Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 18- whatever happened to 17?????
Started with a sort of swim- at least I moved through the water for 30 mins. If effort equals calories used then I think I've used enough to last me a week! Distance travelled was not good!
An amazing thing happened today- I actually got out into the garden to fulfill the New Year's Resolution that was made FOR me ( def not MY idea!) I weeded and potted and then collected kindling for winter. I feel so very very very noble. I'm going to note this in my diary so when 'we' all come to be accountable for our past years resolutions then I won't be found wanting! Haha- how very prim and proper I sound!
I had the next interview for this job and now I really want it! The people are so nice and I think I could do it. However I'm waiting to see if they want me.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 16- you are right Kerryn- I just can't count!!. No exercise again today:((( Did get my hair cut though- was very brave and went into an unknown salon ( yes- I was that desperate) She did a really good job. It's quite short and not a bad shape. I have just the worst hair imaginable. It's like a nightmare- incredibly thin and fine. It takes for ages to grow so any 'not so good haircut' is like a 'six month sentence'!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 13 or is it 14? lol- can't quite remember! An unremarkable day for eating and exercising. Did a lot of one and nothing of the other- guess which is which!!. Heard from the gym again and they want me back for another interview!! Whoooweee!. but we'll see!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 13 & 14- Ran on Saturday - now in training for the Run for Kids- did about 8.5km reasonably easily. Bike ride today- and I'm about as good on the bike as I am in the pool!!! Enough said about that! Kerryn- I really like your idea about eating 3 free meals a week ( instead of a free day) I think I breezed over it before but it really makes a lot of sense- so thankyou.
My 2 sisters , Ginny and Judy, are now reading my blog and catching up on all that I do. Ahh- the wonders of technology. I guess I could always ring them more often!! Perhaps I should have put that as one of my New Year Resolutions. Each year when we set our resolutions we do it as a family - all recorded and therefore made accountable!!. We also make a general one for each other. The one they made for me was to get into the garden more often- at least twice a month. I realised the other day that I need to get out there quick smart to make it through January. I wonder if pulling out that huge dandelion near the front door would qualify as gardening??

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 12- walked 9k this morning- felt really good. Got some yoga to do later. Eating has been good and bad. I find I'm basically eating a bit better and feeling much better for it. I think my waist is beginning to return! And my legs are starting to look as though there is muscle there.
Day 10 & 11. Yesterday did a leg workout in the morning and a run/interval/high intensity abbreviated thingy in the evening. Ate reasonably- at least I turned away from some temptations!
Today- went swimming ( of sorts) this morning. I didn't put my face in the water today as I had that interview at lunchtime and didn't want to appear puffy and eyeless for it! So it was just backstroke, breast stroke, kicking with the board with and without flippers. Tonight did upper work out. phew! Loving the exercise though- just hope the body doesn't give up! Had the second interview with that gym- much like the first interview and nice girl doing it. She'll let me know next week If I get into the SECOND round of interviews!!! This is like going for a CEO's job!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 9. All I can say is bad bad bad!! Eating - that is! I'll explain the prob. Went to work this morning with my husband in the city ( Filing stuff) so took my bag of good goodies with me. Leaving the house at 6.30 it was far too early to have brekky so when we got there we had a coffee and toast. Morning tea- I know I should have some fruit but that protein bar is far nicer with tea- so I had about a quarter of it. Lunch time- got my sandwhich, fruit etc....BUT...... I'm invited out with the girls! Can't refuse that! So..... ( I am a sweet tooth) its banana pancakes. After work the traffic is too busy to immediately go home- so its time for a coffee and I rarely drink coffee without something sweet- so a bickky it is. And now I'm home and I realise it's been a pig of an eating day! Did do the yoga dvd though and that was nice. Actually- when I was just about to do the relaxation bit at the end, I had to get up to put the spuds on for tea. My arm was quite sore. Did the relaxation and bingo! Not sore anymore. Maybe that's a cure for slightly strained muscles- lying flat out with your eyes closed! lol

Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 8! Started the day really well with my eating, unfortunately was out all morning and didn't get back til 2pm and then started the 'feast'! Was okay with what I had first- yummy scrummy ricotta cheese ( lowish fat) honey and cinnamon on turkish toasted bread. Unfortunately Husband had bought some chocolate yesterday and I saw it:((((( Needless to say- it's not there now! Mother- in -law ( love her dearly) bought me a bag of liquorice to say thanks for taking her to the dr. However I haven't opened it- YET!!!!! It's safe while it's still closed.. Went to gym and did arms and a circuit and will go for a walk soon with my husband. I've got an interview on Thursday with another gym- they rang today and we had a ph interview ( 40 MINUTES on my mobile phone!!!! Yikes!!!) It really sounds great- they even have a couple of groups of disabled young adults doing a class and they cater for the elderly- which I am fast approaching!!! I'm really excited about it anyway- w hich in itself is a miracle!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day 7- nothing much to say today but since I've been recording each day thought I'd better not break the system. Rest day today and unfortunately that has lapsed into a free day of eating. That's not so bad in itself except it's the third free day of eating in a row......oops.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 6! Went for a run this morning in very humid conditions! Sweated heaps!!! This part of my training is for the 15.2k Run for Kids in April. I ran 7k and then walked and ran 20 steps for 2km. Felt pretty good afterwards but I was very slow. Did legs in the gym and then staggered home! Eating has been very 'so so'. I know the only way to controlling this is to prepare and take food with me, but will I ever really learn this???. Saw our granddaughters this afternoon- very cute. Husband and his mum sat with them while I went shopping for a short time. I was on my way back when I got the phone call - 'our noses need you'. lol. Hurried back to do the 'deed'!!!
Day 5! Started with that swim at 6.45am this morning. Have I ever written on here how pathetically pathetic I am at swimming!!! Even with flippers ( giant ones) I really struggled to do any lengths in freestyle. My goggles filled with water, my breath in gasps! After all this my throat was raspy and I started sneezing ( chlorine!!) I think I might have had my last swim. Decided that this might be my free day with eating- more by poor management and planning. I did manage to fit in a pedicure within the chaos of the day and so now I am sporting 10 very fancy and red toes. Went out for dinner tonight and finished off with some liquorice allsorts. Oh well.... tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 4- already!! This week is going very fast. Eating has been okayish and I'm not divulging what I've had. But it has been better than usual- not the normal about of constant eating of junk! I had planned to swim today but as I've been working in the city with my husband for a few days that hasn't happened- but tomorrow it will!!! I came home and put on a yoga dvd as I'm trying to get a balance and I'm not a bendy stretchy person at all. It was very hard- especially with 2 cats who wanted to get into the act and thought that my head between my legs was just designed so they could rub against my face!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 3!! eating has been okayish-not brilliant but not as bad as I usually am. Went to gym on the way home and did cardio on treadmill and then arms and abs. I absolutely dripped!! All those who read keks blog will know how hot it has been in Melb. I just love it!!! I thought I'd record my stats on here for future reference cos I know I won't be able to find the bits of paper I've written them down on
Height- 168cm
Weight- 57kg
Waist- 71cm
Stomach- 87cm
Hips 95cm
Right Thigh- 53cm
Left Thigh- 53cm
There you are- written down and never to be lost!
Hope there is some improvement over the next 12 weeks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

day 2!!! Did quite well with the eating- at least I said 'no' to some things!. Went to Knox shopping centre and did NOT buy a muffin from muffin break. Now that's an achievement. Did my leg work out at gym which felt good and went for a 45min walk with husband. did go home via the pub and a coffee and sticky date pudding- but he assured me that it was on his diet list!! lol

Monday, January 15, 2007

Day 1 of my own challenge! Survived the eating part reasonably well- although the day hasn't ended yet. Ran with my daughter and then came home and did abs and some yoga postures (they kill!!) I feel very noble crossing day 1 off my list! Only 83 more sleeps to go!

Sunday, January 14, 2007 together with my family today and finalised the New Year Resolution list! It's written in concrete now- the 12 week challenge!! Started by packing my food for tomorrow when I'm in the city and I KNOW that will be a major temptation. Going running with my daughter in the late afternoon so that will be my exercise for the day. I gave the blog address to both my sisters so they can check up on my progress! Tomorrow I'm going for an interview at a fernwood gym fairly close to me- for a part time receptionist job. I'm really excited about it and not really nervous or worried ( that gives me something to worry about!!) Don't really think I've got much chance but I am pleased by at least getting to the interview stage.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ran 6k this morning on a very hot day and almost sweltered! But I did make it!!. I've got a long way to go to get to this 15.2 run- but I will! Going to work out my plan very soon and stick to it!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I decided that there was far too much purple on here- so a soft green is the answer!! Been thinking about my goals for 2007 and some are starting to appear in the grey matter
1. Find work in a gym
2. Stick to a 12 week eating and fitness plan
3. Clean and dejunk the entire house!!
4. paint house
5. Try to do some very necessary repairs/mainenance/projects around the house eg bathroom renovations, install air conditioner in bedroom/ overhead fans in rooms etc
we'll see how that list goes for starters!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

For the first time for ages I actually wimped out of a walk cos of the rain! Yikes- I must be getting soft or something! Anyway headed down to the beach to visit my sister and her family was a great way to spend NYD.
Off on holiday for 3 nights tomorrow and I can feel that I am now starting to unwind from school, Christmas and anniversaries. I'm looking forward to just doing nothing too much. When I get back it will be to start the 12 week challenge in earnest. With that and the training for the Run for Kids 15.2k run in April I should be jumping out of my skin!