Thursday, October 30, 2008

no escaping- the time is nigh!!

Saturday!! Only two more sleeps and then I get to face my demons- my aerobic demons! This must be one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken! I'd put it right next door to 'public speaking'. I think it's the 'being on show and maybe failing' that has me trembling in my sneakers. I've practised, and practised and practised- until I wake at night and have the music resounding in my head and going over the steps!!. I just need to be able to do this in 'automatic' cos if I think about what I'm doing I know I'm going to forget. I'll keep you posted!. now where was I???............... Oh I know- 'step tap right, easy walk right, calf pumps on the spot......let's take it from the top girls.....................!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aerobics Instructor?? I MIGHT make it!

Second session went really well- all things considered. I wasn't the worst which is always helpful!
I've put in some practice and hopefully will be ok next Saturday. We have to prepare the 'conditioning' part ( crunches, pushups, dips etc) The practice of this means my poor little muscles are about to give out! lol.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Group instructor or two left feet!!

Second session of 'learning to be an aerobics instructor' coming up on Saturday. Well.....I was ready to throw in the towel this week- that's right- to quit! To give up! To Pike out! To wimp out!! I have never felt so inept! In the end I rang my lovely instructor and she managed to instill some confidence ( by assuring me I wasn't the ONLY one feeling like that- amazing what safety there is in numbers!) and giving me a simplified homework program and the assurance that the 'music is my friend'! lol- some friend!! Anyway- I went home, lovingly spoke to the cd player and caressed it into action and then lo and behold- things seemed to work out. I actually listened to the music instead of panicking and steps seemed to flow and cues started sprouting forth. I'll keep you informed of whether this continued into actually doing it in front of all the others.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Girl

My little girl is 28 today! Can't believe how the time has gone. Saw her yesterday which was lovely. Rang her today and left a message and felt a bit sad that I didn't get to actually talk to her- thought about all those years ago when she was so dependent. Then she rang to tell me what a wonderful day she has had and to top it off her boyfriend had made her dinner and also a cake with sparklers! How good was that! I'm glad she had a happy day. We're going to see her Thursday.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Group fitness training

Had my first session in learning how to be a freestyle group fitness instructor. All I can say is that I need to do my homework- and fast!!! You have to think of about 5 things at once- maybe I was a man in a former life, I just know it was really difficult. It's the counting, cueing, knowing the blocks of music and where it all is and finally the movement that has to be done. EEEEKKKK
On the calorie count- I had banana bread at Maccas ( when I was caught short and NEEDED something) I normally would have had the cookies but figured that maybe the banana bread had some nutritional value and hopefully no trans fats. I just checked it on calorie king and it had a whopping 600 + calories!!! Better make sure I'm prepared next time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

the same 12 week challenge!

3 posts in one day!! That's a bit much but I did have to share this article with you . After becoming slightly paranoid about the calories I was consuming and looking at everything with 'calorie' eyes, I turned on the pc and loaded up Yahoo and found this article about fitness and weight loss that made me laugh- perhaps the yahoolians were watching me and decided I needed to read it!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

12 week challenge!

I have NEVER counted calories before and don't intend to go down that path BUT I thought it would be good to have some idea of what I have consumed today ( or will have by the end of the day) to my horror- I will be at least 277 calories over based on a 1200 calorie intake. I have done NO exercise today so that won't help but it has shaken me a bit. I didn't realise that I consumed so much. As I said- I'm not really going down that path and I don't vary much in weight and don't really need to lose much- but it has shattered me a bit- at least for the next 5 minutes until I have my next 'snack fix'!!!

12 week challenge- here I come!

Met my good friend Cheryl this week for a start for our 12 week challenge that we are both going to do! It's something we've both thought of for some time so now was the time to begin- hopefully we will inspire each other and keep each other honest!. She is extremely fit and certainly doesn't need to lose weight- I guess for both of us it's a matter of improving our diets and being consistent and getting to be the best we can. So........ for the past two days I've been pretty good diet wise. Trying to eat sensibly and snack on GOOD things. Found out that a pkt of liquorice all sorts has about 900 calories in them!! YIKES!!!! Gotta resist them! The exercise part isn't nearly as difficult. I'll keep my progress posted on here and she and I are meeting each week to discuss how we are going. We meet about 4 times in the week to run/walk/cycle and swim so now I can add 'discussion' as well. Wish me luck- I'm not too good at consistency.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kerryn's Day!!

Had a really interesting afternoon on Saturday- went to see the body building comp. which was quite amazing! All those brown bodies!!! The best of it was Kek. It made it all the more interesting actually knowing ( well sort of knowing) someone up there and realising all the hard work that has gone into the preparation. Kerryn looked amazing and the bikini was dazzling!! I want one! I want one! I also want the body that was in it!!! I'd love to think I had the determination to follow a goal like that to the end, but not sure I could stay the distance. I haven't even completed a 12 week challenge- I think I only made it to about 3 weeks if that!
You looked fantastic Kerryn and I really admire your dedication and perserverence. It was great to talk to you and actually meet you.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The dress!

I'm on a search for a 'dress'! Have you any idea how hard that is? Found one that I really liked only my two sisters didn't think it was all that good and husband finally said in desperation ( cos he didn't like it) that it made me look 'fat and frumpy'!!)
I think I've found another that seems ok- only it was too small! They are never too small around the top- but it was rather snug around the hips. They're getting a bigger size in - so.... in order to comfort myself and to aid the cause... I've been busy eating liquorice allsorts! That's really going to help. If I get this one I'll post a pic on here of it- only NO ONE is allowed to say they don't like it!!