Monday, March 29, 2010

what a great day!

Had a lovely lovely day today. Started by not having any work- tafe on holiday and I asked someone else to do the 50's class- ALL DAY! This was a minor miracle for me- I work everyday even when I'm on holidays! Anyhow- was intending to spend the day with a friend looking for bathroom renovation thingys ( re my post- new year resolutions and home improvements). Started by putting some old towels away in the laundry which meant I had to clean and tidy the entire cupboard! A trip to the op shop meant I was 2 bags freer on junk ( always a great feeling) . then it was off to maccas for a coffee and some tafe work. well- just as i was getting my books out- a thump came on the table and I looked up and saw my son! He was also at maccas to do some work ( hehehe- can you see a family trait appearing here??) It was so nice to see him unexpectedly. We had a good hour chewing the fat and not doing a scrap of work!. After that it was bathroom stuff. Had a lovely and productive day making decisions and bringing back tiles inbetween coffee, lunch and lots of chat with my friend. A good day on all accounts! I've included a pic of the tiles for the bathroom which I think might also lead to new floor tiles which will go through to the kitchen which will ultimately lead to a renovated kitchen and then we will head to the lounge and the bedrooms not far away and then......... and then......... curtains............ painting........ lol - I guess you won't see me much soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disappointing weekend

We headed off to Echuca for the weekend- the first w/e away for a while. Was so looking forward to it! Don't know what I ate or if it was just a 'bug' but woke up on Sat morning feeling def 'off'. The day was spent feeling 'offer and offer'. Finally got some stuff from the chemist for nausea and the aches I had all over my body- had a sleep and felt somewhat more human afterwards. However we decided to return Saturday later that day- there really wasn't much point in just lazing around the motel ( although that can be the most delightful thing to do if you're not aching and feeling BLAH) Today ( Sunday) feeling much more like myself except that I'm still aching everywhere!! and my skin is sore. What a disappointment when I was really really looking forward to going away!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

wimp gym-wimp weights

When I used to run the roads I renamed a road- it went from Hull rd to Wimp hill! Halfway up I just stopped! I still call it that even though I did master it in the end! it seems I need to call my gym- 'Wimp Gym'. On Saturday , about to do the d/b chest press and hubby asks if I want to try the 35lbs weights. 'nah' I say, 'I'll keep to the 30lbs'. 'just try' says he. so I do! I get to 8 reps and squeak- just doing 2 more. his reply- one more after that- which I do. It wasn't really hard and truth to tell - I could have done more! Then I move to the seated row. Put it on my usual 60lbs but the weights are stuck so I'm doing 70. It won't move or drop down so I finish the set at 70lbs. See what I mean??? I need to up the weights but I'm stuck in wimpsville. Any suggestions or tricks for getting ones head past the 'it;s heavy enough- I can't do anymore' stage????? I really don't want a personal trainer- too expensive and I don't want to be injured

Friday, March 19, 2010

A new goal

I'm all for setting goals- I love 'em! Next one is the half marathon in Oct. Part of the Melbourne Marathon. After 'run for kids' I WAS thinking that I would LOVE to try a half marathon (running and WALKING of course!) I covered the distance of one on Sunday with the 3km walk to the start and the 3km back again. Just when I'm contemplating it - my daughter rings and announces that she and her friend are going to go in it- and why don't I as well. I need no second sign! So- I will need to be wise , train carefully and MAKE myself walk as well as run. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I did it!

Yesssss!!! another good day of running!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The week in summary

I think I've taken the notion of 'tapering' to a new level! How about a 'FULL STOP'! I feel as though I've done nothing this week ( I've done bits and pieces) but not like I usually do. However we shall see how it all turns out. Sunday is run day- I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Work has been full on but fun. Enjoying tafe and all the students. Gym also good- clients working and achieving well.

I've found a new way to reduce weight- just give up all the 'baddies' in my diet. I have a plan! First it was chocolate, then liquorice allsorts, then chips, then ice cream and next week it will be biscuits. ( yes . ... I am that bad!). Since doing this I've lost about 3kg and at last weigh in was 54.6kg. I've never been that light before!! ( well, not since growing up). I feel great and it's no big deal not having all that rubbish. I've also increased my exercise since before Christmas and I think that's helped- and also the running I've been doing lately.

Last Sunday went to a keyboard concert!! It was great! Our oldest granddaughter rang and arranged it. We were greeted at the door with 'tickets' and a written menu of what there was to eat. The presentation was short and sweet- very sweet. She sang and played and did really well. Miss 4 year old danced ( a bit shyly) and miss 7mth old sat in her high chair and just smiled at all and sundry. A beautiful moment in time. It just warms me up to see all this and know that our 'head banging, dreadlocked, heavy metal ' son is now in domestic bliss!! lol

In all.... a great week!

Friday, March 05, 2010


STREWTH!! I thought 6km was going to be EASY!!! Perhaps if you set out to run 6kms you can ONLY run 6kms! There's a mental attitude here that needs to refocus for next Sunday!!

Are all weeks the same length??

This week has seemed really long to me. Lots of things happening- mostly all good- but now it's Friday and I'm glad to just sit down! Exercise hasn't been too flash this week nor has the eating. One seems to go with the other. Had the extra tafe class this afternoon- and they were lovely. Another mostly ESL class doing literacy. I get such pleasure meeting and helping all these students. A lot of early mornings for me with gym and a lovely day with my daughter on Wednesday ( went to lunch and a bit of retail therapy). Tomorrow is a 'taper' run of 6km which should feel easy. I think tonight I will be very glad to just crawl into my bed!!!