Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year's challenges

My goals for 2012 are
1. A bike ride to raise awareness and money for cancer- in Sept. 200kms in 2 days. My initial reaction was- I'm not a bike rider!! However- I guess I wasn't a runner til I started running and ...... I've got a much better chance of doing this than swimming!!

2. Home renovations- the kitchen is under fire. I've enlisted a very good friend to help me get the ball rolling.

3 I think those biscuits have to go!

4. Yeah- socialisation is on the cards again! Make more of an effort with those work do's and general getting out and about.

At this stage I think this will do- may add more along the way

Last Year's

1. Do a 'Challenge'
I did sort of do one in Feb. However I got sick so the challenge seemed to dwindle a bit. I did improve my eating and lost a lot of weight- then people said how sick I looked!! Grrr
2. do a half marathon- walking and running
Sadly no to this one. Injuries stopped me:((((
3. become more sociable- this means not avoiding contacts if I have an opportunity! When a work 'do' comes up I look for ways to avoid them! I rarely make the first move to contact someone I'm not totally familiar with to arrange a coffee date. Just little things- but important to keep outward looking
Actually no to this one too. Discovere I hadn't had this in my focus when I realised that I only went to one Christmas party/lunch and avoided all the others! Bad bad bad!!
4. Give up coffee, biscuits and jellied snakes
I don't drink coffee any more at all ( and feel heaps better for it. Biscuits I eat like they're going out of fashion and I haven't bought any jellied snakes ( except for 2 when we were at the Daintree in October.
do something a bit different in the work area- not change jobs but maybe add 5.something different to what I already do
No - didn't really do anything different here
6.more home renovations
Not Yet- but it's coming into focus again!!

well.............. didn't do too well this year. I think some of those may be used again!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody! Can't quite believe we're seeing out 2011- it has just raced by. I am thinking about New Year Resolutions- I love setting goals and trying to achieve them. Some years I've done really well and others???........... Let's just say recycled resolutions have their place too! Tomorrow I will cut and paste last years goals and see how I fared. Then it will be more goal setting! Already have a couple but will post them when I've decided the whole package. Hehehehe- this is serious business here!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

War Horse???? Yes/No/Yes/No/Yes/No

We went to see the movie and I'm really not sure what I thought of it. The themes were incredibly corny and very predictable. The acting was wooden. The ending was like something out of War and Peace. All this seemed to clash with some very graphic and quite horrific war scenes. The one saving grace was the beautiful horse- lol- they always can save anything from ruin for me!
Did I enjoy it? Yes/No/Yes/ No- not really sure
would I recommend it? Yes/No/ Maybe
However- I didn't go to sleep in it. It wasn't boring and I am writing a blog about it which I never usually do!!
Has anyone else seen it?

Monday, December 19, 2011

next year

Just found out I've got two tafe classes next year! Yah!! They are much the same as this year except I don't have Friday morning ( 2 hours) I had the option of Friday afternoon for 2 hours but......... been there done that I didn't like that time at all!!!
So- my aim is to tidy this study before next year! I've made a great start and have two green garbage bags full of papers. Many more to come! I love chucking out! Very therapeutic!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RIP Annie

After 17 years we had to put Annie to sleep. I was given her on our wedding anniversary ( hence the name 'Annie') and now 17 years and one week later she's no longer with us. She's been part of our lives for so long it will be very strange without her. As I type this there is an empty cat bed at my feet where she used to sleep and occasionally rub her head against me. Whenever we watch tv she will be there- def a 'foot' cat.
Now she is buried peacefully in the paddock near the dam. And I feel sad and empty:(

Monday, December 12, 2011

One of my lovely PT clients came back from a holiday overseas and brought this back for me! It may look straightforward ( a running mag) but look more closely and you will see the difference!
I have read the bag in came in, have struggled through the cover and made sense of most of it. In process of reading all about Exercices tonnifier votre poitrine ie toning your chest/bust. Ummmm... read about 2 paragraphs. This is one pressie that will last a long time!
I was delighted to get it and determined to read my way through it!!!

long overdue visit

Off to meet with the vampires tomorrow! That's right- a visit to the blood bank. I always have very good intentions of going regularly but it seems to be months or years between visits. I must make more of an effort.
So- tomorrow is going to be a trip to the city, shopping, visit the foreign book store, lots of drinking and a moderate amount of eating.
Gotta love these visits!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

This is what I did today! In my defence- the bike ride did come first!!!