Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Happy New Year to everyone!  2012 was a good year and I'm anticipating 2013 will be just as good.  I had a look over my blog and I don't think I set any goals for the year!!! Most unlike me!  I did do the bike ride and that was a major accomplishment but I do like to have a few to work on.
So..... in Feb I'm meeting with some of my family and we're doing the New Year Resolutions! It's always lots of fun- we keep a record of what we've decided and then check it the following year.  We even make goals for each other- Ouch!!! That can be a bit too revealing sometimes!
Off to sunny Port Douglas at some ridiculous hour tomorrow morning.  I'm all packed.  Rupert is packed to go to a cattery but Tabby is staying at home and will be visited daily. Our family is reducing !!

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Hilary said...

Hope you're having an awesome time in NQ!