Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making progress

I'm one step closer to achieving all those goals I've set for my 60th year.
Ran 3 times this week- one longer ( 7km) one shorter ( 3kms) and one with weights interspersed!
Also- and this is a BIG ONE- I've entered for the half marathon in October!! Yikes- now I'm committed! Also entered my daughter ( whose idea this was in the first place!! Blame it on the kids I always say! lol)
Another goal- I've rung up about learning German- through U3A- hmmmmm not so sure how I'll go with that one but at least I've made a start
I love lists!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting there

In relation to one of my 'tasks' (see list in previous blog) I upped my running to 7km - that's a 1km increase! I figure that with 16 weeks to go before the half marathon , that if I increase I km per week then I;ll just about do it!! In actual fact- I prob won't increase by that each week but I will endeavour to at least get some more running under my belt. That, and a short run during the week, should get me in the right direction

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Add one more!!

One more to add to my 'List'- get naturalized! After 54 years it's probably time!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new list

Just had a birthday and now in my 6oth year!! Yikes! So- for the year leading up to the BIG ONE I'm planning a list of all things I want to achieve before I hit the big 60.
The list keeps growing so some of the stuff may need to be carried on to the next decade- lol

  1. Learn a language

  2. gardening- I have a goal of getting right around the house this year! I'll give photo evidence to keep me honest.

  3. Try a new recipe at least once a month- no- bread, jam and cream does not qualify!

  4. Renovate and paint- the house. We need to do carpets and curtains and something with all the woodwork and beams ( I'm loving the bathrooms so at least I've started on this one)

  5. Do the Melb half marathon this year-

  6. Maybe......maybe.... try a mini triathalon ( I think its Jan or Feb- run by National Breast Cancer foundation This would be a MAJOR challenge and would require a serious effort at swimming!! Yes- even for I whole 100m!!

Probably that's enough for the time being- but as I said- this list is still growing

Friday, June 17, 2011


We've been back from up North for almost a week and I think I've shivered my way through it! Those who live in Qld don't know how lucky they are with the weather!

So- for the first time in about 20 years- I've been shopping for slippers! Now we have tiles on the floor ( yeah yeah- we were warned they'd been COLD) my little tootsies are feeling a bit chilly. You would have thought I had the most gigantic of feet! I could barely get my foot into any of them! Aae they made for midgets???? Eventually found a rather ugly - but able to fit- pair in Kmart. I truly felt like the 'ugly stepsister' today!!!

This was how I spent EVERY day when we were away!!