Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you sitting on a fortune??

I'm positively sure I'm not the only person with pots of loose change sitting around the house. Purse gets emptied, hubby's pants hung up, handbag gets cleaned out- all these things lead to an accumulation of 'loose change' It had got to slightly ridiculous proportions so I took two bags to our local bank. They have this whiz bang coin sorter which I've never used before. 5 minutes later I'm $181.00 richer!!! Couldn't quite believe there was so much. Still got another pot to go. So, you see, I've been sitting on quite the fortune!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Been ages again!

Seems to have been a long time inbetween blogs for me! Nothing momentous happening just being lazy I fear. I've been having a lovely time playing with Rupert- he is def the nicest cat I have ever owned. Very loving and gentle but also loves playing and leaping and is generally a laugh a minute!
Our trip in May is progressing nicely. I have the tickets to the Spanish Riding School so the main purpose of the trip is settled- yaaahhhh
Bike riding is also progressing- up to 58km with only one minor prob- my foot!!! eeeeegh- the soreness that happened at Christmas ( when I was riding an exercise bike about 30 mins most days) has now flared up again. I'm not totally convinced its the bike- at least I hope not!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Our New Addition!

This is what is taking up my time lately- meet Rupert Bear! Just picked him up this afternoon. He is the most delightful of kittens- very purry, friendly, playey and cuddly- couldn't be more perfect! We haven't had a kitten for about 17 years and I'd forgotten how much fun they could be. Tabs ( our resident cat) hasn't been too bad with him. She's very timid but has been reasonably comfortable and he's been extremely respectful of her senior position! Lovely to have another cat in the house again