Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday etc etc etc!!

Had a lovely day today ( the day before my birthday- it is really on friday 1st day of winter!)

Met my two sisters for lunch and look at all the goodies I got! A definite horsey theme occuring here! Notice the liquorice allsorts while you can- they won't last!

I am now the grand old age of 55!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I know no one will really care but I'm SORE!!! From yesterdays work out- my bum, my legs ouch ouch ouch!
Went to the physio today about my foot. He told me to swim! I moaned and told him I find it tooooooo hard. He looked at me squarely and said he wasn't giving any sympathy and to wear the longer flippers so I could do more lengths! All I wanted was for him to cluck sympathetically and offer me a cup of tea! Fat chance!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

In view of my 12 week challenge -Day 1- I had planned to do a walk and a work out at home. The work out was a 'killer'! Did quite a lot of it on the fitball which add another challenge when the weights aren't that heavy. Discovered lunges using the fitball behind my back. It really helps to keep me balanced but works out those legs! OUCH!!!
Day 1 is over for this challenge and I achieved the exercise part of it- the eating part we won't discuss at the moment!!

This was some of the views we had. It was just lovely! The rest of the walk was in overgrown bushland and very uphill.



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Went for a fabulous walk/run/climb today at Warburton. Lots of it very uphill which makes me realise how unconditioned I've become for hills! This is me 'running' (haha- very 'staged') and the next pic is of the real story!!

And....the "Happy Ending"!!

The finishing touches to my story!!
Damn! Damn! Damn! I've been re- reading some of my entries and realise that I must have elected to do a 12 week challenge as part of my New Year Resolutions! Now I've got to get serious about all this. Can't front up on 1st of Jan 2008 with a 'No show' result.
Okay- Day 1 starts tomorrow! lol- heard that before!
YAAAAHHHH Blogger loves me again!! All posted!

To get the full benefit of this elaborate story- please backtrack to the empty pots and read upwards!!

And lastly ( although this will look like firstly)

Little Cat (aka tabby/tabitha - who does not like being beaten up by 'Bad Cat' ( who was named thus for her thuggish like behaviour plus the very anti social habit of weeing on everything in sight!)

Good Cat/Fat Cat (aka Annie who really should be in a 'Cats Home for the Bewildered!)

My constant companions

Bad Cat (aka Boots)


The finished product!!

And another month of my New Years Resolution fulfilled!

Won't I be sitting pretty and smugly when we ( my sisters and I and all our respective partners ) come to look over who actually achieved their resolutions for the year!!


Starting to get the 'picture'??

Next- zee stuffing!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well- I can see this is going to be a long drawn out saga!! Listen in folks cos over the next few months the emerging story of 'the pots' will reveal itself!! ( blogger willing!!)

First- zee pots!!
Nobodys made a comment on my spotty horses!!! How disappointing- I think they look really cute!
Had the best morning today. I do a regular computer class and , at the moment, am struggling through Excel. It was assessment time and I actually was able to create a formula!!! YAAAAAHHHHHH ME!!! I am so bad at mathematical things so this was a real coup!
For anyone who reads the Womens fitness and health magazine- debstar and I crack a mention in it too! Our pearls of wisdom are sprouted on page 66!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I guess I should stop but couldn't quite resist adding this to my 'stable'! My sister Judy and I are going to build a display one of these days. We've got it all sorted out except for the day!

well- here it is in all its glory! No sign of me aboard as yet. Actually this is a really crappy pic- can you see the extremely messy background? Everything was put on hold while the bike emerged.
I've been doing a lot more cycling at the gym cos I can't run so now my knee is playing up! I think I'm reduced to swimming- and then my nose will play up. Perhaps I'd better just sit in the corner and become resigned to getting fat!!
Going to have an x ray on my foot tomorrow and then off to someone- not sure what he is but he has helped my friend. Hopefully may have some ideas on how to FIX ME!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Damn! I really thought I'd mastered putting a picture on this blog. It seemed as though as long as I tried 2 or 3 times it would eventually get accepted. That is- except tonight! Never mind you'll just have to wait for the next exciting picture.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Should be 'I THINK fitness is .......' Couldn't remember how to edit the post!

This is what is going to grace our lounge room once we work out how to assemble it! As I can't run at the moment and am therefore having panic attacks at getting too fat- we decided that maybe an exercise bike was the way to go. The only prob is - I'm totally crap at bike riding- whether it be stationary or moving. I struggle at the gym to do 20 mins ( the other day there was a program about how to catch a guy- so I lasted 30 mins on that occasion) Anyway I'll try and build up some cycling fitness. I fitness is very activity specific. I swim for 300 meters and I'm totally wrecked. I could run ( when I had two good feet) for 10km and still look for more. I cycle for 5km and I think I've just about done a marathon!! The main challenge with this bike will definitely be the assembling- should be in for an interesting few days!! Might learn some new words.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

These are my latest acquisition- and a step ( hahaha) away from my usual Asic Kayanos. Actually these are one of two pairs of shoes I bought! Decided I needed a change from my very uncomfortable asics- and lashed out and got some Brookes. So far- very pleased with them. My foot has been decidedly less sore since wearing them and hopefully this will continue. I am getting so tired of being injured- I can feel my fitness slipping away-just as the kilos will be slipping on. Bike riding or swimming are my best options at the moment and both are so HARD!!!

Did an extremely decadent thing on Friday- went to the movies at 10.40AM!!! Had an offer from my middle sister that was too good to refuse. So- the three of us ( and one other fellow morning movie goer) saw the 'History Boys'. Not a movie I probably would have chosen to see- but I just loved it. Not the usual glitzy hollywood hype- more alternative I guess. Would thoroughly recommend it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Okay- so I suppose banana and walnut pancakes with ice cream wasn't a particularly healthy choice for lunch but it sure was yummy!. I've been doing much better with the eating this week-not perfect mind you- but def an improvement. For instance- instead of buying a choc chip muffin for the second time this week ( yes I did succomb one day) I had some raisin toast with just jam and no butter. I haven't had any more smarties since the day of the soup and tonight instead of buying chocolate after dinner I had some popcorn instead. So in all- not perfect but on the improve!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tomorrow is the begining of G.E.L. (Good eating life) I've spent the w/e making most of the time before I really do try to eat far better than I have for some time. I meet with the lady at the gym for an 'evaluation' of what I've had for the week ( strictly speaking 4 days- cos I def aint counting or recording the past two days!!) I've made my food for tomorrow so should have 1 day where I can hold my head up! It's getting caught out with nothing prepared that is a real downfall- but that's not rocket science- I really did know that!!
We are also starting the 12 week challenge at the gym this week - I think. Should be a good week!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I was happily tootling up the road this morning with two 5 litre pots of chicken noodle soup in the back seat for the church 'soup kitchen' when around the corner I go and BLOODY HELL............ 4 and half (4.5 to be strictly correct) are now on the seat, on the floor and goodness knows where else!!!!! Isn't it funny how one's vocabulary becomes very limited in times of stress! I honestly didn't know where to start- noodles everywhere! scooped out as much as I could with my hands and the towel it was sitting on but still all along the back seat, on the floor, on the melways ( now in the bin!) on my swimming goggles and over ME!!!.
I have since calmed down, made some more soup on site, done my swim and booked the car in for a steam clean on Monday. I;ve also vacuumed it and scooped some more and it now looks vaguely like a car again. Oh.... and by the way......the smarties were delicious!!!
Work at the gym is going really well- finally getting used to these strange all over the place hours!!. They are running a '12 week challenge' for interested employees. I put my hand straight up! It involves being personally trained among other things. I think I will be a challenge for whoever trains me- the challenge of training without injuring. I'm a bit of a 'fragile princess' these days. I seem to injure myself so easily. Tomorrow I'm starting on their eating program- healthy eating that is. It will be a case of 'big brother' watching me. In fact they all ready have- I was told ' no more smarties'!!! As if I would!