lots of fun with a bit of sweat in there too.
Took our two granddaughters swimming the other day. Spent about hour and half in the pool. I was an 'extra wrinkled Nana' when I got out! The smaller of the two - once she was dressed- looked sorrowfully and said- 'I need food'!! I know that feeling all too well.
Husband and I are doing an 84 day challenge ( Matt Thomm and Monica Wright) Their book is really well set out and easy to follow. There's a checklist for each week which I'm finding really useful- shows the areas I need to improve ( yeah..... there are lots of them) Anyway- my aim is to eat more healthily and that's about it. Weight is ok- I seem to be losing or stabilising so I don't bother too much about it.
Life is good

Saturday, February 13, 2010

still here

Not sure where all the weeks are going- nor the weekends! They seem to scurry by at a great rate!! Tafe is going well but I seem to make a HUGE meal out of the preparation. I need to work wiser I think! Students are great and I'm really enjoying them. Work at gym is a bit manic at the moment. We have a 12 week challenge hence more pt clients. I live in fear that I've forgotten to book someone in and they'll arrive and I won't be expecting them or- heaven forbid- I won't actually be there! I woke up in the middle of the night during the week and realised that I need to reappoint someone- oooohhhh- poor little brain- keeps on working even when it's supposed to be at rest!
Husband and I are going to do our own 12 week challenge. I'm looking forward to starting ( tomorrow) one of my goals is to reduce some of the bad things in my diet. I've given up chocolate ( 18mth) and liquorice allsorts ( 2 months) and hot chips ( hmmm- about 2 weeks) got to give up biscuits and ice cream now.
I'll keep you posted on how we're going. Took some pics of my 'belly' as I want to get that 6 pack. lol- some were a bit rude- can't put those on here. I need to get more control of the camera!

Monday, February 01, 2010

You Are Noon
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a great day!

Had the best of days today! TAFE was great! Students lovely and we got through heaps of work- well actually not all that much but they did work industriously. So like I said in my previous post- I'll have enough to last me til June!
Then it was off to gym to do the over 50's class, followed by afternoon tea for one of the ladies- mmmmmmm...... food everywhere.
The very very best part of the day was going to gym and knowing that in an hour and half I could leave and be home for the night. I've managed to pass my gym floor shift onto someone else so instead of not getting home til 9.45pm I now get home around 4pm. How good is that????
Tomorrow is another day at TAFE- hope it goes as well as today.