Sunday, April 29, 2007

Imagine this- being greeted at the door by an almost 5 year old, alabaster skin that only 4 years olds can have, black eyes and straying curly dark hair from her plaits and a 'NANNA' screeching from her lips -that's one of my granddaughters!. We went for a walk with her mum and dad ( David our son) and their other almost 2 year old daughter. Pushing the 2year old and talking with my son about his study ( all gobbledygook philosophy) I had a real feeling about the 'cycle of life'. This is how my parents felt about us and now we're doing the same. One of those glorious moments you want to freeze forever!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on the horses below. My plan is to build a display on a board and set it up (ostensibly for the grandchildren but.....well....I might sneak a play or two) Had lunch with my middle sister (Judy) during the week and we both made big plans! I think I have a partner in crime here! Judy and I used to be really close as kids growing up and had lots of fun with some interesting ventures. I think she used to lead me astray eg midnight feasts, night time walks, exploring the roof through the loft! It's just lovely to revisit childhood fun as adults!

Spent some part of today doing house work. A deadly task but unfortunately very necessary. So.... you may be wondering where this charming display comes in??? tidying the kitchen bench I came across another box of horse goodies that I hadn't put away. It was BEGGING to be played with!!!! The jumps are the latest addition, only I couldn't play with just the jumps so the horses had to come out, plus the fencing and finally the dressage ring. Then hubby got into the act and was flying around the jumps!!! Needless to say the house is still in a mess!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I had my first personal training client at the gym this morning! It went well and I DIDN'T have a sleepless night about it either! Whooowooo! I've been finding that these early mornings and working into the night are playing havoc with my sleeping. I always wake up in the night which isn't all that much of a bother- a quick trip to the loo and then I'm back in the land of nod- however I now wake up and stay awake! It's like- look at the clock, it's 2am, I need to sleep! Look at the clock , it's 2.30am, damn I need to sleep! Look at the clock, 3am, I need to sleep- and so on until it's 4.30 and I DO need to get up!
NOW- I've discovered a great help- VALERIAN- herbal rememdy which aides sleep and relaxation. Getting much better sleep and feeling better for it.
Hahaha- this is such a boring entry- you probably won't need the valerian after looking at it!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well the die is about to be cast! I wrote my letter of resignation tonight to give to my principal tomorrow. Then it will be the end of 20 + years of teaching. How do I feel? A bix mixed up but not as much as before. I think that once it's actually been done I'll feel a lot better about it. It's hard giving away something that I have really loved but better to leave on a good note than to keep going passed my 'use by date'. ( That was self talk to make me feel better about this!!)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is what Debstar and I had for morning tea at a lovely ,lovely Surf club/ Restauranty thing overlooking the sea. I thought we were very circumspect just having a bickky! And only one at that!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looks like that will be the only photo published tonight. Not sure what is wrong but it only ever seems to let me load one pic every week or so- maybe that's my ration! Had a very short but intense workout yesterday- and now starting to feel it again. Yes Kerryn- it is indeed a great feeling!! Love knowing I have muscles in my bum and am reminded of them every time I move!! Also had a consultation with the nutrition prog at the gym where I'm wo rking. sounds like a really good plan and am hoping to be able to participate. It means a 15 min consultation each week to review what has been going on and to weigh in. Yikes! But I do need some incentive to be better with my diet.

whoooowhooooo! The second pic of my time on the Gold Coast. At this rate I'll have posted them all by Christmas! If you've checked out debstars blog you'll will now realise that I'm not the only one who can do two things at once!!. She got me standing here and then told me what I was doing!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Had a really hard workout on Tues and I'm still paying the price for it.....OUCH!!! I've got muscles that I didn't know I had!. It hurts to sit, stand, move, clean my name it...I can feel it! Went to the podiatrist about my foot tonight- she's taken my orthotics and is going to adjust them, They'll be gone for 2 weeks. I was just beginning to get used to them again. I must say though that it is extremely comfortable without them for a while! I'm hoping that they will eventually help cos I'm missing being able to run- very much!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Yaaahhhh....the first of the process has been achieved! This is on our walk at Burleigh Heads. Deb very reluctantly contributed to this lovely view! I'll see if I have any more success with the rest of the pics.

I'm sure I did deserve this after all that emotion of 'support' I gave to them!! lol
Is anyone else having trouble posting photos on here? I've tried and tried for the last week or so and had no success- then lo and behold- last night I was able to post ONE. !!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Well...I got my heart's desire when I wished for a grey light rainy day of about 18 degrees for the run for kids event. What a pity I didn't wish for an injury free body too!!! Daughter and her friend went in it and did really well. I was so proud of both of them. It's the most they have ever run- 15.2k!!!. Next year for me - I hope!