Friday, February 24, 2012

Please have a look - part 2

I'm not so good at inserting links- but I think the previous post is ok! To explain- I'm planning on this bike ride in October- Conquer Cancer- and the link will take you to my personal page and blog. As a team we need to raise a considerable amount of money to participate so through this page you can give a donation- if you wish.Can I say 'thankyou' in anticipation??

Please have a look

Please have a look at my Conquer Cancerblog

Thursday, February 23, 2012


A boring title to a post that may also claim the same !
I've been spending most of my spare time on the bike! Gradually increasing distance but ever so slowly. Went for a lovely ride tonight- late arvo/ early evening- up to Warby. It truly is a beautiful spot. Now have to start fund raising for this bike ride- any suggestions? The team is doing some major fundraising but we still need to do some of our own. There's a local market so might have a stall there some time. Bunnings BBQ sounds like a good money raiser but not sure if I can get a spot before October. Suggestions gratefully received!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

exciting times ahead!

This year is my BIG birthday! I've been thinking of what to do to celebrate ( I reckon if you're entering a new decade, might as well celebrate memorably!) Had contemplated a holiday in central Australia on a station or something but hubby suggested I might like to see the horses in Vienna! Would I what!!!!!!!!. So- trip is being planned! Hopefully we can get this organised in time- Spanish Riding School, Stud farm in Piber ( where they grow them) a 6 day walk in country Austria, trip over to Britain and make way to Wales where I will sit on the memorial seat we got for my parents ( scattered ashes in 2007) which is in a park we used to go to when we were kids! I'm so delighted with the thought of this- it's just perfect:))))) Makes turning the big 60 something to look forward to!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


This hungry little caterpillar is sated- finally!!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

just stuff

Don't know really what I've been doing this past week I just know it has flown! Tafe starts back on Monday and now I'm really beginning to feel as though my holiday is over:(( I really enjoy the teaching but it's that old 'school feeling' deep in the tummy ( otherwise know as major butterflies). I've done heaps of prep so I should be ok for about half the year I would think!! I'll be glad when I've broken the ice and things calm down to a dull roar.
Cycling is going ok. I've ridden a couple of 30kms. I've felt fine afterwards but glad to stop! The weekend will see at least one more ride- we're fairly busy Sunday so not sure if it can happen that day!
Exercise is going ok generally- hitting the gym more days than not. Diet is a bit hit or miss but at least that gives me something to work on.
Have a good weekend everyone!