Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm such a good girl!!!!! Stuart, Carol and Rital have all been planned and programmed to within an inch of their lives and it's all printed and organised and ready for send off on Tuesday! With 3 days to spare!! lol. Of course I'm talking about this 'Fitness for older Adult' course that I have FINALLY completed! If they send it back and say 'redo' then that's ok . For the moment I'm just delighted to have finished!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

finally did it!!

I've had this course- Exercise Fitness for the older population - for about 15months. All I needed to do was read the book, prescribe programs for 3 individuals and provide a dvd of me training someone who was one of these 3 people. Well....after the end of April I would have been out of date and would have needed to enrol ( and pay) again. So- today I bit the bullet and trained 'Stuart' (aka hubby) . 'Stuart' is 55 and has high blood pressure and is overweight and sedentary. Hubby is not 55, def not overweight, def not sedentary and does not have high blood pressure- so a fair degree of poetic licence was required! 'Stuart' did well but the horror of seeing oneself training someone is another thing!!! aggghhhh. Do I really look like that???? Do I really have such a scrawny neck????? Do I really look THAT old?????? yep yep and yep! Guess it's good to finally be honest with yourself- but majorly depressing! However I did get the video done!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

oh horror!!!

Horror of horrors!!! I've got a speeding fine!

Bad bad bad car!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Oh.....the temptation!!

for the first time in about 18months I actually felt the temptation of chocolate!! I've been surrounded by it and that combined with an insatiable eating spree has meant I've had to exercise will power! I wouldn't have eaten any- but I really haven't been tempted before now. The hardest part is all the WHITE chocolate that I absolutely love! However they are all going to work with hubby tomorrow- so - out of sight out of mind ( almost!) lol
I've loved having time off over Easter. Loved the not having to get up early ( even though I'm still getting up fairly early) I really enjoy work but I think I enjoy holidays more!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter

This past week has been a bit up and down. I was sick at the weekend and so been feeling a bit fragile this week ( lol- this is the princess in me coming out!) Had a bit of a workout on Tuesday and my Thursday was busy with the two classes so I got a bit of a sweat up this time. However have counteracted it well and truly with plenty of eating!
No chocolate for me this easter- still off the chocolate although I did have a choc chip easter bun- yum! I don't really count that- it's the chocolate bars etc that I'm avoiding.
Tomorrow I'm back to the running and will go to gym and do a more weighty workout than I've been doing the past two weeks or so. Sometimes I think it's not a bad thing lightening up for a while- mentally if not physically. Anyway- Happy Easter everyone- happy eating!