Sunday, January 31, 2010

this is it!

Tomorrow's the 'day'! up and out early with my best clothes, bag in hand and my bestest 'teacher' voice! lol. I have done so much preparation that I have enough work to last me til about June. It's not concientiousness that drives me, it's fear of not having enough to do and having all these faces looking at me saying 'what now/" lol
Training for the run for kids (14.7km- I think) is going well. Running a bit more each week and still able to use my legs afterwards. I ran on Saturday- 6km straight- and my hammy was mega sore. Stretched afterwards ( ooooooohhhhhh the bliss and pain of it!) and amazingly I was fine for the rest of the day and the day after- phew! I'm not having any problems making the distances lung-wise, it's just the aches and strains that I'm carrying, but maybe I've now turned the corner!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we go again!

TAFE starts next week and I'm starting to get that 'school feeling'. You know the one where you wake up at night planning in your head what you need to do, the one where your tummy turns over at the very thought of it all, the one where your head is full of what needs to be done! lol
Even I can't stand myself when I'm like this!! I love the teaching and it will be fine- but no matter how long I teach for I still get that old 'school feeling' just before term starts! grrrrrrr!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cardio circuit

I've been doing a cardio circuit for a few weeks now, really enjoying it and last night I could actually feel it being easier.

It goes like this

treadmill- 3 mins ( 30 secs walk, 30 secs run)

lower body- squats and shoulder raise

treadmill ( gradually increasing speed and incline)- I do the treadmill between each of the following exercises

upper body- pushups

lower body- lunges

upper body- lat pulldown

lower body-sumo squats

upper body- d/b chest press

lowerbody- squats

upper body- row

then I repeat the whole lot- if time is running out or I'm feeling a bit shattered I group two exercises together and this means less treadmill for the second time around

By the end of this - bout 1hr 15mins I'm dripping!!! it's a fun way to get some cardio and the time goes quickly. It is also helping me get more running into my workouts without stressing anything for too long.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recap on resoultions

I was at my middle sister's place to day and she asked how my resolutions were going!! Well.... I struggled to remember them actually! Had another look and I can say I am working on 'run for the kids'. Gradually extending my running and my leg is holding up ok. It gets stiff and sore the rest of the day but by the following one- it's not as bad. I remember last year- deciding how to 'taper' when I hadn't really done any training! Again - injury was jumping up at me. However- managed to get through that one so hopefully this will be the same.

This same sister sent me some old pics of my horse- thought I'd put it on here just to brighten up this post! Get a look at the high waised jeans and tucked in sweater!!!! what were we thinking of!!!! And selina- now THAT is truly a 'lard ass!! lol

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the sensitive folk

These are for you deb and all the other sensitive folk out there!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year

With a new year comes a new blog colour and template. What do you think of it? At least it's a bit brighter

a productive day!

I've basically had a whole day at home ( I work at 5.30 tonight) and as at 1pm I have cleaned, tidied and thrown out the study/computer/junk room. It's still a long way from perfect but I have disposed of 3 green bags of rubbish! I need to add to my new years resolutions
1. DON'T buy any more fitness magazines
2. DON'T buy any more fitness books
3. DON'T eat popcorn while on computer
4.DON'T let the cat sit on the ironing board ( and that ones going to be the hardest!)

I think I'll go out now- half a day at home is about enough for me today!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

new year reso's

This is my list of new year resolutions! To be documented and me held accountable!!
Not sure what order the pics will be so you'll have to work it out- out of 2 pics it won't be hard!
1. Years and years ago before my eldest granddaughter was but a twinkle in her daddy's eye (like 8 years) I bought a book which had instructions on making an interactive felt book for kids. As you can see- I've made it to D ( c is behind B and shares the holes). With my youngest granddaughter prob being the last grandchild I'm likely to have perhaps this had better be No 1 resolution!
2.- I want to get a 6 pack or at least a 4 pack or something vaguely resembling muscle type things on my tummy
3- I'm planning to do run for the kids again- providing I'm not crippled by then
4. house improvements- any house improvements will satisfy this resolution
5 I'd like to study again this year- maybe literacy or ESL or something along those lines
and that will be all for now!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the best day!

I've had the best day today! Just after Christmas I had a phone call from my oldest granddaughter (7) asking if I would take her to see 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'. was the day and I loved it! lol. It was a feel good movie ( as you would expect)- you know- baddie gets his just deserts and the goody gets the girl and lots of morals along the way. I don't think you really need an excuse of a child to see this one!

7 random facts

I've taken up Selina's challenge and here are 7 random facts you may not know about me

1. The one career I DIDN'T want when growing up was teaching! I would hear teachers out of control of their classroom and shudder

2. I only went into teaching because I wanted to have tertiary education and get paid for it ( yeah- this was in the old days when we had teaching bursaries!) and also because my sister was a teacher

3. I have loved teaching and have been really proud to have been a teacher, It doesn't define who I am anymore ( thank goodness) but at one time it did

4. I am a little paranoid that I will lose control of my waist line- wake up one day and find the dreaded 'middle age spread'! I know it doesn't happen overnight- but it can creep up!

5. I am shy in crowds and often have to force myself into large gatherings.

6. I love taking my over 50's class especially as I have a microphone and then everyone HAS to listen to me

7. I've had eye surgery for short sightedness- but again- in the old days when they used to cut the cornea instead of laser. It has been one of the best things I've ever done- threw away the glasses and contacts and haven't looked back.

hope that wasn't too boring!