Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bye bye!

I'm off tomorrow- catch ya in 11 sleeps!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Went bowling with some of the '50's ' ladies from the class I take. Had a great time- especially as I won!! Lol- I've never won before at bowling and usually only manage I strike if that- this time I think I had 3! They are a great bunch of women- I always feel a really warm feeling when I take the class or we doing other more social stuff.

This is my great bowling action!!!

5 more sleeps!

5 more sleeps til we head up north again!! YAAAAAHHH! I can hear the waves rolling in and feel the sun beating down on me! ( well ...actually the sea is fairly calm and it could be raining- but I really don't care!)
Had a few body issues this week- elbow has been funny for a while now. It hurts when I wake up in the night but I can reproduce any action that actually hurts it! Went to a sports manipulation person who said it was a pinched nerve and twisted tendons. Anyway I usually have good results from them whatever they say it is. It hasn't been sore at night- but while I was doing a dumbell chest press- second set- it suddenly decided that it had had enough and I couldn't hold the weight up! It was really strange. Then when I was at the gym today I could feel that the right arm wasn't as strong as the other. Maybe the nerve isn't firing up the muscle like it should or something. Anyway I'm taking care not to lift weights over my face!
The right side of my bum has been sore too! Right in the middle of the glutes. Going bowling with my '50's ladies' didn't help- but lots of stretching has.
Tomorrow - off to mini blaster conference in city. I've done this a few times before and always picked up some new idea plus some CEC points!
that's all folks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Printer ran out of black cartridge so tried to get another one! No luck! I thought this might happen as last time it was hard to track them down. Printer is less than year old! So- bought another printer- not a bad idea as it comes with two cartridges and at the price I got it the actual printer doesn't cost too much. So- setting itup. First- check that it comes with what it's supposed to- power cord -tick - telephone connection for fax- tick - manuals- tick - disks-tick. not problems there! So- following directions- attach USB cord- no tick!!! How come, when something as essential as a connection to the computer is needed THEY DON'T INCLUDE ONE!!!!! Bloody computers! Luckily I had one that fitted from the previous printer. But what if I hadn't had a previous printer????? GRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the saddle again!

I dragged myself off to the gym this morning and jolly glad I did too! Sometimes that first step is the hardest but once done- then zoom..... back to normal! The class was a circuit which means fairly low key but lots of fun. It was taken by the gym instructor who mostly climbs the walls with his enthusiasm so the time went quickly and I didn't have time to sook much at all! lol
This afternoon I've been on the computer doing planning for TAFE. I'm glad I'm not at home too much - I would just get to be like the side of a house- munch munch munch the WHOLE time! lol
Off to work tomorrow ( evening) so it will be good to get back there too

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleaning up

I didn't go to work today as I'm still not 100%. lol- I'm such a sook when I don't feel well! In my tidying I came across a couple of training diaries I briefly kept back in 2002 and 2004. Well.... my diet hasn't improved but I was amazed at my lack of exercise!! Not that I was idle ( guess that goes without saying seeing these were 'training' diaries'!!!) However compared with now I was hardly doing anything! maybe working out ( like walking/running or doing a class) 2 x a week! This past week I haven't done anything cos I'm not well ( sob sob- see I told you I was a sook!) but normally I do something everyday and love it. The diaries were a reminder though- at how easy it is to think you're doing so much and training hard when in actual fact you are being soft. A timely reminder not to slip back into that mindset again. I'm fitter , more toned and lighter than I've ever been and less injured- probably because I'm training systematically and regularly and doing a range of different activities- anyway- for me it's working!


These are the flowers hubby bought to celebrate Ariel's birth. The orangey carnations are part of the bunch he bought so we could take some up to where my mum and dad were scattered. Mum would have loved to have seen her 6th great grandchild- she loved babies. I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful partner.

Friday, July 10, 2009

oooooohhhhh- perfection!

At last the call came at 5am this morning! I was down there , albeit a bit blurry eyed and unwashed, by 5.45am. Only to be told by mum to be that she thought it could be a 'false alarm'!! ahem........at 5 days over and pains coming every 5 mins or so.....I don't think so!! Ariel was born at 10.10 this morning- all 9lb 1oz of her!! She is just gorgeous- so perfect! I wasn't going to see her today as I'm sick ( bronchitis) but her mum rang and urged me to come in- not that i needed any urging. Had a quick cuddle- did I say before that she is gorgeous and just perfect???? lol
I wish I could put pics on here but I don't think mum and dad would want that- however it might be worth asking!
that's all folks- I'm going off to cough and blow my nose yet again!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

baby news- no 2!

Still no baby news! Now 4 days overdue. It's hard to settle at anything not knowing if we're about to be called for grandparenting duties or not. We're basically on call for night time and her mum will do the days. I'd forgotten how everyday 'over' seems like an eternity!
Wow- it was cold this morning!! At Lilydale ( 10 mins from us) it was -3 degrees. Probably we were colder. Everything was white and pretty but oh so cooooolllllddddd!!! Come on 3 weeks- then I'll be heading for the warmth- and may never come back!!

Baby News!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Expanding families!!

Granddaughter no. 3 is due this Saturday- 4th of July!! Prob won't arrive on the day but won't be too long after. I can't quite believe that my headbanging, dreadlocked heavy metal follower son is such a family man now. I'm waiting till all the girls reach teenagehood then revenge will be sweet!! lol
No swimming tomorrow again but I will hit the gym and hopefully with a bit more enthusiasm than this week. I'm into quite a good routine of classes, cardio and weights but sometimes the mojo is a bit low- however!!!_- I rarely miss a session mostly cos I know the second time it will be far easier to miss as well.