Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and here we are now!

Here we are- 36 years ago!

best foot forward!

Now I feel as though I'm going on holiday! Got the 'holiday toes' (aka pedicure) and had the waxing ( and threading- great stuff) now just have to pack my bags and wait til Tuesday. Got a wedding to go through first ( no- not mine!!!!) actually talking of weddings- while we're away we'll celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary! I'll see if I can dig out a pic and put it on here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All done!

All finished on the certificate 4 in training and assessment! Now I am fully certified! It was a good course but glad the pressure is off- the only thing is - now I'm all revved up and looking for more study- lol that will wear off soon enough! Tafe is just about finished for me as we're off to Port Douglas on Dec 1st for 3 weeks- yaaaahhhhh. I'm hoping there's more work at tafe next year- I;ve really enjoyed it and loved the people I'm teaching. Adults are fun and they actually want to be there!!!
Went back to cycle class this morning ( after about 4 weeks break) thought my legs would drop off in the first 5 mins ( they didn't) I'm trying to be much better on my diet/eating. It's a struggle though! Weighed myself on day 3 and had lost one bag of liquorice allsorts and it'll be back ( nononononono- mustn't mustn't mustn't!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feel the burn!

Did a great workout session with my daughter at her gym tonight. Not sure what the class was called but it was a circuity sort of thing. Mega crowded with heaps of testosterone and all the accompanying sweat and grunts that go with it! Great for motivation. Didn;t know what quite to expect from the class but within minutes of being there we were pounding the 'red road' for our 1.5km warm up! Then back for kettlebell swings and d/bell punches x 3. Then it was pushups and burpees with hand clapping on between ( I cheated on the burpees after one 30 sec stunt! which almost killed me!) then it was punching bags and the 'triangle run' a mere 500 metres which we ended up doing 3 times. Then lots of pushups and crunches. And after that?????? chicken satay and rice with a big ice cream sundae for afters!! lol ooohhhhh..... I'm already feeling my legs!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's over- almost!

basically had the final session at the course- it went well. Questionnaire and talk! now what? Got a demo swim training on Friday 20th, then we're off to port douglas on 1st- for 3weeks- can't wait! Training has been all over the place since I started this course and then this last week it's been non existent! Time to get back into it! Triathalon training here I come

Monday, November 09, 2009

The end is in sight!

Tomorrow is my big presentation for this course I've been doing then basically I'm finished!! It's gone so quickly and has mostly been very interesting and enjoyable. Once tomorrow is over I can relax.
Took dinner out tonight and had it by the river at Warburton- 30 mins away. Truly beautiful! I'll take the camera next time and just show you how beautiful it is. Don't you just love this weather? Melbourne has been awesome the past couple of days with more to come. I'm sure I was a lizard in a former life.