Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Had the very best Christmas this year! Family came to me- 12 in all.  Food was ok but I never seem to be able to serve it hot! Never mind- nobody complained.
The best part was definitely the 3 granddaughters.  They created so much chaos and mayhem but in the most delightful way.
When 3 year old opened her pressie from us ( Peppa Pig dolls house) she gave a very unladylike squeal and then threw her arms around my neck.  Just priceless!
When everyone left I did exactly was debstar said she would do- found a comfy chair and slept my way through 3 DVD's!!


nuratiqah zainal abidin said...

hi there!merry christmas!

Kek said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas Day, Linda. :)

Debstar said...

Enjoying grandchildren at
Christmas. Lucky you! I don't know how to serve food hot either. Have salads instead, much easier.